5 Ways to Use Custom Patches For Business Promoting – 2024 Guide

In today’s day and age, digital marketing is your most powerful weapon. After all, millions of people use the Internet and social media platforms daily, meaning that this is the easiest way to reach them and present your company. Most business owners focus only on this type of advertising, especially if millennials are their target audience.

Nevertheless, we believe that you have to expand your horizons, particularly when it comes to promoting your business. What we are trying to say is that you should employ different methods and marketing strategies to raise brand awareness and boost your business.

Surely, you are familiar with the most common, traditional channels, such as billboards, flyers, TV and radio commercials, etc. So, in the following article, we will tell you why you should also use custom patches and according to vivipins, they can be tricky to use, how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy, and how you can benefit from them.

Raise brand awareness

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The whole point of advertising your company is to introduce it to as many people as possible and ensure that your business is the first one they think of when in need of a specific type of service or product. Yes, achieving this sounds great, but it is actually quite a challenge. This is why you utilize all different marketing channels, and custom patches can go a long way.

Not only are these very handy, but they are also quite popular. What do we mean by this? Well, your customers can place them on their laptops or wear them on their favorite denim jacket or a bag. This way, your company will receive exposure that it wouldn’t get otherwise. These people will go around the city, running their errands, all the while promoting your business. Other people will see the patch and probably be interested in learning more about the company. At least, they will have the image of your logo in their mind, and they will think of it from time to time. This is how internet ads work. You know, the ones that interrupt your video? Even though you don’t watch the commercial, you still have that image in your head.

So, can you imagine how many people will see the patch? We are talking about coffee shops, parks, public transportation, airports, and so on. Yes, this means that custom patches are one of the most effective marketing tools.

Improve customer confidence…

This benefit can seem a bit odd, but hear us out. Generally speaking, people feel more confident when greeted by store employees who wear some sort of uniform. Don’t you just hate when you walk into a store and aren’t sure who works there? Yes, this can negatively affect customer satisfaction, which you want to prevent from happening.

We are not saying that you have to design uniforms for all your employees. Naturally, this entirely depends on the line of business you are in and the type of company you run, but a simple T-shirt with the logo of the company will suffice.

… and satisfaction

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Yes, the service of your employees is the most important thing when it comes to contact with the clients, but there is also something else you can do. People love gifts. Well, any kind of gifts actually. This is why you have probably presented them with coupons, discounts, free courses, services, and different kinds of rewards. Well, these patches can be one of them.

You can give them to people when they make a purchase at your store or send them together with your product when they buy it online. In addition, you can also give them to everyone who enters your shop, and so on. Why should you do this? Well, we have already answered this and explained it in the previous point.

Let your employees become brand advocates

We have already said that you should incorporate these patches into the official uniforms, but why not take it a step further? Obviously, you cannot expect people to wear them all the time when they are outside the office, but when it comes to trade shows and conferences, these patches are a must.

After all, the people you send to be the ambassadors of your company, and during these events, they will be in direct contact with visitors, i.e., potential customers. This all goes back to customer confidence. Not only do they have to introduce everyone to the merchandise, but they also have to excite them about making the purchase. Let’s be honest – no one will find an item appealing unless it is presented with great enthusiasm.

Furthermore, if your employees are happy with their job and you, as their boss, who knows, they may place these patches on laptop bags, and therefore, make them visible to everyone they pass on the street. Plus, word-of-mouth marketing is the best strategy, and besides satisfied clients, your employees can also recommend you to their friends and acquaintances. It might be a good idea to provide them with a certain number of patches, so that they could gift them to other people who make inquiries about the company.

Promote a cause

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When it comes to the design of these patches, you can also use them to stand for a certain cause you are passionate about, or that is in close correlation with your company. Come up with a design that incorporates the logos of the cause and your business. This is another great way not only to raise brand awareness but also to increase the trust of your clients. Trust us – a lot of people will become interested in your brand upon learning that you are passionate about a particular cause. This means that they will look you up online, visit your store, and possibly make a purchase.


To sum up, in this text, we have mentioned a few different reasons why you should incorporate custom patches in your marketing strategy. They might not be as popular as other tools, but over time, you will understand they are just as effective. So, think of the design that will be the best representation of your company, find a manufacturer, put in your order, and use this advertisement method.

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