How to Find the Best CBD Vape Juice? Guide

CBD vaping is on the rise, with many delicious flavors enclosed in sleek, appealing vaping pens and cartridges. Thus, it’s very tempting for users to buy the first-best vaping device and indulge in the CBD vaping process without thinking about detailed content examination. Many consumers, especially young people, strive to find the best flavor CBD vape juice, which they consider the most important parameter. However, CBD vaping liquids differ profoundly in terms of CBD type and quality, presence of synthetic ingredients, and other chemical issues you should understand.

Thus, when looking for CBD infused vape juice, you need to thoroughly check its ingredients, potency, type of CBD used in the vaping device, and other parameters to protect your health. Remember, CBD vaping can be highly effective and beneficial for your health if done correctly, and it can become a hazardous activity if you choose low-quality vaping juice. So, here we cover all essentials of CBD vaping juice selection to keep you safe.

Pros and Cons of Vaping CBD Juice


Users get attracted to the tangible and quick effects of CBD vape juice, which makes this consumption form highly popular. But is it really safe to use this form of CBD, and what are the bonuses and downsides of this product? Here are a couple of things you should know about CBD vaping before making the purchase.


What makes so many people resort to CBD vaping instead of other alternatives to CBD intake? The most pronounced benefits users cite are as follows.

  • Quick effect. When using a CBD pen, you don’t need to wait for hours until the cannabinoid takes effect and relieves your pain and stress. A long waiting period for CBD edibles’ absorption makes them a suboptimal variant for people with acute pain and stress episodes, while the effect of CBD vapes comes in a couple of minutes.
  • High bioavailability. When you eat a CBD gummy or consume CBD oil orally, you can count only on around 10-20% of the consumed CBD to absorb into the bloodstream. Sometimes these figures are even lower. But things work differently with inhaled CBD, as the lungs absorb it much better. Thus, you can expect up to 50-60% of the inhaled CBD to get quickly absorbed in your lungs and deliver the needed relief.
  • Safe ingredients. Once you double-check the vaping juice’s content and ensure it consists only of natural, safe components, your vaping experience will be safe and healthy.
  • Control over the dosage. Vaping juice producers accurately calculate the amount of CBD, so you always know the amount of CBD inhaled with every puff you make.
  • Discreet and convenient use. Your CBD use may remain a secret from everyone if you want to keep it private. Vaping juice has no odor and dissipates in a second.

Thus, as you can see, CBD vaping is indeed a highly rewarding and convenient experience that leaves everyone satisfied. You can take a vaping pen and take a shot on the go without fearing that an unpleasant odor will disturb people around you. Besides, a vaping device eliminates the need to carry smoking equipment and matches with you, allowing quick CBD administration wherever and whenever you need it.


Apart from the well-marketed benefits of CBD vaping, there are some lesser-known yet very important CBD vape juice side effects you should know before buying a vaping device.

  • Incorrect labeling. The industry has no FDA standards for labeling yet, so it’s only a matter of your due diligence and CoA analysis to identify the components and CBD potency of a chosen vaping juice.
  • Hazardous ingredients. Some manufacturers use synthetic compounds and low-quality raw materials to cut production costs. All these measures are a potential risk to your respiratory health. So, you should check the label and third-party lab results to identify the juice’s ingredients and spot any suspicious additives.
  • Unreliable technology. The batteries often break down or even explode if you treat your device recklessly. Thus, it’s always important to keep the vaping device intact and stop using it if it falls and cracks.

Choosing the CBD Juice Wisely


Whenever you set off on a hunt for top-quality CBD for vaping, keep in mind that not all products are of high quality. Some manufacturers disguise the ingredients or resort to unethical marketing strategies by claiming that their liquids are fully organic and safe. The FDA does not regulate this industry, so brands use a variety of tricks to seduce buyers to choose their products. Thus, it’s your own responsibility to check everything and choose the safest CBD vaping juice. That is why sometimes you should think about make your own cbd vape juice at home.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the list of CBD vape juice ingredients. The safest vaping juice is the one based on propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), though they may also serve as allergens for some users. Check your vaping juice’s label for the following components: pulegone, diacetyl, acetoin, vitamin E acetate, diethylene glycol, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. These chemicals or additives are highly dangerous for the respiratory system, while cinnamon and vanilla are strong allergens.

A couple of tips from pro buyers:

• Don’t buy from unknown brands and dubious stores. Always shop in reputable, well-known dispensaries that value their reputation and won’t risk selling hazardous vaping juices to people.

• Try to find CBD vaping juice sourced from US-grown, organic hemp. If the raw material of vaping juice’s production is high-quality, the risks of poisoning or allergies are much lower than those with CBD of unknown origin and quality.

• Look for the USDA organic label. Products with this seal promise much purer hemp content, as they are devoid of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers that may be present in products without the USDA certification.

• Study the brand’s CoA. Only the full text of a third-party lab test can guarantee that you inhale the ingredients indicated on the product’s packaging. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of your trust in the manufacturer, which often ends in side effects and allergies.

• Strive for pure content. It’s always great to enjoy CBD vaping juice with delicious flavors, but you should mind the chemical formula of those flavors to stay safe. Many vaping liquids come with dubious additives that reduce their quality and cause allergic reactions. Thus, it would be best to avoid vaping juice providers using propylene glycol, glycerin, or coconut oil in their liquids.

• Opt for glass vapes. It’s more common to use plastic vaping devices as they are cheaper. But if you want a refillable, rechargeable vaping cart or pen to enjoy the CBD vaping experience longer, it’s better to buy a glass device. It will guarantee the absence of BPA and aluminum in the inhaled smoke.

• These recommendations work for everyone, regardless of the CBD form you like and the potency of CBD you’re looking for. By following these basic precautions, you can minimize the risks commonly associated with vaping, transforming it into a safe and beneficial experience.

CBD Vaping Juice FAQs


Now that we’ve covered most details of the CBD vaping juice selection, it’s time to answer some commonly occurring questions of current and prospective CBD users. Let’s make the CBD vaping procedure more understandable and controlled for you.

Which CBD Type Is Best for Vaping?

There’s no common opinion about the best CBD type for vaping, as you need to choose the one suitable to your expectations and maturity in CBD use. However, users longing for the most effective and pronounced CBD vaping recommend the full-spectrum CBD form. It comes with the full variety of terpenes and cannabinoids present in hemp and also contains a tiny amount of THC. This mix ensures that you receive the desired pain and stress relief together with a pleasant, stimulating “entourage effect” that many CBD users like.

Which Battery Wattage Is Optimal for Vaping?

The optimal wattage that will give you enough power to evaporate the CBD vaping juice and produce dense smoke is between 40 and 50 watts. Try to find vaping devices with an adjustable wattage to experiment with their capacity and see which one suits your needs the best.

What Is a Safe and Optimal CBD Vaping Percentage?

The CBD vape juice dosage is an important issue that continues troubling CBD users’ minds. However, the rule of thumb (recommendation of the Food Standards Agency in the USA) is not to exceed 70mg of CBD per day. This way, you get a 2ml tank of a vaping device or a 300mg CBD vape.

What Is the Most Potent CBD Vaping Juice?

The standard CBD dose in vaping devices is around 100mg, which results in inhaling 1-2mg of CBD every time you take a shot. Advanced CBD vapes may contain 2-3 times higher concentrations, thus ensuring a much more pronounced effect on users. Still, it’s better not to exceed the 70mg threshold, especially for newbies.

How to Find a Safe PG VG Ratio in the CBD Vaping Juice?

An optimal PG/VG ratio in CBD infused vape juice is 70/30, but some experts recommend using the 50/50 ratio (especially for newbies). Higher PG concentrations can result in greater throat discomfort during the liquid’s inhalation.

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