How New Technologies Are Changing the Adult Movie Industry

Technology is changing a lot of things around us, from the way we communicate with other people, how we improve our performance at work, how we access online books and different media on the Internet, and so on. We can say that the world would be so much different if technology didn’t develop this fast in recent years. There were so many things we needed to learn and embrace, so we can use our gadgets and devices the way we use them today. With a stable Internet connection and few dollars a month, we have access to a lot of premium content.

Back in the past, when we wanted to watch a new movie we either had to go to the theaters or rent a videotape that the last person didn’t even rewind before they got back to the store. When we talk about the adult movies industry, everyone knows that it’s one of the most popular things people are watching on the Internet.

The development of this industry requires different tech solutions, but also the technology reshapes the way we enjoy this type of content. No matter if you are looking for stories, live camera streams, or premium services, can help you find what you are looking for in a few minutes, depending on your preferences. So, there is no need to ask someone for a recommendation or rent this type of content from a store.

This leads us to one of the main benefits of the technology when it comes to adult content:

1. You can easily access them


There are no lock keys, no pin codes, no limits, no need to wait for the night to come – it’s all available for you, for free or for some monthly fee. Keep in mind that the free websites are full of ads and popups, and if you decide to pay for them, then there will be none of them. Thanks to the technology, you are able to choose what works the best for you, depending on how often you watch and use this type of content.

2. It’s available for all devices

No matter if you are using your laptop, PC, or smartphone, you can access your account all the time, no matter where you are. The tech development allowed us to have Internet access from our gadgets, and that means we are able to access every type of content we want, no matter where we are. It wasn’t that long ago when we needed to have our computers to watch adult movies.

3. They “killed” porn VHS and DVDs


Renting them on tape or a disc? It’s so outdated. Surely, there was a section for adult movies back then, but today, there is no need for that, which means whole sections “died” before all these renting stores closed. It’s not that weird, and it’s not a huge tragedy, but surely it caused a lot of changes, and it completely reshaped the whole industry.

4. The use of virtual reality

Can you imagine being a part of an action, without really being present there? With the VR headsets, you can watch videos in the appropriate content, and use your phone to watch them. There are so many interesting things you can do for your own pleasure and generous experience and still keep it in private. Even though there aren’t many sources of VR-suitable adult videos, you will surely find something that you can watch free on official websites like

5. The production is better than ever


There was a whole revolution when technology jumped in on the sets. Even though it’s a specific type of acting, and the actors are ready for all that happens on those sets. By a lot of acting and a little bit of simulation, we can see explicit acts in front of us. As we said, most of the actors are ready for that, and probably they are well-paid, but some situations must be simulated instead of performed, and that’s one of the ways technology is helping them to be more comfortable on the sets.

6. The rise of animated adult movies

We are not here to judge, but there are people who enjoy this type of adult movie. The tech development lets them enjoy them without being seen by their friends. Today, it’s a standalone category that is worth watching, because the production can get really creative, and of course, it’s a kind of art that deserves to be seen and appreciated.

7. Normalizing some popular terms


There are so many terms that were specifically tied to the adult industry, but they are now embraced in popular culture. For example, MILF was a category, but today it’s embraced in the urban dictionary, and it’s not that offensive as it first was. But, how that happened? We can thank social media for normalizing the words that were “a shame” to be said loudly. Also, today is not a shame to openly talk about some “private” things with the people around you, and yes, the Internet is letting us do that.

8. Privacy is a must

All these services know that the users want to protect their privacy. It should be the main priority of all websites and adult movie providers. Some of the things should still stay in private, and the adult performances are something the technology is letting us keep on the highest level possible. The users don’t have to worry about anything.


The adult industry can “blame” the technology for many great things they are doing today, and all the options their users have. From free and available content to premium accounts with plenty of benefits, the times when we had to rent these movies is far away in the past.

All the adult content and services are today available in just a few clicks, and that’s a great thing for both the users and providers.

Also, we can’t deny the fact that this industry made many tech giants think outside the box, so they can meet the needs of the users.

No matter what do you do, be really responsible with your actions online.

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