Why is it Extremely Difficult to Find a Good Marriage Partner?

Finding the love of your life can sometimes be way harder than we’d imagine. Nowadays, there are loads of different reasons why it is difficult to find someone who lifts us and meets all of our requirements. Check also and read on this site on the qualities of a good husband and partner. Not only that, but we often struggle to commit to one person for a more extended period. If you’re wondering why it is so hard to find the love of your life + you want to know the ways to fix it, keep on reading! Here is all that you should know.

Top 11 Reasons Why You May Struggle In The Love Compartment

1. You have a fear of commitment

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How scared are you of commitments? Many people run away and stay away from relationships since they demand certain kinds of rules, labels, and routines. This can seem annoying, confusing, as well as time-consuming to loads of people. Many people have a hard time accepting that they are “official” since this means that their freedom is gone and is now in someone else’s hands. This is why you should ”go with the flow” and instead just enjoy the time with your current partner, without feeling the need to put on the labels.

2. You don’t know where to find a partner

A lot of us struggle to find someone who is outgoing, exactly our type, as well as playful and romantic. Also, we often have individual boxes that we expect others to tick. This is why it is a good idea to step out of your comfort zone and try out new things and people every here and there! This is why at Bestbrides.net you can easily browse and see different singles and women who are ready to get married. There are other brides worldwide, which you may fancy a bit more than some of your previous relationships or types. You never know!

3. You are afraid of getting cheated on

Many of us are afraid of getting cheated on, and we tend to stay away from relationships due to past trauma. This is why it is essential to give other people a chance but also heal in the meantime. Try to find someone who is trustworthy and who has a good reputation. If their history bothers you and you’re annoyed by their past actions, instead find someone else who will make you feel a bit more comfortable, especially during the most crucial part of the relationship- in the beginning.

4. You are feeling anxious

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If you’re feeling empty or anxious, the other person will be able to tell. Try to stay cool, calm, and collected, and always remind yourself of these three main things before heading out. Do not come off as someone nervous or shy, but rather stay positive and optimistic, as well as realistic. Questions such as “Do you like me?” are a big no-no and will make you look a lot less attractive.

5. You are too shallow (or they are)

Shallowness can be so unattractive, and it can make you look for something aside from love. The other person should be ambitious, charismatic, as well as outgoing, but not shallow. Anyone who looks for materialistic things in life or their partner is not the right person to be around with. Do not talk about wealth, family riches, cars, or even jewelry on your first date. You will regret it.

6. You often choose the easier path

An easier path means that you often go for someone who is not that interesting or fun to be with and want to dominate in the relationship. You want to feel as if the power is in your hands, but this can often backfire and leave you feeling way more miserable and uninterested in the concept of love.

7. You haven’t had enough time to recover

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Every new relationship demands and depends on a successful recovery. If someone breaks your heart, make sure that you collect it and slowly heal. You can’t trust new people and meet new people till you are completely okay with your past. Ensure that you are in love with yourself first, since that is the only way for you to fall for someone else.

8. Your standards are too high

As we grow older, we continuously add more things to our list that we are trying to find in our partner. This starts with their personality, translates to physical attraction, as well as morals and future goals. This ends up being too tricky to do since we often have to find someone who has to tick all the boxes + we kind of rate them in our way. People often only focus and try to work on certain negative aspects of their partner, trying to fix them. Rather ignore these and focus on some more positive traits that they have.

9. You have more important priorities

Adulthood brings essential tasks, such as college, grad school, buying your first car, or even getting a loan. Starting a new relationship will require loads of effort, money, as well as time. If you are a bit unstable and can’t make time for the other person, it is better to commit to some other goals and work on them. You don’t want to ruin any aspects of your current lifestyle, right?

10. You are not too sure what is the real definition of love

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What is even love to begin with? We all have different definitions due to society, movies, as well as novel books. If someone doesn’t come off as ”the one”, we often pass just by him. You should be realistic and keep in mind that love quite often doesn’t happen when we see it in movies, and it can come in different forms.

11. You don’t want to hurt others

Last but not least, you might be just worried and afraid of hurting the other person. Dating someone who can fall in love with you, yet you are aware of your imperfections, and you may feel as if this was not going to work out. Breakups are messy, and it is expected that you may not want to hurt someone or that you don’t want to feel hurt, but we all have to start somewhere!

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