5 Tips for Hosting an Active Kids’ Birthday Party in 2024

Children’s birthdays are something that both children and adults rejoice in. Adults, before they start rejoicing at that event, have a very difficult task, and that is to organize it. Nowadays it is not at all easy to organize a children’s birthday. Today, unlike before, it is much more difficult to organize a children’s party. Wondering why? This is because the concept of celebrating birthdays has changed. In the past, the only few things that parents had to focus on were to find a beautiful children’s cake, to find interesting decorations (special plates, cups, spoons or forks, sheets, confetti …), unlike today when parents have much greater responsibilities in organizing such an event.
Today, the organization of such an event requires greater investment. This is because as the years go by the desires of the children become greater, and therefore the possibilities for organizing birthdays become greater. So you can choose between a themed party with animators, a themed party with artists who will draw the faces of children in one of their favorite characters, or a themed party that they will organize themselves, which will be a sign of children’s games. This type of organized birthday party is better known as an active birthday party.

So in the past, this type of birthday party is increasingly popular, both with children and parents. They are increasingly organizing birthday parties during which children are animated and playful all the time which means they enjoy the birthday party they are attending. But parents would agree that it is not easy to organize at all because there is a lot of preparation around it, especially when it comes to the activities that need to be presented to children for them to enjoy. Well parents, you no longer need to think because we did it for you. We bring you 5 useful and simple tips on how to organize a phenomenal children’s birthday party that every child will enjoy. You no longer need to think about it yourself and spend your time because now there is someone to help you. All you need to do is stay in your favorite spot of your home and follow our article to the end because here you will find all the answers that will help you a lot in your next organization of such a beautiful event.

1. Plan the number of children who will come to the party

Source: parentmap.com

Before you start any organization, you need to make a plan. That plan will help you get organized. So at the very beginning of your organizational experience, you will need to plan the number of children who will be present for the party. You will need an undefined number of children to be able to start organizing because you can inadvertently organize for fewer children, and you can also inadvertently organize for more children and it will cost you more money than it really should it costs to organize the event.

2. Plan the games according to the number of people present

Now that you have helped yourself and you have a certain number of people who would attend the birthday event, you can start planning the activities. Next what is needed? You need to know the trends among children, ie what is it that entertains their generation. You will plan the activities accordingly. For example, if you do not know the things that entertain you can organize a party with karaoke, playing the game music chair, games without borders, and if you still want it to be a themed party you can ask for advice or help in organizing from airballingla.com who have a great team that is always here to help parents organize b-day events for their little ones and loved ones.

3. You can call additional animators who will take care of more enjoyment of the games

Source: ricokids.co.uk

If you think that the games, ie the activities you have prepared will not be enough to entertain your loved ones, then we think it would be good to consider hiring of additional persons, ie animators. You can include the animators in the games themselves, ie they can perform the activities together with the children to make the whole party more fun, or you can add them as separate points. Also consider paint artists who can entertain your children by drawing their favorite characters on their faces with special colors designed specifically for children.

4. Get additional children’s props

For the activities to be even more exciting or the place of organizing the party to be even more beautifully decorated, you will need to consider purchasing or renting additional props. Additional equipment includes a trampoline for jumping, skating, or to bring a larger selection of summer equipment that is with water if the event is during the summer and is organized somewhere outdoors. With this step you will enable the children to completely indulge in the fun, to enjoy the moment, and at the same time to enjoy the whole small ceremony that you have organized for them in order to celebrate the birthday of your loved one.

5. Prepare appropriate refreshments in the form of food and snacks for children

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After the big party and after many exciting moments filled with laughter and friendship, it is necessary to prepare a part of the space that will be specially intended for refreshing the children from the game in which moment they enjoyed. For that purpose, it will be necessary to make a small piece that will have a selection of juices, snacks, and foods that they will be honored within the moments when they need more energy to be able to continue with the activities of the birthday party. Make sure you get something that is nutritious, healthy, and free of so many allergens that it is safe to eat for all children.

Believe it or not, after these few steps you are ready to organize the next themed children’s party for your child’s birthday. You are ready to prepare all the activities and all the necessary additional things in order for everyone present at the birthday party to enjoy that little ceremony. Then event manager, get ready and start working, let the children enjoy that great moment!

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