Hosting Your Very First Sober Party – Do’s & Don’ts

Very first sober party? Congratulations! Nervous? Inevitable!

You have no idea how people are going to take it. You are sending out the invitations and waiting for the very first RSVPs. The biggest fear of it all is definitely no one showing up. You are skeptical about calling the catering or getting the bulk ingredients to cook!

So, you are back to the universal answering destination, the internet. You have reached the right place if a long browse has led you to this excerpt. Not only are we going to discuss the pros of such a party, but guidelines of dos and don’ts to how you can make this encourage more people to come, and make it a success.

Fair Warning! Not everyone will be on board, and some might even mock your situation. The trick here is to concentrate on those who have shown interest and make it enjoyable.

Before we get into the Dos and Don’ts, let us first understand why there is a positive impact on such parties.


Benefits Of Attending & Hosting A Sober Party

Here are some of the benefits of hosting a sober party which you will be delighted to know:

  • They encourage people to minimize Friday night drinking.
  • You can always be there late at night and enjoy non-alcoholic beverages, even on weekdays. You are well rested since you won’t be waking up with a hangover. Plus, some non-alcoholic beers do promote good sleep. Thus, a win-win!
  • It is a comfortable and safe environment for people who are either out of a sober program because of their alcohol addiction or those who are having a hard time quitting.
  • There is less chance of people losing control and acting unhinged under the influence of too much alcohol.

If this was convincing enough for you to start your very first sober party tradition, then here is how you are going to proceed with the arrangement and invitation. Go to this website.

Do’s Of Having A Sober Party


Here is what you should do before hosting a sober party this weekend!

Do Get Great Food

Generally, people attend weekend parties to blow off some steam. Which means they will need any form of entertainment. If you cannot offer the haze of alcohol, offer them the adrenaline of good food.

No matter the mood, or the day they have been dealing with, nothing can compare to good food melting in your mouth and knowing you do not have to pay for it. This is the illusion you want to give your guest. Intoxicate them so much with the delicious aroma of good food, and they do not worry about not having alcohol anymore.

Do Have Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Do not just depend on great food to liven up the party. Arrange some refreshing non-alcoholic bitters and tonics as well. There are a plethora of advantages over normal soda drinks or mocktails.

  • You have a variety of options to choose from, including whiskeys, beers, and wines.
  • One can drink as many as one without alcohol, and even the calorie count is much less than a normal beer.
  • There is no time of the day to enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage; one can do so during a morning garden party as well.
  • No hangover when you wake up the next day.
  • The smell is quite similar to alcohol. Therefore, your olfactory senses are often tricked into thinking it is alcohol. Making your neurotransmitter gives you a healthy dose of dopamine.

If these are not convincing enough to order your first batch of non-alcoholic chardonnay, then we do not know what else will.

Do Have Exciting Games

Games like bingos, darts, beer pong, and foosball are not only excellent ice breakers, but they can distract your guests perfectly from the fact that there is no alcohol. Yes, there is a little pressure on entertainment because you cannot let them get bored.

Alcohol used to be the only medicine for boredom; now, we might have to get a little creative for the sake of our health.

You can even arrange for a projector which can project something interesting for them to watch. It could be an exciting movie, or you can go for an easy one like a game. That can catch anyone’s attention quite easily.

Don’t For Your Non-Alcoholic Party


Now coming to what you shouldn’t do if you want people to join your very first non-alcoholic party.

Don’t Skip It From The Invitation

Doesn’t matter if you are worried about people’s judgment or the fact that they wouldn’t be joining; you cannot omit this information from the invitation. It would be even worse when they come to the party and find out about this tiny detail.

You will be the cause of much irritation that evening, and you certainly wouldn’t want that when you are trying to do something good.

Put the ‘Sober Theme Party’ in big, bold words on your invitation! Then allow your guest to have the right judgment call.

Don’t Be Too Entitled

Yes, you are certainly doing a great job by giving a space for sober people to have fun without having to worry about their drunk friends. However, it can be an element that gets carried away. For example, trying too much to educate people as to why they shouldn’t be drinking and joining your sober party.

Get this; you do have to be an advocate for people’s health. They are well aware of what they are drinking and what they should do.

Invite them cordially as a new tradition, not as an entitled person who somehow claims to know more about the adverse effect of alcoholism and why everyone should take a stand.

Do encourage, but don’t force!

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