How to Gift Bitcoin for the Holidays – 2024 Guide

Another season of giving is almost upon us. Thanksgiving has passed and we are very close to another Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The most wonderful time of the year comes with good spirits, a giving mood, and overall happiness. According to tradition it is the best time to see the people you love and spend some quality time with them. Usually done over a large Christmas feast like a family lunch or dinner, people across the globe come together to enjoy good food and even better company.

The Common Problem with Gifts

There is usually a problem many of us come across during this amazing season of giving. There are more than a few people in every one of our lives, and each of them deserve a nice present. But what do you give them all, and how do you make sure each of them is happy with it? It is quite difficult and we share your struggles make no mistake. The most difficult thing about it is that holiday season is an annual thing and it gets harder and harder to keep track of whom you have given what already! How does one tackle this?

Think Outside the Box


As they say, modern problems require modern solutions. Have you ever thought about giving cryptocurrencies as presents? Digital currencies, mainly bitcoin because it is the most popular and valuable, can be a very good present if you manage to pull it off. It is an investment, it has value, you will be unique among all of the other family members and/or friends, and the person will surely appreciate it even if they are not yet an investor themselves. You do not even have to be one in order to give it as a gift!

You are hardly the first person who wants to do this as many have tried over the years. Truth be told, it used to be quite hard to do this all the way and give somebody an amount of cryptocurrency as a gift. Nowadays, it still takes some work but it can be done more easily. In this article we will tell you exactly how you can gift bitcoin to somebody for the upcoming holidays. Keep reading to learn about it and be sure to check out for more on bitcoin trading.

As Paper Wallets


In order to give bitcoin as a gift, you have to own it yourself of course. However, it also needs to exist somewhere else other than your main wallet. This means you need another wallet into which you can transfer the gift amount. Using wallets is the easiest way of giving bitcoin to somebody as a present, and out of all of them it is the paper wallets that make things as smooth as simple as they can be. It is a physical piece of paper that contains all the crucial info regarding the coins. The public and the private key are printed out and there is also a QR code the gift receiver can scan and make quick transactions. Paper wallets are great for other reasons as well of course, but for giving bitcoin balance as a gift they are quite straightforward.

As Gift Cards


Whenever you have no idea what to gift to somebody regardless of the occasion, a gift card can be a lifesaver. Allowing the person to buy whatever they want or need at their favorite store is the perfect way of showing that you care about them enough not to buy them a wrong gift! Joking aside, gift cards truly are fan-favorites. They are essentially free money/credit you can use for something you like, or save them until something pops up. Bitcoin gift cards exist and they are a very easy way to give crypto to your friends and family. Simply choose the denomination and fill the order on an online portal that offers the service. When the payment is processed, the voucher arrives by email. The recipient of the gift can redeem it at the bitcoin exchange rate at the time they do it. This is the best way to give bitcoin as a Christmas gift to those you will not get to physical see.

As Hardware Wallets


We mentioned paper wallets already, so it makes sense that hardware wallets can also serve this special purpose. These devices look a lot like USB drives or external hard drives, but instead of holding personal data they hold and store virtual currencies. Other than paper wallets, they are the only (and the most secure) way to keep your bitcoin tokens safe in offline mode. Small, sturdy, and resistant to water, they are the best way to protect your investment. All of this makes them perfect to give as a gift to somebody special in your life. They send and receive currency too, a scan camera for QR codes, and micro storage backups. Most new models also support multi-signature transactions. They could be pricey, but they are necessary. Transfer some of your balance onto one and give it away as a gift. The recipient will surely appreciate it.

As Physical Coins


How can bitcoin exist in physical form, we hear you ask, if it is a virtual currency? Well, as a work of art and décor. Physical manifestations of anything can be made in today’s modern world of technology driven artworks like 3D printing. There are many artists available online who design and make collectibles and aesthetically attractive gifts that the cryptocurrency enthusiast in your life will simply adore. They can be made of brass, silver, gold, and anything else really. Most also have special casings, boxes, or display stands. These do not really count as crypto since they have no such value. However, if you are creative, you can combine the main traits of a paper wallet and print it out on a physical coin! How cool would that be? Also, they will certainly have some value if you have one made by a well-known designer, or with precious materials and details on it. Be creative with your ideas and you will do just fine with the gift.

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