Top 5 Technologies For your Restaurant

We are living in a technological era. Everything has been revolutionized with the help of technology and all of this happened in the last 20 years. Things were completely different before that. Therefore, not even a single sector is left unaffected by the tech. All of this became possible because the inventions introduced by the tech sector made everyday life simple.

For instance, the use of robots and specific machines cover the human hand entirely. Similarly, the use of virtual money has made cashless working possible. You don’t have to take a lot of cash while going shopping. These are some of the examples that have been used in the everyday life of people around the world.

So when there are such technological gadgets available that will make your work easy, why would you go for the difficult option? Even if you are owning a restaurant business, you have plenty of tech options to choose from. Visit Mvix Digital Signage to learn more about the technologies that you can use.

1. Digital Reservation Manager

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Dealing with humans is easy but their decisions are based upon their taste and likings. Therefore, digital reservation manager has been introduced in the market. It can take over the position of your manager and thus, will reduce the human labor cost. On the one hand, it will reduce the expense of hiring personnel for this job. On the other hand, it will do the work perfectly and efficiently.

So what does this machine do?

It will take the order from the client and will make suggestions for them. For example, you want to make a reservation for family dinner. The robotic manager will suggest the best seating, considering family status. Moreover, if you want to have a wide gathering with your friends and colleagues, it will make the necessary arrangements. It will suggest the optimal seating based upon the time and number of people. Thus, a lot of your work will be managed automatically.

The most amazing thing here is that it will also let you know the right time when preparations are completed. So you won’t have to wait anymore.

2. Tabletop tablets/ Kiosks

Kiosks are known as tabletop tablets. They offer you incredible ease of making the order and getting done with the bill. This is a point of sale technology. This has dramatically pleased the introvert community, who doesn’t like getting involved with people.

What happens here is that you get a tablet attached to the table. All the menu options are available on that. You can scroll down, see the options, and make the customized order. After you are done choosing the dishes, you can place the order. Moreover, it has also eliminated the need for cash registers. You can directly pay through the Kiosks.
A lot of people hesitate in front of the waiters. This also affects their order. Contrarily, with the use of tabletop tablets, the customers made more orders. In addition to being the comfort for customers, the use of Kiosks also reduces the burden of the staff. Thus, the workers can work efficiently on their assigned jobs.

3. Automated purchasing tool

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It is indeed an excellent invention for the restaurant owners. Inventory control is a bit of a headache because humans are prone to mistakes. They are forgetful and this significantly influences your reputation. For instance, you have certain dishes of mushrooms on your menu, but all the mushrooms have been used up. The manager forgot to make the order for the mushrooms and so all of your dishes will get affected. Looking at the service, the customers are less likely to come to your restaurant.

Therefore, to save you from such trouble, an automated purchasing tool has been made. It gets complete cover over your inventory and makes the order when needed. You only have to make the necessary predictions. This is not at all difficult.

All you have to do is to analyze your sales and use of raw material on a daily basis. Thus, you will have an estimate of everything you need daily. You can set the minimum amount that must always be available in the inventory. So when that amount is reached, the tool will make the order itself without troubling you.

4. Virtual Reality onboarding

Taking employee management to a whole new level, virtual reality has created new trends by cooperating with the HR. Through the use of this VR onboarding, you won’t have to deal with the training sessions of new employees. All that you need is a headset and customized software. The software will involve everything related to the restaurant.
Through the use of VR onboarding, the new employees can observe the other workers doing the work. Furthermore, they don’t have to touch the food to learn about it.

Thus, the overall pressure on the employees also gets reduced significantly. They can work calmly and learn peacefully without the pressure of making any mistakes. Through the use of this fantastic technology, the work pressure from the managers also gets reduced significantly.

5. Optimized Scheduling software/ schedule maker

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Making weekly schedules for the employees is a headache for managers and restaurant owners know it well. So why don’t you make use of optimized scheduling software? It is an automated schedule maker for all the employees of your restaurant. All it takes is some seconds to make the schedule. Thus, the manager can use the software to make the schedule instead of manually dealing with it.

Moreover, it is not only the schedule but changing the shifts too. The software will store all the previous schedules. Thus, you will be able to shift the positions and timing of different employees.

Another amazing benefit that this offers is that you can easily know about your staff.

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