All You Need to Know About Gaming VPNs in 2024

Are you someone who loves the latest version of Candy Crush on your smartphones, and your weekends are also blocked with hours playing MMORPGs with your friends. Or do you love playing car racing in the latest NASCAR game? Well, no matter what games you play but one thing is for sure if your games are connected to the internet, then you must use a VPN to maintain your privacy and security. Well, you can also improve your gaming performance with a premium VPN. Now you must be wondering what VPN is. VPN is Virtual Private Network, and it is one of the essential pieces of software that guarantees some extra privacy and security online in regards to computing.

Should you be using gaming VPNs?

The majority of gamers are skeptical of VPNs when it comes to gaming. But now you must be wondering, do you really need one or no? Well, the answer to this question you can get after learning weighing its pros and cons.

1. Stay protected against Against Swatting


Though it doesn’t take place often, there have been some cases reported, especially in multiplayer games, and under these games, gamers became quite furious, and they start stalking each other. If a player gets your IP address, they can also hack your social media channels. Under extreme cases, swatting is done. It is a kind of harassment where a player sends emergency services to another player’s home by calling some fake situation.

2. Avoid DDoS Attacks

A distributed denial-of-service is a type of attack where players send a plethora of requests from compromised systems. DDoS software is readily available today, so the majority of people can perform a DDOS attack against a site. But thanks to Vpn, if a player is trying to DDoS, you can’t track your connection to flood it with unnecessary data because a VPN masks your IP address.

3. Play online from any part of the world


The majority of games have servers in multiple regions and use geoblocking technology to ensure you connect to the server in your area often. When the games are grouped by language as this happens if a game isn’t yet released worldwide. That means if you are in the US, you connect to a server in the US, but if you want to group up with gaming friends in other parts of the world. The Premium VPNs have servers in various regions, so you can connect to a server besides your usual area and pick an appropriate company and connect to your VPN there.

4. Don’t stress about IP bans

The majority of game manufacturers use IP bans which keeps the users away from their game if they tend to violate the terms of service and other rules. There are times when users get IP banned for no reason. Some bans are permanent, while a few are temporary. You can consider connecting via a VPN if you do find you have been IP banned for some reason, as VPN gives you a new IP address so that you can eliminate that ban.

Cons of using gaming VPNs:

  • Legality issue

Some countries ban VPNs for personal use, while some only allow approved VPNs. You must take some time to check before you subscribe to one if you are unsure of the legality of VPNs in your country.

  • Activity monitoring and data logging

Well, you must know that some VPNs aren’t as secure as others. You need to make sure that the VPN you choose has a strict no-logs policy when deciding which VPN you need for gaming.

  • Slower Connection Speeds and Lag

A VPN can ideally increase your connection speed in almost of all the cases if you connect to a VPN server close to the game server. You are most likely to find that your rates are actually slower, and you experience more lag if you connect to a server that’s farther away. You can avoid this condition by signing for a premium VPN.

  • Confusing to Configure:

You may find configuring and using a VPN challenging if you are not a tech-savvy person. To solve this situation, you must choose a VPN that offers a user-friendly configuration.

Some of the best VPN for gaming:


If you are looking for fantastic connection speeds and low ping, a VPN provider that is unrivaled when it comes to speed. It is on our top list because it has a lightning-fast download speed. Besides providing speed, but it will also protect you against DDoS attacks. The servers of NORDVPN tend to take a plethora of attacks without affecting your gameplay. Nord has some of the best to deal with them as no server is immune from DDoS attacks. When it comes to avoiding geo-blocks, NordVPN is also one of the best VPN services. You will be able to access newly released games before they reach the country you are in with an extensive server network that covers at least 60 countries. Hence NordVPN is the best VPN option if you are looking for a budget-friendly option.

2. Expression

A multi-functional VPN that not only features fast speed but ensures your gameplay is free from both lags and any third-party attacks. One of the best VPN providers for online gaming is ExpressVPN because it features an extensive server network. Gamers can connect to one that is close to the game server as there are a plethora of servers to choose from. You can tap into different games or new releases before they reach your country, as ExpressVPN has servers around the world. It also defends your device from DDoS attacks. After each and every session, ExpressVPN doesn’t log user data and stores all data on RAM memory, and it is wiped out.


It is a fantastic VPN for gamers who love a spot of torrenting, and it has dedicated gaming features to increase your gaming experience. One of the best servers because it offers relatively good speeds and ping and ideal for players who don’t want a VPN that will affect their in-game reaction speed. You will get a VPN that protects your data and makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to decipher it by using IPVanish.

One of the best, albeit controversial, online games is PUBG or PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. In certain countries like China and Iraq, the game is banned because it has caused a lot of debate about its seemingly harmful content. A VPN for gaming can help protect you from several security troubles no matter where you play on your PC, a gaming console, or your smartphone. Follow this site to find more suitable options for VPN gaming.

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