Bernie Sanders speaks on democratic socialism

Bernie Sanders described the definition of democratic socialism in his recent speech on June 12, 2019, held at Washington. Donald Trump is at the center of the definition of democratic socialism by Bernie Sanders.

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Bernie Sanders sees the need to repeat himself.

Four months after his second presidential campaign, Sanders took the stage to present his most obvious case of democratic socialism at George Washington University. This was also the case in 2015. In a speech under the presidency of Georgetown University, but it seems that this time he accepted his thesis.

“If there was a time when we needed a new vision to unite our people in the struggle for justice, decency, and human dignity, this is the time,” said Senator Vermont. “Today, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, we must address the unfinished problems of the New Deal and do away with them… We must recognize that in the 21st century, in the richest country in world history, economic laws are human rights. what I mean by democratic socialism. ”

There was a clear difference between Sanders’ two speeches on the subject: Donald Trump is now president. Sanders did not change his view of America. But the world around you has. He not only fights the Democratic Party’s corporate wing that was in 2016 but also fights the global rise of authoritarianism embodied by Trump in the United States. Suddenly, the problems he once tried to fit into his narrative – from social injustice to foreign policy – are found in his territory.

Bernie Sanders’ program was normalized in democratic politics

Much has changed since the first presidential Sanders race. The cries of war that stood out against Clinton in 2016 – Medicare-for-all, the minimum wage of $ 15, the reform of the electoral campaign, the free college – are no longer games.

In 2016, Sanders stated that he would initiate a “political revolution”. Since the Sanders campaign did not start in 2024, it is difficult to overestimate the campaign in the presidential campaign – which is a corporate strategy, an economy and political influence on the money. – You had a democratic policy today.

Sanders bets

Sanders has been praised and criticized for some superfluous in his news. On the one hand, it is not difficult to find out what Sanders is. On the other hand, his critics have asked how he will expand his base if he repeats the same thing.

The Sanders campaign knows mathematics. The senator is in a crowded camp that will break the electorate; you probably won’t have to secure more than half of the Democratic base to win the nomination – the campaign advisor clearly spoke of it in an interview with Vox. Having said that, Sanders will still have to exceed 15-20%, which he studies.

In the last presidential cycle, at the end of the primaries (probably seeing recurrent losses in the black voters of the South), Sanders began to speak more in recognizable categories for different groups and communities. He continued this by citing racism, sexism and other structural inequalities in American society in his speech on Wednesday and in the campaign.

But his speech defining democratic socialism clearly showed that he did not change his basic vision. On Wednesday, Sanders devoted much of his speech, repeating the points he made in his speech on democratic socialism in 2015.

If at all, it increases the rates; Trump is the president.

“When Trump calls for socialism, all his hypocrisy will not be lost in the American nation,” said Sanders. “The Americans will know that they are attacking everything we take for granted: from social security to Medicare, veterans of health, roads and bridges, public schools, national parks, clean water, and clean air.”

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