How to Use Weed Vape Products – Complete Guide

Vaping has been in the news a lot over the last few years. Given the rapid growth in the vaping market this should come as no surprise to those in the know. There has been colossal development in the world of vaping products, with more choice and variety of types and styles than may have originally been envisaged.

How has such rapid growth come about, and why? What are the different vape products that you can buy? How do you use a vape device? These are all questions we are looking to answer for you in this guide to weed vape products, so let’s start by explaining in brief what a vape pen is.

What is a Vape Pen?


A vape pen is just one of the many different types of vape products, yet it is fast becoming the most commonly used. In the early days of vaping the devices used were known as ‘vape mods.’ This was because the originals had been converted – or modified – from other electronic devices. These were bulky and basic, and soon the market wanted more.

A convenient, discreet, and portable example soon arrived and was widely copied. The pen name has stuck for all such portable example although many no longer resemble a pen. There are more powerful, bigger, and sophisticated exampled of vape products – including a cannabis vape bong, which is for use in static locations – but the pen is the most common version of all.

There are different types of vape pen, so let’s talk about those before me move on to tell you how they are used.

Are There Different Types of Vape Pen?

Before we continue and explain the different types of vape pens we suggest you might find it helpful to click for more reasonable and high-quality cannabis vape products online. They are among the most established and respected vape product retailers online. So, back to the different types: there are two main types of vape pens, which are:

  • Disposable vape pens are those that are designed for one-time use and usually come pre-filled with cannabis or CBD oil.
  • Refillable vape pens are those which have a removable container which you can fill with your chosen substance and use over and over again.

Within these categories you will also find mention of dab pens – otherwise known as wax pens or concentrate pens – plus pens for dry herbs, and for oils and e-liquids. The dab pen uses concentrate cannabis wax extracted from the plant in a particular way. This has met favour with many users who find this method more convenient, easier, and less messy, as well as providing greater flavour and improved taste. Dab pens tend to be refillable and the battery rechargeable, which are other reasons for their popularity.

We want to look at the reason why vaping has seemingly suddenly become remarkably popular, as it covers some important points.

Why Has Vaping Cannabis Become Popular?


There are two main reasons why vaping rapidly became popular among cannabis users as well as other substances: the ban on smoking tobacco, and the legalization of cannabis and decriminalization in many states yet to legalize weed. In fact, there are fewer states in which cannabis possession is a felony than otherwise.

The smoking ban came about because it was proven that smoking causes lung diseases and cancer. However, it is not the tobacco that does so, but the burning element. Any burning of any substance creates potentially dangerous by-products, and in the case of cigarettes these are harmful to our health. We’ll revisit this subject before we close, but first let’s look at how to use a vape pen.

How to Use a Vape Pen

Vape pens are simple to use – another reason they are popular – and for this description we will talk about the refillable version. The pen consists of an outer casing – usually in metal or plastic – with a mouthpiece attached. There will also be a couple of buttons to give instructions to the electronics within, plus LED lights to tell you when the device is ready use.

Other components include the removable and refillable chamber. This is where your cannabis goes, whether dry weed or wax concentrate. Note that while there are pens on the market that claim to be usable with both, we recommend that when you settle on your preferred material you buy a pen specific to it. This means there are no compromises.

Inside the casing you will find a battery – often referred to as a 510 battery, which is the size and type of the thread that you attach it to the pen with. The battery powers a small coil or atomizes. This device heats up the cannabis in the chamber to a temperature at which it simply vaporizes. There is no combustion, and that is the essential point.

Some pens come with a variable voltage option. This allows the user to experiment with small increment changes to the temperature at which atomization occurs. This gives the user more variety and can substantially alter the taste and strength. The device will have a set pattern of button presses to activate, and then in a few seconds you have a cloud of cannabis vapor ready to inhale through the mouthpiece.

It really is that simple, and when you have finished that dose, you simply add more cannabis or wax to the chamber. The battery is recharged by USB and can last for many hits before it runs down, and we recommend you buy a spare battery just in case.

Vaping vs. Smoking


There is no medical doubt that smoking is dangerous and vaping inherently less so. Ingesting anything is never 100% safe, but for cannabis users – medical or recreational – vape devices offer a safer and proven way to enjoy weed. If you have yet to try vaping cannabis, we recommend you check out the online retailer mentioned earlier for reliable service and a great choice of quality vaping products.

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