Farming Guide for the Resurrected Thresh Socket in Diablo 2

Are you starting to feel anxious just thinking about farming Pindleskin for one more run, or have you given up hope that he’ll ever drop something worthwhile? If this is the case, then Thresh Socket offers you a lucrative alternative that can be reached even more quickly.

Why bother farming for a Thresh Socket?

Thresh Socket is a Super Unique item that has access to the Treasure Class (TC) 87, Monster Level 84, and is always Immune to Cold. Additionally, it has access to the Monster Level 84. This enables him to drop a diverse selection of Diablo 2 Unique and Set Items, but at the same time, it restricts the extremely rare items that can be obtained from his drop table.

It is only possible to farm this monster in the single-player mode of Diablo 2 Resurrected due to his spawning location at the end of the Arreat Plateau and the loading screens that occur during his fights. You have the option to reroll your map until you find one in which he spawns in close proximity to the Waypoint. This will make it much simpler for you to approach him. In Multiplayer, if you only kill Thresh Socket, you will always be subject to the rate limit, also known as the Queue.

When it comes to completing your Holy Grail, Farming Thresh Socket is a fantastic choice. Because he is a Super Unique monster, he will always leave behind two items. His spawn location makes it very simple to find him, and in Single Player mode, you can even reroll your map until he appears next to the Waypoint in order to increase your chances of doing so.

The Thresh Socket has the same value of 87 for its Treasure Class as the Pindleskin. On the other hand, because of his Monster Level (84), he only has a limited number of drops. You can find additional information by using the drop calculator.

Where can I look for the Thresh Socket?

Thresh Socket can be discovered with very little effort. He can be found in the Arreat Plateau of Act 5 at all times, directly in front of the entrance to the Crystalline Passage. The Arreat Plateau is a slanted rectangular region that can take on two different looks at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you’re facing north-west or north-east; the entrance to the Crystalline Passage is always in the exact middle of the shorter edge. You can figure out where you need to go from the Waypoint by using any one of a number of different methods.

Reach for the Edge


Take the Waypoint on the Arreat Plateau and travel North in a straight line until you reach the edge of the map. This will allow you to find him quickly. You have no choice but to head either north-west or north-east when you reach this edge. If you head in that direction while you’re in the middle of Arreat Plateau, you’ll quickly come upon Thresh Socket.

  • Barricades Throughout Act 5, monsters have constructed barricades in every plateau area
  • They link the two long edges of the map together and point you in the right direction

The Red Doorway

A fiery Portal that descends into the Pit of Acheron can be found on the Arreat Plateau. The red Portal and the bridge that leads to it both indicate the location of the beginning of the Crystalline Passage. The bridge that leads to it also indicates the direction in which you should travel.

Hints and Suggestions
Single Participant

Keep rerolling your map until the Thresh Socket appears in the same location as the Waypoint. Cutting down on the amount of time you spend traveling is essential to farming him efficiently.
A Super Unique, the Player Count / Magic Find Thresh Socket has a guaranteed drop rate of two D2R ladder items.
There is no benefit to increasing the player count using the /players command or through the Multiplayer menu. This indicates that he is very easy to kill, so you should focus on increasing your Magic Find as much as possible.



To cut down on your time spent in town as much as is humanly possible, add a Circlet or Ring that generates Telekinesis Charges. THE TOWN IS ON FIRE!

Put together some recommendations.

There are multiple builds available for each character that can be used to farm Thresh Socket. The best builds and their respective strengths are listed below. In the event that nothing else works, your Mercenary can easily take him out when playing solo!

Lightning Fury, an Amazon Product

If Thresh Socket does not have immunity to lightning, the Javazon’s Charged Strike will immediately and completely destroy him.

Sentry – Assassin of the Lightning Bolt

Using Lightning Sentry, the Trapsin is able to easily snipe Tresh Socket while remaining at a safe distance.
Because of her increased mobility granted by Burst of Speed, she does not require Enigma.

Barbarian – Berserk

Simply put, the Zerker is the most effective build for finding magic as a Barbarian. Any Barb build that makes use of Find Item is superior to other Character builds in terms of its overall efficiency.

Druid – Tornado Hurricane

The Wind Druid has nothing to worry about when it comes to Thresh Socket because he always brings along his reliable Summon Grizzly. If you are able to position yourself in such a way as to hit all of your Tornados, he will be destroyed in a very short amount of time.

Bone Spear: The Weapon of the Necromancer


With just one Bone Prison, you can completely remove any risk posed by Thresh Socket. Use the Bone Spear to sneak up on him from a distance and slay him.

Blessed Hammer is your weapon, Paladin.

The Hammerdin configuration is, as is customary, the most popular choice for the Paladin class. Nuff said here…

Meteor is the Sorceress


Watch as your Mercenary takes some damage from Thresh Socket and then succumbs to the devastating effects of Meteor after you have him take a few hits. If you add Fire Ball to the equation, he will perish in no time at all!

In conclusion, Thresh Socket is an excellent substitute for Pindleskin, but it can only be used in Single Player.

Find a configuration in which he spawns right next to the Waypoint, and make use of a power source that grants you telekinetic abilities, so that you can maximize your effectiveness.

You should strive to improve your Magic Find as much as you can. You don’t even need to do much damage on your own if you have a Mercenary that is adequately equipped.

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