How to Renew Your L1 Visa IN 3 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

Most of us would not take the opportunity to work in the United States for granted. Like, come on! Who wouldn’t want to broaden their skills, knowledge, and expertise in a place where learning possibilities are endless.

According to Ashoori Law, acquiring an L1 visa is a beneficial way to temporarily settle and, at the same time, earn dollars in the US. True indeed, as when you have this powerful legal paper, you can make the most out of your stay in the country with all the perks associated when you acquire it while learning new abilities for yourself and your career growth. Two birds in one shot, it is.

Overview about an L1 Visa

Acquisition of this particular Visa permits workers that work in a foreign firm to be reassigned to its parent, subsidiary, or branch office in the US. L1 is a non-immigrant visa that only allows workers to be acknowledged and accepted if they are executives, supervisory, managerial employees, or if they possess specialized expertise and knowledge.

L1 Visa comes in two different types: the L1A and the L1B visas. The L1A visa applies to those who are reassigned to the United States company as managers or supervisors. On the other hand, the L1B visa is given to employees with specialized expertise and knowledge that the US company expects will benefit them. The employee must also be employed in the company for at least a year within three (3) years.

The worker will not be held responsible for requesting for renewal of the said non-immigrant Visa. It must be the US company’s initiative, making the employee the beneficiary and the company as the petitioner. Additionally, suppose the worker is at a managerial or executive position in a foreign company. In that case, he can still work in the US company as someone with specialized expertise and skills, and vice versa. It is not required that what positions you were in the foreign company will be the same with the US branch, subsidiary, or affiliate.

How long will your L1 Visa last?

The typical application for a standard L1 visa takes two to six months. But if a blanket approval covers the request, it can only take one to three weeks to be approved. The processing time generally depends on the country from where the requesting party is located.

Visa’s entire validity can last from 5 years up to 7 years, depending on the reciprocity schedule. However, it also depends on what type of company the grantee will be working for. It is either a new business or an existing office in the US. If the company is less than a year operating, it is considered a new business or office, and a unique set of rules is used for that particular application.

For the L1A visa, the initial length of its validity is three years. When approved, the extension is two years, and a worker is allowed to extend only two separate times; thus, the total length of validity for an L1A visa is seven years.

On the other hand, the initial length of validity of the L1B visa is three years, but the extension period is only a year per application. You can extend for only two times, thereby making the total duration of years an individual worker is allowed to be employed in the US company to a maximum of five (5) years.

Quick Guide to Renewing your L1 Visa this 2024

For the L1 Visa to be granted the extension, the employer must be responsible for applying for its renewal. Enumerated below are easy and quick guidelines on how your employer can file for your visa issuance.

1. Find an immigration lawyer.


It is the ideal thing to do, especially when the employer is busy running the business. The application for this document requires experience, strategy, and expertise regarding the US laws. The lawyer will be the one to explain all the vital things there is to know about this non-immigrant Visa. He will also be responsible for giving you a thorough explanation of terminologies an ordinary foreigner will understand. They will inform you about the necessary legal requirements needed for the renewal process. Hiring them will undoubtedly lessen the burden of the employers.

2. Compilation of Documents


It is an essential step in applying for the renewal of the L1. The documents must be complete, no more and no less. All the records required by your immigration lawyer must be compiled so that you can proceed to the next step. The usual requirements are I-129, previous L1 status, Form I-94, and Confirmation Form W-2. A letter of support for renewal or extension is written and signed by the employer is also needed. In this letter, the US employer must state the valid and acceptable reasons why the employee should be granted an extended stay in the US.

3. L1 Visa Application


Right after the mentioned Form I-129 is approved, and all the necessary documents and requirements are complete, you can apply for the L1 Visa. Find the consulate of your country in the US, then ask for the schedule of the interview. If you hired an immigration lawyer, then he can ask or request the appointment instead of you. You will only wait for the interview.

After you are done with the interview, you have to expect the decision for about 2 to 6 months. That is such a long waiting time, so your employer must renew it as early as possible, should they desire to keep you working for their company.


It is an excellent opportunity to work in the United States. You will surely gain so much additional knowledge and experience. However, tied with this opportunity are the legal requirements to make you an eligible and qualified non-immigrant worker there. At this point, we hope that we have guided you enough on how to renew your L1 Visa in the easiest ways possible. We also anticipate that the additional information and details regarding the said Visa we have talked about have shed some light on you. Good luck with your renewal application!

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