The new Tesla V3 solar roof will have the same price as a tile and electricity bill, says Elon Musk

Elon Musk suggests that the new version of Tesla solar shingles will be even cheaper and will be roughly equal to the cost of tile and electricity bill that the solar roof will break down by generating solar energy. Solar energy is very sustainable and it very important to reduce the use of limited resources which are also known as nonrenewable sources of energy.

Tesla v3 Solar Roof

When Tesla launched solar panels in 2017, Automaker said it would start production and assembly in 2018.

The launch, however, ended much slower, and the devices were limited to the homes of some managers and some customers. It was hard to deliver and place the product in the remote and far away places. lots of good features are provided with minimum consumption of energy and will surely create a drastic effect on your bills. Installation time has been improved and also the durability of the product is increased.

Tesla delayed production by 2019.

President Elon Musk said he must make some changes to the product to ensure that it will last 30 years. And made sure that the product will be possibly delivered to as much as places possible. The product improved its quality and could sustain a lot without any or least maintenance required. Product was made more durable.

At the Tesla shareholders’ meeting in 2019, Musk said he was finishing the third version of Tesla’s sunroof: he was surely expecting a good response and towards which he further added that – “We’re going to finish version 3 of the sunroof. In fact, it is a very difficult technological problem, so that the solar cell can be integrated into the board, it looks good and has survived for 30 years. “

When the product was launched, Tesla said: “Typical homeowners can expect $ 21.85 / sqm for a solar roof.”

It is a fairly expensive product but is covered by a lifetime warranty, which guarantees 30 years of power generation. After generating power, Tesla estimated that their solar roof would be cheaper than a similar style non-solar roof, or would be substantially profitable to save energy. However, this style was a tiled roof style. It is much more expensive than a gable roof-it indicates that Tesla will have improved costs. Roof shingles can cost up to $ 20 per square foot, but shingles can cost up to $ 4 per square foot which is less than any other solar roof. Product has been made considering all the drawbacks and has come over it successfully. Considering its cost, strength, durability, performance, it can be said that it is so far the best version of Tesla solar roof products.

Electrek’s Take and some reviews on the Tesla v3 solar roof

It would be a great development. The difference in cost between a tiled roof and a tiled roof is quite significant. I suppose, however, that it depends on other factors such as location, because the solar energy economy varies a lot, depending on the market. installation time will also be of great importance.

When introducing a new product on the market, Tesla stated that the installation of the roof would take about the same time, which generally takes 5 to 7 days.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the Tesla Solar Roof installation will continue for about two weeks.

Installation time should be reduced to speed up implementation. If Tesla manages to understand and improve production costs, I’m sure they will have a lethal product in their hands, but now the time will come.

Final Words

Thus Elon Musk has played one more step smartly while launching the Solar Roof v3. If you have your eyes on Elon’s upcoming projects and launches, I hope this will make up good news for you. Do share your reviews on the same. For more such trending updates, keep reading us.

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