Want To Play Fortnite Mobile……Don’t Install iOS 13 Beta

Stop! Stop! Stop! Are you by any chance using iOS 13 beta? Do you play Fortnite on it? Stop right now or you will start facing problems. Joking, Right! That’s what you might be thinking. No, but all I said is true. In fact, the developer of Epic games has recently advised that playing Fortnite on an iPhone with iOS 13 beta may not be the best idea.

Moreover, this Friday, epic twitted on their Twitter Handle stating due to “Stability Reasons” we do not recommend you to use Fortnite on Apple’s new beta update.

What’s the Story?

Earlier on June 24, Apple released iOS 13 beta for Public Testing along with iPad OS & Catalina OS for Mac. Since it’s worldwide, several Fortnite users are complaining about the instability in the Fortnite Mobile. Some users even reported that Fortnite Mobile was crashing again & again.

#3 Reasons Why You Should Never Install iOS 13 Beta

1. Bugs…Bugs…Bugs

As usual, every beta version has some bugs. So, you can’t expect to have iOS 13 beta version to be exactly stable. Before the Fortnite Mobile bugs, iOS 13 beta had some already reported issues. Some of these issues include iCloud issues which show the inaccurate state of files that ate stored on the cloud.

2. A Battery Sucker

Although each beta update of iOS introduces several new features, but they can hog the power of your battery faster than you expect. So, before installing iOS beta update make sure to keep a charger around you otherwise, your iPhone may run out of juice.

3. Fewer Apps Support

It is possible that you can still use your iPhone with some bugs & less features availability but when it comes to app support, I recommend you to never install the beta version of iOS 13 beta. Well, if you love some of the apps in your iPhone than it is a possibility that your favourite app or game might not support the new beta update. For instance, several users with iOS 13 beta are already facing some serious bugs.

Final Words

To sum up I would say that along with Fortnite Mobile, if you love to use any other app on your iPhone then I would never advise installing the buggy beta update. Instead, I suggest you to wait for some time & soon will get the stable iOS 13 updates. Besides, by not installing the beta update, you will still be able to enjoy Fortnite Mobile in your iPhone.

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