3 Types Of Hats That are Trending this Spring-Summer 2024

Starting to talk about the types of hats that exist is a task that, once started, can be extended to infinity, even though the accessory has not always enjoyed excellent health in recent times. Yes, it was absolutely essential in the formal and informal clothing of previous centuries, but at the beginning of the 20th century it became a complement that crystallized, in a way, a lifestyle with which part of the population wanted to break.

Years later, hats began to acquire sporting overtones (baseball or tennis have a lot to say here) and to be associated with more informal contexts. And yes, also to icons of sport, music and even royalty, where both Isabel II and Lady Di are fundamental for the construction of the popular imaginary of this complement. And it is a tremendously wide one because yes, there are many types of hats, you can buy on internment on any website like vloneshop.net and those that Britney Spears wore are not the same as Michael Jordan or Diana of Wales. Therefore, it seems fair and necessary to distinguish.

The Bucket Hat

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The advantage of continuing to be a trend is precisely that: that it is a piece that has already been seen previously in collections and street style and, therefore, the eye will already be more or less accustomed to it. The options that have been emerging since in 2019 all the insiders seemed to fall in love with these fisherman hats have been evolving without stopping, being able to find right now from more discreet versions of short brim to hand-painted artisan products, such as those of Romualda. But the Spanish firm is not the only one that continues to claim a type of hat reminiscent of the 90s,

Because its appearances on the catwalk have been numerous. Etro offers printed and versatile versions, while Anna Sui prefers to include crochet details alongside the prints, also visible in Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini. Celine chooses the variants in plain fabric and with the brand name, while the most extreme (and a bit futuristic) are at Burberry, where the “fisherman” concept is exploited to its maximum expression, expanding the brim and adding laces.

The Cap

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Although Celine has been named when referring to bucket hats, the type of hat that truly dominates the collection designed by Hedi Slimane is the cap. Practically all the looks of Parisian essence presented by the creative director are finished off by a complement that also marked a good handful of styles by Lady Di, who made her union with the blazer a fashion statement that has been revitalized over the years. The years.

This particular couple made up of Diana from Wales and Celine made the cap emerge as one of the great trends of the year at the end of 2024, but there are more elements that support this idea, such as the fact that a giant like Zara turned them into centrals for many, many weeks, or the parades

The Visor

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It is, perhaps, the most difficult hat of the season, but also the most hypnotic. The visor loses part of the functionality of the accessory by exposing the upper part of the head, but keeps the protection of the face and eyes intact, which makes it especially attractive at a time when the use of masks can put sunglasses in check. The question is, moreover, that they refer directly to summer in general and to the beach in particular, a destination that aligns perfectly with the desire for escapism that flies over the trends of 2024,

Hats and caps for the sun, what do dermatologists advise?

Not all hats are the same to protect you from the sun, except but also, if you have atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or actinic keratosis, what hat do you need? Are all hats the same? Does my hair protect me from the sun? In the following text I answer these questions and review the scientific literature.

What hats are better to protect you from the sun?

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There are several studies in the literature that study the style of the hat and the quality of the UV protection it provides.

Thus, we have known for a long time that the traditional wool cap with a visor or “flat cap” (the cap of the newspaper vendor in the United States or the Madrid waffle iron), so preferred by older men and that it has returned to fashion with the ” hipsters ”is not good for sun protection.

Other factors to consider when choosing sun hats

There are several factors to consider, not just the shape and style:

• The material from which the hat is made:

The best are those with fibers and materials with a sun protection factor 30 (Sun protection factor, SPF30) or higher, better 50 (SPF50).

• Color:

With respect to color, hats in dark colors, such as black or navy blue, protect more from ultraviolet radiation.

• The position of the sun:

when the sun is lower, summer or latitudes closer to the equator, the difference we find when using long visor caps versus short or absent caps is greater (3). In summer the ultraviolet radiation that reaches the body is three or four times greater. So we should wear hats in order to protect our health from the harmful rays of the sun.

Does my hair protect me from the sun?

Yes. In a study carried out by a Spanish group, they found that hair effectively protects the skin of our head from the arrival of ultraviolet B and A radiation.

This protection is related to the density of the hair, the thickness of the hair and the presence of melanin, that is, it is greater in darker hairs (3).

Not especially, the more we find the difference in sunscreen creams. The hat that is more comfortable in natural and breathable fabrics, with a visor around its perimeter, will be more suitable.

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