5 Tips For Using Digital Signage For Workplace Safety – 2024 Guide

Digital signaling solutions already function as a powerful marketing tool and a brand-building platform. With attractive graphics and videos – everything is easier and more beautiful. But take our word for it – it can be safer. Especially in the workplace, where safety risks can often occur due to carelessness. That is why digital signages are of great use when it comes to safety in the workplace. Many companies today display vital safety information using this technology. And how best to steer this technology towards workplace safety? Here are 5 tips.

Digital Signage And Safety Risks In The Workplace

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Today, internal communications are facing a huge challenge. Especially now when we are exposed to dangers like Covid-19. Although many people have worked from home so far – these working conditions will not last for too long. Getting back to work will bring many challenges for all businesses. This is especially hard for large companies or corporations – whose internal communications will have to be up to the task. It will be up to them to communicate the rules of conduct in the new situation in the most painless way – both when it comes to health care and regular safety at the workplace. Digital signage can not only help to better inform about every possible risk – but it is also extremely useful for stimulating employees in a situation of crisis.

Importance Of Digital Signage For Workplace Safety

Safety is essential in any environment – and especially in the workplace. We are often exposed to dangers at our workplace – but it also happens that our concentration drops sometimes. Due to carelessness, various accidents can happen. For this particular reason, many companies have switched to the use of digital signage. They use it for security messages – or to reach a larger number of employees and improve internal communication. We shouldn’t forget that digital signage primarily attracts the attention of viewers. It is also a solution that can be interactive, and therefore useful – and can hold the attention of employees, which is of great importance for security items. For example, some of the messages may be vital, such as danger signs on a construction site, or irradiated rooms in hospitals. On the other hand, digital signals are important because they raise the awareness of all employees in the company. But how do we use them in practice?

Tips For Using Digital Signage For Workplace Safety

Every piece of information concerning safety issues in the workplace is important – but not all of them are equally visible. Therefore, the use of digital signage for security purposes is more than justified. Every employee or visitor in your company will have good and clear information about any potential danger. How does it work in practice? Here are 5 ways digital signage helps improve workplace safety.

1. Visual Effect Always Has the Strongest Effect

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Humans are by nature visual beings – but we are also very selective. A small and inconspicuous sign of danger can easily be missed. However, according to indigoworkplace.com, if you do it through a large screen that displays images dynamically, or shows videos – things become slightly different. Why is that so? Because these are the things that attract and hold our attention. The use of bright colors also has a similar effect on the human eyes and brain. Therefore – we will stop, look, and the message will reach us. Such dynamic messages are especially important in environments where people are very focused on their work – so to convey important information to them, you need to shake their senses a little.

2. Audio Effects

Although we are primarily visual beings, the sound is not a negligible factor. Especially if the sound effect is loud and conspicuous. Just like in horror movies, when the music evokes momentum and tension – in the same way, audio effects emitted from a digital screen can warn of certain dangers, even if you missed the image. Visual image and sound – can sometimes convey a stronger message than text-filled content. Precisely because of this, digital signage can be an extremely highly effective means of warning, security-related information – and a way to communicate quickly and clearly.

3. Multifunctionality and Use on Multiple Different Devices

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Companies that have already opted for the use of digital signage in the workplace – mostly use the possibility of multi-functional use. What does this represent in practice? This means that you do not have to send your message to employees only through large LED screens located in certain parts of the company. On the contrary, you can implement your message on several different devices such as computers, monitors, tablets – or employees’ mobile phones. Sometimes in some emergencies, this feature of digital signage can be life-saving. For example, in the case of working in the field or an isolated area under adverse weather or other conditions – such messages will reach your employees. So, they will have information about what is happening in their work environment – and whether they are in any danger.

4. Strategic Digital Signage Setup

When using digital signage – it is clear that the message will reach a larger number of people. Namely, you will definitely notice the big screen on which a certain message is broadcast. The advantage of digital signage is that unlike posters and similar means of conveying a message – it can be very easily updated. That means whenever you want, or when there is a need for it. Also, they can be strategically positioned in certain places – so that you know they will be noticeable and more accessible to a larger number of people. In addition to these advantages – there is also the possibility of placing in some of the more remote areas within the building. Therefore, you can be sure that everyone will see them.

5. Centralized Managing

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Certainly, one of the biggest advantages of digital signage software is the possibility of centralized management. Namely, with the help of digital signage software – you can manage important messages remotely. So you don’t have to be on the company’s premises if you want to point out an important security issue. You can do this even if you are not in a particular problematic location. For example, a construction site owner does not have to be on-site to warn workers of a severe storm. He can do this from almost any location. For this reason, it is very important to be able to give safety instructions via a large digital screen. Also, such software gives you the ability for multilingual communication – so you can be sure that everyone understood the message.


It is quite certain that digital signage technology can extremely improve internal communication in the company. However, what is even more important – are the safety factors that digital signage can further emphasize. When this type of internal communication is well developed – there are fewer chances for accidents at work. Therefore, understand in time all the advantages of this technology and its use for a safer working environment.

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