How To Evaluate Weed Quality In 5 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

Considering that in some countries the consumption of weed is legalized, and in some, this trend is still not legally approved, it’s clear that fans of this pleasure are forced to find various ways to buy the necessary doses. Some will find a trusted seller with a friend’s recommendation, while others will search online. Certainly, their word cannot be a guarantee that you have got the quality you wanted. The only way to make sure of the quality of the product and to protect yourself from potential manipulations is to arm yourself with the basic knowledge of weed that will help you not to get stuck with some bad products that stink of hay. For a good evaluation, a little experience would also be helpful in this case. If you have had the opportunity to meet better and worse cannabis live so far, then it will be easy for you to prevent the wrong choice.

Still, if you are one of those who is trying to find a good product for the first time, a few instructions can be very useful for you. You can get them from your friend who is more experienced or you can simply continue reading this article.

1. Check the smell


Of course, when buying cannabis, you can’t do a quick lab test. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay for a completely untested product. There is still something you can do.

Begin the evaluation by first smelling the plant offered to you. In case you didn’t know, the smell can tell you a lot about the quality, even though you get the plant in dry form.

One of the basic indicators of well-grown cannabis is the smell, which varies from sweet to muddy. As long as you feel something like this, that’s a good sign.

If you realize that you cannot identify any odor or that the odor is associated with hay, it will be best to give up and look for a new seller because it is most likely of poor quality.

Someone who has a more sophisticated feel, the smell can help him determine even the strain.

2. Check the color

Color is the next important indicator of quality. The next thing you need to do is take a good look at the color. Cannabis can indeed be found in different colors but not every one of them is good for you.

Therefore, you should be aware that brown is absolutely unacceptable and that it would be best to look for green buds. Regardless of the shade of green, of which there are really many and which are diverse, the only important thing is that it doesn’t turn into shades of brown.

Also, try to avoid other shades that don’t look like a product of nature, such as yellowish or reddish.

If the plant has been exposed to strong sunlight, it means that it grew in inappropriate conditions and that your vaping will probably not be what you expect. Such buds are mostly white.

In addition to color, the taste is one of the crucial factors when shopping, and if you click here you can find a lot of interesting ones that guarantee a perfect experience.

3. Pay attention to the structure as well


Speaking of structure, it would be best to compare the two most common strains of weed – indica and sativa.

In this case, we must mention that you can always expect a better structure with indica strains. The reason for this is dense, narrow, and firm buds that are of much better quality compared to sativa buds that are open structures. Also, the sativa buds are much fluffier.

The advice is to always choose more closed structures. The reason for that is much higher quality, but also a much better experience.

This isn’t difficult to verify, and you don’t need to be a great expert to conclude the structure of the plant that is offered to you. Just a look is enough.

4. Check the way they are trimmed

There are other things you can conclude about the quality of cannabis by virtually evaluating the plant. This includes the way of trimming. After a long-term cultivation process, the harvest begins, and then some more details need to be done, such as trimming. The goal is to remove excess leaves around the bud.

The rule requires the elimination of excess leaves by hand pruning. The use of machines for these purposes isn’t recommended so that the plant isn’t destroyed and so that its growth isn’t hindered.

However, in the absence of time and to realize sales as soon as possible, growers sometimes use machines that negatively affect the quality of cannabis.

Poorly trimmed buds that are noticeable are a clear sign of an attempt to speed up the growing process. This means that you will get significantly worse quality than the one you are looking for.

5. Make sure the weed you buy isn’t exposed to pests and mold


The last thing you will want to consume, no matter how cheap it is, is moldy cannabis or one that is a habitat for pests. It is clear to you that in that case there is no chance that you will get the desired quality, but only a stinking plant that will make your vaping experience the worst ever.

The presence of mold can be an indicator that cannabis originated from an illegal market. Simply put, this means that its cultivation is not carried out following the prescribed standards that are mandatory in all countries where this topic is legally regulated.

Molds can be white or gray, and if you think you see something like that on a bud, you may want to think again before you decide to buy.

On the other hand, insects will be detected by their fecal remains. We are sure that you don’t want to smoke this kind of weed, so don’t forget to check this factor in advance.

As you could read in the title, these are really 5 simple steps you should follow when evaluating weed quality. We hope you find these tips useful and take your vaping experience to a whole new level.

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