Everything to Know About Eyebrow Lamination in 2024?

You must have come across several beauty hacks to make your eyebrows look fuller. These hacks include waxing, threading, tinting, HD brows, etc. But, have you ever heard about eyebrow lamination?

It is a treatment done to the brows to make them look fuller and give them a more defined shape. If you are completely unaware of what it means and how to get it done, then this article will help you.

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What is Meant by Lamination for Brows?

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It is a treatment that enables restructuring the hair of your eyebrows and helps to give them the desired shape. This concept was introduced first in Russia and is completely a vegan, cruelty-free treatment.

You can make your brows look naturally gorgeous with this treatment. However, it is not recommended for people who suffer from diseases like dermatitis, eczema, etc.

The Steps Involved in The Treatment

The procedure of getting your Eyebrows laminated can last for up to 1 hour. The entire procedure involves five steps to obtain satisfactory results.

  1. The first step involves the application of the cream on the brows, which is believed to lift the hair, and it makes reshaping of your brows convenient.
  2. Once the brow hair softens, they can be stroked to give the shape that you want.
  3. The next step involves the application of a neutralizer so that the new shape of your brows stays intact.
  4. The brows are then waxed and tinted to give them the perfect outlook.
  5. The last step involves the application of an oil or a nourishing serum to the brows. It will help to restore the moisture lost during the treatment.

Once you are done with the treatment, your stylist will advise you not to wet your brows for the next 24 hours. Eyebrow laminations are sometimes drier than the usual eyebrows, and so to keep them as it is, you can choose to apply castor oil or any other oil of your choice, after 48 hours of the treatment.

For How Many Days Will the Eyebrow Lamination Last?

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Lamination on the eyebrows is believed to last for almost six to eight weeks if you take good care of them. If you are considering getting your brows laminated, you should maintain them well.

This treatment has become very famous nowadays, and beauty salons often receive a lot of requests for the same. The procedure is easy and renders you with long-lasting results. But you need to know the minor details before trying it out.

Aftercare and Downtime of the Procedure

After 24 hours of getting the treatment done, you can go back to your normal routine. In the first 24 hours, you should not apply any cream, water, oil, or any sort of heated product on them. Once 24 hours have passed, you can treat them like your natural brows and take care of them as you generally do.

After seven days of this treatment, you can apply oil to stimulate hair growth and to keep the roots of your eyebrows strong. It also helps to keep the strands active.

Who Can opt for This Treatment?

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Almost anyone can opt to undergo this treatment, as it is believed to make your sparse eyebrows appear thicker and fuller instantly. In this procedure, the eyebrows are manipulated, and the coarse texture is removed from your natural brows. It helps in providing your eyebrows with one of the most flattering shapes.

Some people often have little holes and gaps in their eyebrows from a very young age. They might have tried a lot of other things to get them filed, but nothing seemed to work right. Brow lamination is a trendy treatment that beauty salons refer to get this flaw on your brows fixed and look your best.

If you have patchy hair growth in your eyebrows or if you are looking forward to getting that sculpted and fuller look, then eyebrow lamination is the best treatment that will help to fulfill your desires.

Choose to get your eyebrows styled and get away from the worries of threading and shaping them. As far as the lamination is concerned, this treatment is a promising process for anyone who desires to get beautiful eyebrows.

How Frequently Can You Get your Eyebrow Laminated?

As laminations are believed to last 6-8 weeks, it is usually recommended that people can revisit the salon after 5-8 weeks and get their brows laminated once again. The most crucial thing is to maintain the quality of hair present in your brows. Eyebrows hair is the same as the lash hair, and hence, if proper care is not taken, they might fall out.

Eyebrow hair is also believed to go through varied growth cycles, where natural hair sheds and grows eventually. Also, consistency is believed to change. The brow lamination will help you maintain the same texture and consistency.

Your lamination will go back to normal in seven to eight weeks. After your lamination consistency goes back to normal, you can safely undergo another lamination treatment to get once again fuller, enhanced looking eyebrows. Depending on the shape you want for your brows, choose a lamination which gives you a natural look.

The Bottom Line

We had all heard of lamination since when we were in school. Students know lamination as the process of getting their school books laminated. With the advancement in technology, lamination is now also possible for your eyebrows, and it is one of the hottest trends that people consider.

Based on your eyebrow hair’s texture and shape, your stylist will recommend whether lamination is something you should opt for or not. With so many different procedures out there to get your eyebrows fixed, lamination tops the list and is one of the trendiest treatments these days.

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