How Elon Musk’s Inventions Are Transforming The World

Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla… without these men, our world wouldn’t be what it is today. Another person that has been successfully changing the world around us is Elon Musk, a Canadian-American investor, business mogul, engineer, and inventor who has managed to change the course of technology with his brilliant and, at times, quirky ideas.

Although he has been credited with a wide range of inventions that have made our lives easier, a lot of people don’t realize that Elon has been behind various technological advancements, including E-banking platforms such as PayPal. Here is a list of his top innovations that have changed our world for the better:

1. “SpaceX”


The very first invention on our list is a billion-dollar company called SpaceX, an organization that has been operating since 2002 and since then, it can be said that it’s incredibly important and valuable to all of us. Why you might wonder? Well, the now well-known SpaceX has two main purposes – to lower the costs that all space expeditions require, and more importantly, to find a way to colonize the red planet, Mars.

Now, you should know, it is quite daunting to achieve the aforementioned goals, however, so far, they have successfully sent over 6 cargo ships to space and they’re expected to send even more. Additionally, the organization does have a contract with NASA, one that requires them to produce different crafts for the crew members on NASA’s ships, ones that’ll make the transport to and from the International Space Station easier.

2. “Tesla Motors”


No article on Elon Musk would be complete without mentioning the revolutionary Tesla Motors. In fact, the electric car the company manufactures is thought to be one of the most popular and important inventions of Elon Musk, and with the increased demand for Eco-friendly transportation options, Musk has managed to deliver fully-electric vehicle models that have helped lower the pollution of our environment.

Although a lot of individuals think that it costs a fortune to purchase one of the cars coming from Tesla Motors, this isn’t entirely true. The “Model 3” vehicle can be purchased for approximately 35.000 dollars – taxes and other fees not included – which means that a lot of individuals could manage to purchase it and at the same time, help our environment thrive. Currently, the demand for these vehicles is extraordinarily high.

3. “PayPal”


According to the experts from InventHelp that specialize in helping people patent their inventions, PayPal is also the brainchild of Elon – even though almost no one knows this information. Musk has founded a company called back in 1999, an organization that had the main purpose of creating and delivering financial services and Email payments to people across the world. In 2000, the company merged with another one called Confinity, and together with them, PayPal emerged.

4. “Zip2”


This is the very first web programming company that Musk created. Musk and his brother founded the organization and an interesting fact about it is that it was funded by their father who borrowed some money from them. The main objective of the company was to make city guides for various newspaper companies so that it would be easier for them to categorize them for their consumers. Later on, he decided to sell the organization to Compaq for approximately 22 million dollars.

5. “HyperLoop”


Another interesting concept Elon is behind is HyperLoop, an innovative and state-of-the-art high-speed transportation pod located within a partially vacuumed tube. In 2003, he opted for ‘open souring’ the basic concept behind this new means of transportation in the form of white paper. This particular system has the goal of shortening traveling times from a couple of hours to several minutes, which means that it’ll be four times faster than traditional flights.

6. “Electric Jets”


Now, the very first thing that you should know about this invention is that it is relatively a concept, which means that Elon is still working on developing his idea further. Nonetheless, it’s still worth mentioning it, mostly because it’s quite amazing to think that we soon might have electric supersonic jets that’ll virtually have a vertical landing and take-off. How can these particular jets help the world around us?

Well, it’s quite simple, if he managed to develop his idea further and actually bring us these jets, the motors featured in the could use fans to propel the carrier, which means that they wouldn’t need a runway to land or take off. This implies that airports could be shorter than they currently are, which is something that won’t only reduce the flight time, but it could also lower the money and resources needed for building airports.

7. “SolarCity”


One of the greatest things about Elon Musk’s inventions is that he always strives to make our lives easier by providing us with new inventions, but such inventions won’t only make our lives easier, they could easily change how the world works, while at the same time, providing us all with countless benefits and advantages – which cannot really be said about some other inventors that focus on making a profit instead of helping the world.

A perfect example of this is SolarCity. As the name implies, SolarCity is a project that has the goal of providing affordable solar-power systems across the United States of America, which means that Musk actually wants to help the country implement a new system that won’t only make it cheaper for us to use electricity, but that will reduce the amount of water, air, and earth pollution, thus, helping our environment.


It’s pretty safe to say that Elon Musk is one of the leading and most innovative people of our generation. From creating fully electric vehicles to developing PayPal an electronic payment system that has made our lives easier, there is no denying – Musk is the father of a wide range of inventions that helped our world thrive.

Since you now know what famous inventions and concepts Musk is behind, you shouldn’t stop exploring this extraordinary man. Instead, you might want to open a new search tab and then read and learn more about some concepts and ideas that he has talked about recently.

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