7 Tips for Design Your Own Lapel Pins – 2024 Guide

Lapel pins are a very trendy item right now. Everyone wants to have them, and everyone is trying to sell them. If you have a great pin idea but don’t know how to bring it into life, this is might be the article for you!

Designing your lapel pins is not that hard! If you have a clear idea, all you need to do is to follow these simple tips, and you’ll have your enamel pins created in no time!

However, if you don’t have much time or you want to make sure that your pins look perfect, you can always order custom pins from a professional company myenamelpins.com. There are many companies that can create custom pins for you, and they will make sure that your pins look exactly the way you want them to. Nevertheless, if you want to design your own pins, here are a few tips that might help you.

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

1. Put your idea into a drawing

Source: techrotation.com

You’ll need to have at least a sketch of your idea if you want to get your custom lapel pins. Every production factory will ask you for a PDF file of your proposition. The best option is to do it digitally if you’re able to. You can get a graphic designer or a digital artist to help you if you’re not good at drawing. If you’re good at drawing with a traditional paper and pen, you can always scan your drawing as a PDF.

What’s important is to have a clear vision of the end product. If you’re not certain of the details, the result won’t be what you expected. So what should you pay attention to while drawing?

2. Make your drawing simple

Complex designs are simply not a great fit when it comes to lapel pins. You have to remember that the canvas you’ll be working on is pretty small. The more lines and complex details you have, the harder it will be to produce the pin the way you want it. Make sure that your design stays simple and stay away from complicated details.

Other than that, make sure to use bold lines and vivid colors since you don’t want your pin to look bland and boring, especially from the distance. The cleaner your design is, the better the pin will look.

3. No shading

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Too much shade and layering won’t look good on a pin. Actually, it could prove to be impossible to pull off. Avoiding shading will save you a lot of time and effort because the manufacturer probably won’t be able to include those details in the product.

So, yes, the crucial thing is to simplify your design to its most basic form.

No shading, no bland colors, nothin lines, and no too much detail! If you follow this advice, then we’re sure your design will perfectly translate to a pin.

4. Determine the material

Your designing process doesn’t end with the drawing. You have to determine the optimal material for your lapel pins before you go and send the design to the factory.

There are two types of lapel pins. One is hard lapel pins and the other is soft lapel pins. These are created from different materials, and the manufacturing processes are a bit different. Both are a good option, so your pick depends on your specific needs and the feel you’re going for.

Other than that, you have to consider the pricing for both of these materials. It all depends on the number of pins you want to produce and your budget. Look for some examples online, and find the optimal option for you. Also, you can always ask the factory to send you a sample, so you know what kind of quality you’ll be getting.

Lastly, make sure to include at least two pin-backs in your design because it’s the best way to ensure the stability of the pins.

5. Sizing

Source: insider.com

When it comes to pin design, size does matter! If you want more details on the pin you should go for larger sized ones. Still, the sizing is what will be the most detrimental when it comes to the pricing. So if you’re on a budget, smaller ones might be the way to go.

Still, you also have to think about the wearability of the pins. Smaller ones are more popular and simply look more trendy. Larger ones allow more detailed designs and are good if you want to display a message.

So in conclusion, your choice will depend on your personal or business preferences. Whatever you do, make sure to do enough research so you can make an optimal choice.

6. Choose a reliable factory

Choosing the right manufacturer is essential for the process of creating your lapel pins. Make sure you choose a reliable supplier who is transparent with their prices and are ready to work with you closely through the whole production process. For example at gs-jj.com you get access to an online lapel pin maker, to make the whole customization process easy for you.

Things like these are incredibly important because they show that the production factory is trying to make the process convenient for you. Make sure to ask important questions including the delivery times, fees, and everything else related to the process. If the supplier isn’t able to answer these questions in a clear, detailed manner, you should probably look for someone else.

7. The number of lapel pins you need

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Always order the minimal amount the factory offers. You don’t want to order an amount that’s too large because you could end up with a huge amount of pins that don’t do as well as you expected them to do. This is why it’s important to always order smaller amounts at first, and reevaluate and analyze your future needs.

It’s much better to play it safe at first because there are just too many things you can’t predict. Ordering more later on is much easier than dealing with a huge amount of pins that you can’t sell.

The conclusion

Designing your own customized pins is not a complicated process when you know all the right places to focus your attention on. The most important thing to do is to make your design as simple as possible, and have a clear idea about the materials, size, and the number of pins you’ll need. Make sure to communicate your ideas to the manufacturer, and do extensive research on the topic to ensure the best possible results.


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