Why Buying Your First Sex Toy Can Be A Daunting Task

Far from it that we are not living in a free world where you can buy and use anything you want, but still, buying a sex toy can still be an overwhelming and daunting task for everyone, regardless of their sex. It is not that we are scared of what people might think. Well, some of us are, but there’s a lot more to that subject.

If you still haven’t used a sex toy, and you are thinking of getting one, we applaud you. It is not the easiest thing in the world, and it does take some guts to walk up to a sex shop, enter and pick out your new friend.

Today, we’re going to talk about why is that. Why is it so hard for some people to go out and buy a sex toy when they so obviously want to do it? So, without further ado, let’s get started.

You Might Be Too Worried What Other People Have To Say

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This is usually one of the most common problems people face when they want to go out and buy their first sex toy. It is not like they are going to post a picture of their new vibrator on social media, but still, we are scared of what people might think of us.

Will they think we’re perverted? Will they think we have problems in our relationship? Will they think something even worse? All of those questions wander through the mind of those looking for a new fun buddy, but here’s the thing – they shouldn’t.

First of all – who’s going to know you’ve gotten a new toy? If you’re ordering a toy from the online store – nobody’s going to know. Even if you go to your local sex store, the only person that’s going to know what you’ve bought is the guy or gal sitting at the counter. Remember that! Once you realize that the only person that knows what’s in your bedside drawer is you, shopping for sex toys is going to be a lot easier.

Next up, and this might be painful, but – nobody cares about you. Sure, people love you and care about you, but you’re not worried about those people. Well, as much as you believe other people are judging you – they’re not! Do you know why? Because they couldn’t care less about you or your life.

Remember these two things – nobody knows, and nobody cares. Once you understand that, it’s going to be easy to work up the courage and go out and that that new toy you’ve been fantasizing about.

The Possibilities Are Endless

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The other thing that might be making it too hard (pun intended) for people to go out and buy their first sex toy is the plethora of options. There is not a thing that you can imagine that has not been turned into a sex toy. The saying “everything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough” is not that far-fetched.

Naturally, we don’t believe that you would enter a sex shop to get your first toy and ask for some hentai-inspired tentacle sex toy, but still, how can you choose when there are hundreds of differently shaped and sized vibrators, sex dolls, rings and so on? We mean, just check this out and tell us you could make a choice right away – there’s no way you could do it.

The sex industry is vast, and the possibilities are endless. The only thing that might be more complex than human sexuality is the universe, and we’re not so sure about that.

Fortunately, this isn’t the end of the world. Guys and gals that work at sex shops are very experienced. You won’t find a local college kid working at a sex shop just to make some rent money. No. More often than not, sex shops are family-owned businesses, and the guys and gals working there have been in that position for ages, and they know all about the toys you could possibly want to know.

They are usually more than willing to talk to you and help you out – if you need help. They will tell you all you need to know about a particular toy, why you should or shouldn’t get it, which ones are better and so on. So, don’t hesitate to ask. They can make your shopping experience a lot better, and what’s even better than that – they don’t judge. They work at a sex shop – they’re the least judgmental people on planet earth.

You Don’t Know What You Like

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Finally, inexperience can be something that’s stopping you from buying your first sex toy. You want to do it – but you’re not sure what it is that you want. All you know is that you want to start experimenting in the bedroom, and that’s it. So, how do you move on from that?

Well, it’s relatively easy. All you have to do is not think about it too much. Listen to your gut and just get the toy that first comes to mind. Chances are, this is not going to be your last toy, so you’ll have more than enough time to get it right.

What we’re trying to say is that it doesn’t matter whether you get it right the first time. You didn’t know what you wanted from sex the first time you had it, and you still went out and did it. Sex toys are a learning curve. You try something out, and if it works – great; if it doesn’t, well, you just go out and get a new one.

More often than not, you’ll get it right the first time. But you’ll still want to go out and get more toys because, well, they’re just a lot of fun.


Let’s recap – what did we learn. Well, from what we’ve found out, these are the main reasons why it is daunting when you’re shopping for a sex toy the first time. The only thing we have to say is – just do it. Don’t overthink it and go with your gut. Getting a sex toy is not a big deal. The sooner you understand that the sooner you’ll get to have more fun in the boudoir.

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