8 Tips to Find the Best Sun Hat for Traveling

Why should you stay indoors during summer when you can have lots of fun in the sun with your sun hat on? The sun hat has helped to protect the skin of numerous people in holiday inns and resorts around the world.

In recent times, a big hat is not just fashionable, but it is also usually used by men and women to serve as a covering for the head in order to protect or shade the face and shoulder from the sun.

An incredible thing about sun hats is that it is not gender-specific. You can get one for yourself from the BigHatStore.com. It is the best travel companion you can think of while packing for a road trip or summer vacation.

In this article, you will get to know some tips that will help you choose the perfect sun hat for traveling, as well as how to properly pack your hats when traveling.

8 Tips to Find the Best Sun Hat For Traveling

Consider Comfortability

Before you purchase a sun hat, one of the first sets of questions that should run through your mind is if you will be comfortable whenever you wear it. If your sincere response is yes, then you can go ahead to purchase it.

It is best to always choose a sun hat that can be modified to suit your fashion sense and, at the same time, be quite handy on a sunny day.

Examine the Ultraviolet (UV) Protection

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Before you buy a hat, it is highly essential to check for ultraviolet protection. A hat that contains UPF50+ has the highest and best rating. It will be better if you can consider going for such a hat, as it will help to prevent your beautiful face and shoulders from sunburn.

Make Sure the Hat Brim Is Wide

Any sun hat with a brim as wide as 7.5cm is often considered the best hat for protecting and shading the face, neck, and ear. Due to the fact that the face, neck, and ear are more susceptible to exposure to UV radiation, it is highly important to protect that region.

In addition, a wide hat brim can help to prevent the eyes from exposure to UV radiation, that is, UV radiation above 50%.

Choose a Darker Color

Darker colors can effortlessly absorb UV radiation much more than white or light colors of the same fabric. Hence, when you want to buy a floppy hat, for example, go for darker colors.

Consider Durability and Longevity

An awesome thing about durable sun hats is that they tend to always remind you of all the good memories you had during your travels or summer breaks, even if it’s been quite a number of years.

Therefore, it is better to always choose sun hats that will be able to last for many years. This can only be so if you purchase one made of quality material. Furthermore, ensure your purchased hat comes with instructions on how to properly maintain and clean it to guarantee longevity.

Choose the Sun Hat That Matches Your Lifestyle

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When it comes to the purchase of any outfit, including sun hats, styling comes in a lot handy. That is why it is always advisable to select a sun hat that will suit your color and style. In other words, choose what you are sure will match your lifestyle.

Choose the Appropriate Size for Your Head

The best way to get a great sun hat for your travel is to select the one that is the right size for your head. Today, the sizes of hats vary. Therefore, you can get hats for large-sized heads, as well as for heads that are small-sized. All you have to do is select the perfect fit for your head. Following a hat guide for sizes could be of help.

Choose What Will Fit Your Traveling Style

A lot of people usually go for sun hats that can be easily squashed or piled into their suitcases or backpacks. The secret that exists here is knowing what works best for you.

If you would love to stack yours in a bag, you are free to go ahead. That is why it is always advisable to select hats that will fit your traveling style.

How to Properly Pack Your Hats

You may not be entirely comfortable with squashing or stacking your hat in your backpacks and suitcases. Good news, there is an alternative for you.

It is also possible to have your sun hat packed without having to stack or squash it. The following are a few steps on how to appropriately pack your hat (floppy hat as a case study) in a crushable way without the need to squeeze it.

  • To start with, arrange some clothes and let them fill the whole bottom of your suitcase.
  • Arrange another layer of clothes. But this time around, create a space in the middle. In other words, arrange the clothes exactly by the side of the suitcase.
  • Place your hat (floppy hat in this case) between the second layer of clothes in the suitcase.
  • Arrange clothes inside the floppy hat. This will enable it to stay properly inside the suitcase without getting stacked.

If you have other hats you wish to place inside the box, you can flatten them on top of each other and avoid the need to add extra items inside the suitcase.

It Is Time for Your Trip

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Having the perfect-sized sun hat will most likely make you enjoy your summer vacation without the need to fear getting sunburned. If you follow the tips highlighted above, you will pick the best hat for yourself. By doing so, your summer experience will be greatly boosted.

After buying your preferred sun hats, the next thing is to pack your suitcases and backpacks, properly packing your hat(s) as well. After that, you are set to go have fun in the sun!

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