French vs Patio Doors: What’s Difference?

Renovating your home requires careful attention to many details, such as choosing a door for access to your terrace. Manufacturers suggest paying attention to designs that will not interfere with the viewing angle and will allow you to enjoy comfort while using them.

For the most part, home owners have to choose between French or patio doors. The appearance of these products seems to be quite similar, but there is still a difference. The list of the main differences includes not only ease of use, but also other important characteristics.

Key differences between Patio and French doors


Determining the model you need will not be too difficult. You often have to take into account your personal preferences and choose a certain style of home. Doors, like other interior elements, have a huge impact on the atmosphere in your living space.

If you don’t know what to choose from the proposed options, you should read the opinion of experts. First of all, it is worth focusing on the features of each design:

  1. Free space. A door that opens inside or outside requires room to open. Installing such structures in homes with limited space is unlikely to bring you joy. French doors are used in a variety of conditions, as they open horizontally.
  2. Viewing angle. Despite the fact that glass doors are always available, contemplating your lawn or a terrace will not always be easy with them. Patios open up unlimited viewing angles, as their only limitation is the frame. As for the French doors, there are some difficulties that you will need to be prepared for.
  3. Ease of use. In regions with common strong winds, it is worth considering practical patio doors. Owners don’t have to worry about the safety of their belongings and can easily open the room for ventilation. French doors sometimes can be slammed, so you should take this into account.

The size of your doorway also plays a role. Installation of structures is complicated by the fact that the door can be quite massive, which means that the choice of fittings becomes complicated. The patio is popular because you don’t have to do any special calculations.

Individually manufactured structures allow you to create unique solutions, but, unfortunately, this does not affect their usability in any way. You should make an informed decision after reading a review on French vs patio doors. The characteristics of different options will allow you to choose the best design.

Prices comparison


It is impossible to make the right choice without taking into account the available budget, so you should save the question of price for last. The cost of a suitable design depends on several factors, and one of them is the manufacturer’s brand. The proper quality of fittings will also affect the price.

The order of customized structures allows you to create a unique atmosphere and combine all the elements of your interior with success. The choice of fittings, searching for the best color scheme and other subtleties guarantee a proper result.

Thus, we can conclude that ordering French doors and patios will require:

  • making a list of your personal preferences regarding style and color;
  • determining the size of door structures;
  • choosing the thickness and strength of glass for the inserts.

You shouldn’t forget about the standard options, since ready-made doors are much cheaper. Consultation of specialists will help you determine the suitable solutions. Experts will not only provide you with useful information, but also offer cheaper ways to design a French door for interior

What type of the door to choose?


Many factors influence your choice of the type of door, but personal wishes play the main role. All the customers’ requirements will be met in full. However, you will need to pay attention to the features of the space where the selected types of construction will be used.

To make a decision, you need to take into account:

  1. Space. Patio doors are the best option for limited spaces, as horizontal opening greatly simplifies using them.
  2. Opening mechanism. French doors that will open inside the house require freeing up space. As a rule, there should be no furniture near the doorway, so there will be no problems.
  3. Security. Small children and pets can be injured when using the French doors. In this case, patio doors provide proper safety even if there is strong wind.

Familiarizing yourself with the key differences between French and patio doors will allow you to make the right choice without risk for residents and their pets. The benefits of the options should be combined with your wishes regarding design. All types of doors have disadvantages, so you should not focus on this.

Getting the help you need and finding a profitable solution is complicated, but you shouldn’t give up. The ability to create the perfect door for any home is possible if you choose a trusted door supplier such as GateDoorWindow. Italian fittings and attentiveness of the company’s employees are the keys to success.

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