#2 New Cast Revealed For Upcoming Batman Movie?

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne?

Well, that sounds good for me & all the fans who wanted to see him as new batman in the upcoming movie. Now, when it comes to the upcoming batman movie, it isn’t complete without the supporting characters. Now, in a recent development, a Westworld actor is in talks with makers of the movie to play the role of commissioner Gordon.

Want to know who it is? Well, then, continue reading below:

Which Westworld star will be Playing Jim Gordon in the Upcoming Batman Movie?

Without much ado, I will start by revealing that in a recent post by the Hollywood reporter, Westworld star Jeffry Wright is in negotiations with the makers of the upcoming Matt Reeves’ batman movie.

Great, isn’t it?

If all the talks go well, then we all will see Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne & Jeffry Wright as Commissioner Gordon fight crime in Gotham City.

If I talk about the previous batman movies, Gary Oldman played the role of Jim Gordon in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Night trilogy & J.K. Simmons played the commissioner Gordon role in the Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

In case you don’t know, upcoming The Batman movie is slated to release on June 25, 2024 in the theatres. As of now, makers are working on the casting actors for the characters of the upcoming. After Robert Pattinson, Jeffry Wright might be next in the line.

Here is a recent tweet of Jeffry Wright on The Batman Day 2019:

That was the latest update on the casting of Jim Gordon. Now, its time for me to reveal the latest rumor on who will be the big bad standing against Batman.’

The Batman 2019 Villain Casting

Here comes the remaining classic part, who will be the main villain opposite Batman (Bruce Wayne) in the upcoming movie?

Can you make any guess on who it can be? Whatever you think do let me know in the comments section given below. Now, coming back to the topic, according to a lost post from Deadline, Jonah Hill is in talks to play the main antagonist of the movie.

No, it’s not for the role of Joker!!!

Although, there isn’t any update on the name of the character. But it looks like the movie will have a new villain, um…..say, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin or the Riddler. I think the movie will go in different direction unlike the previous movies of Batman.

Besides, you never know, as the movie will be directed by Matt Reeves, it’s possible, he might give what fans of the DC Universe wants, another Joker.

Why not be, Joker is one of the most famous characters of the DC Universe. Fans including me would love to see him anytime in the movie. Even if the Joker has small role in it.

Now, coming back to Jonah Hill, he is known to comedic roles in movies like 21 Jump Street, Knocked Up, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, this is the end, 22 Jump Street., Wolf of the wall street & many more movies. In recent times, Jonah Hill has played the role of Lewis in the beach bum, where he played the character of a heavily southern accented book agent.

Final Words

That’s all for now. All I want is to see the upcoming Batman movie as soon as possible. But it’s possible after the filming process finishes. It’s sad to see that till date, casting process is not over. I hope by the end of this year, we will have the details of complete cast of the upcoming Batman Movie. Till then what do you think about the antagonist character in the upcoming Batman Solo movie?

Will it be Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, the Riddler or even Joker? Do let me know in the comments section given below.

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