Understanding Weed Strains & the Different Highs Strains Give

Many people think that all weed is the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Depending on the specific strain and its characteristics, one experience with cannabis might make you feel uplifted and creative, while the next allows you to chill out and destress.

The way you feel from the cannabis you consume has a lot to do with your chemical makeup. But the real determining factor is the strain type and whether it’s an indica, sativa, or a little bit of both.

Learn all about different strains and how they affect the mind and body in this complete guide to understanding weed strains.

Quick Guide to Cannabis Strain Types

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If you know nothing about cannabis, then words like indica and sativa probably sound like a foreign language to you. The good news is that it’s all very simple; “indica” and “sativa” refer to the two main categories of cannabis strains.

Knowing whether a strain is indica, sativa, or a combination of both (this is called a hybrid) can give a lot of insight into how you’ll react to that specific strain.

Whether you’re interested in cheap ounces for $99(like these), midrange marijuana, or the high-end craft cannabis strains, knowing the difference between indica and sativa beforehand is crucial. It’s also important to look into things like CBD and THC composition, which we’ll cover more later.

All About Indicas

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First, let’s talk about indicas. Indica strains originate from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Turkey and are characterized by short, stocky, bushy plants with fast-growing buds.

The Indica High

f a strain is labeled as an indica, it will likely create a “full-body” high and induce extreme relaxation. Most people experience an intense sense of calm, while others might have the munchies or benefit from pain-relieving effects.

For this reason, indica strains are best used only at night.

Who Can Benefit from Indicas

If you’re interested in using indica strains for medical purposes, it’s a great option for anxiety and stress relief. Because it can cause some serious munchies, it’s also recommended for reducing nausea and increasing appetite.

Pain relief is probably the biggest reason to turn to indica strains for medical reasons. Highly potent indica strains may give some patients what is called “couchlock.” This is a term used to describe the full-body relaxation that is intense enough to lock you down to the couch for the evening.

All About Sativas

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Sativa strains originate from parts of the world with hot, dry climates and long sunny days. This includes places like Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia, and parts of Western Asia.

In terms of how they grow, sativas are characterized by their long, lanky branches; they can grow as tall as 12 feet! Sativa buds take longer to mature than indica flowers, but they also tend to be larger in size.

The Sativa High

Sativa strains are most well-known for their energizing effects. Instead of a body high that comes along with indica strains, consuming sativas leads to a head-focused high.

This could be an increase in creativity, improved productivity, or even a sense of euphoria and extreme happiness. Because it generally causes a user to be more alert, this is a great option for daytime use.

Who Can Benefit from Sativas

Anyone who wants to feel uplifted or energized can benefit from choosing sativa strains. If you want a creative boost or an enhanced sense of alertness, this is the one to go with.

When it comes to medical marijuana use, sativas are ideal for anyone suffering from depression, lack of energy, or anxiety.

What Is a Hybrid Strain?

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Hybrid strains are strains that have crossed genetics with both indica and sativa parents. A pure hybrid will have a 50-50 balance of indica and sativa genes. But then you can also have an indica-dominant hybrid or a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Who Can Benefit from Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to experience both indica and sativa effects. For example, if you want complete body relaxation but also would love a wave of alertness, a hybrid strain will serve you well.

How CBD and THC Affect the Experience

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Whether it’s an indica, sativa, or hybrid strain, it can have varying levels of CBD and THC. CBD and THC are both cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant. These compounds play a role in the high, or in the case of CBD, the lack of high.

THC interacts with the body in a way that creates a psychoactive high, but CBD does not have this same effect. For this reason, a strain that’s high in CBD but low in THC could be a great choice if you don’t actually want to get high from your cannabis.

Which Strains are Right for You?

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The type of strain you choose to consume ultimately depends on what effect you’re tryign to achieve. Some believe that indica, sativa or hybrid strains are the best choice. This is a closeminded approach becuase each strain has a time and place depending on what you’re looking for.

Those who need to stay busy and active during the day will opt for a sativa most likely. If you’re looking to crash out and watch a movie while eating a pizza, indica is where you’ll be looking. On of the biggest advantages of the legalization of marijuana is the ability to choose.

Closing Thoughts

Before cannabis was legal, people would simply buy what was available without any idea what type of strain it was. As a result, the high and mood it created changed greatly from week to week.

As a result, we’re living in the best time ever to enjoy cannabis products safely. If this is an introduction for you to sativa, indica and hybrid strains; congratulations! You’re now that much more educated to make informed decisions about your using now and into the future.

It’s recommended you continue reading on the topic and finding the perfect strain for the activity. A little knowlege and research in this domain makes all the difference in how you enjoy your cannabis experience in a safe and productive way.

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