How To Fix Black Screen While Trying To Play Videos?

It’s not a secret that we use cameras every day to capture interesting and important moments. Our smartphones are full of photos and videos, which we then save or share with others. Unfortunately, it occasionally happens that one of these files is incorrect, or corrupt.

There are situations when you lose really important data, especially if you are a professional photographer. This happens for several reasons, the most common being system crashes, viruses, or failed conversion from one format to another. Most people don’t even know that such files can be saved. In this case, they usually delete the damaged files and accept the loss, but what if we tell you there’s a way these can be fixed? That there’s a tool that can restore the damaged video or photo to its original state.

If you have been struggling with finding a way to repair your corrupted video, especially if it was a black screen issue, stick around, read this article, and find out what you can do to reverse the damage.

Utilize a good software

In short, it’s software that will fix a video that has an error, and the same goes for photos. At the same time, it is important to point out that the process is quick and very simple, as it boils down to two to three steps. The software is available for purchase on, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices, so it really doesn’t matter which platform you’re working on. Numerous formats are supported, including the WEBM format. The breadth of support also extends to hardware, as it will fix errors that occur on any camera or smartphone.

The recovery process is simple because this program doesn’t care where the error occurred. It could happen when recording, transferring to a computer, or when editing a video or photo. Regardless of the cause, it will do the same thing: it will repair the damaged record.


As for how the process goes, it takes no university diploma to figure it out. Simply choose the video you want to repair.  Once you have finished adding the video, you just need to press the ‘Repair’ button, which will start the process of fixing the errors. The entire procedure is fully automated, without the need for any user intervention. After processing, the software will notify you about the successful completion of the task. After that, you can preview each video by pressing the ‘Preview’ button, to make sure that the video has been recovered. After that, save the processed material by pressing the ‘Save’ button. Be sure to save the video in a new folder, different from the one where the original is located. And voila! You have managed to save your precious video.

If a black screen is an issue you want to fix, there’s no better option than software. But if you just want to enhance the quality of the video, and you prefer services that allow you to install programs on your computer to improve the quality of online videos, there are also solutions of this type as well. These are some of the ones that are most interesting and comfortable to use by people of all backgrounds.



If the video you want to improve means that it is uploaded to YouTube, you should know that the well-known video sharing and viewing platform Google allows you to improve the movie directly through a special editor.

To do this, simply go to your channel and select the video that needs editing. The edit button you’ll be searching for is usually found on the video management option. Once you find it, you’ll notice there are quite a few options for working on the quality of the video, but you’ll be selecting the enhancement tab, if it is the shaking you want to fix. Or, for fixing any other issue, you can just try auto-correction, and see if it works. You can also do some beautifying here by playing with saturation, brightness, and other stuff. Filters are also available if you like to play with your video further. Upon completion, make sure you save it, either over the original one, or save it as a separate file.

Now that you know what to do with your corrupt videos, you should also know the cause behind your videos getting corrupted all the time. Here are a couple of reasons…

Physical damage


Storing video files on a flash drive, DVD, CD or hard drive is risky. Any physical damage to these storage drives will also cause damage to the stored media. If this is the case, then your video files and any other important files in your storage will be at risk. You may never recover the file, let alone repair it.

Download interruption

If you are downloading a video file from the Internet, then any interruption in the download process will cause corruption. For example: if your internet connection is lost while downloading a file or your system shuts down before the download is complete, it may corrupt your files.

Error while reading or writing data


Every other media file, including a video file, consists of an internal architecture along with some written code. We redefine codes and architecture to make changes by reading or writing data. During the read or write process, the file may become corrupted. This can be due to a program, computer, or any other factor over which the user has no direct control.

Improper conversion or incompatible video players

Not every application is compatible with converting a file to any other popular format, and problems such as video corruption may occur. Moreover, if your file does not work on your computer, the problem could be your incompatible video player.

Finally, after reading all the above, it is safe to conclude that every problem has its solution. But at the same time, avoiding issues that cause video corruption at the start is better than struggling to repair them after.

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