How to Make a Gaming Channel Intro Video in 6 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

Being involved in video blogging, or being a YouTuber, has become an occupation like any other, from which many people make big money. All topics have their audience, but the channels that deal with gaming, make up and sports have stood out. Gaming is perhaps the most popular topic because there are so many different video games and everyone has their favorite. If you are one of those who decided to create your own gaming channel, congratulations, you have made a big first step towards success. But the competition is so fierce, that attention must be paid to every detail. You will most likely focus all your attention on the content of your videos, as well as on editing them, and you will forget about one small but very important detail. And that is to make an intro video for your gaming channel. How to do it in a few easy steps, read below.

What is intro?


This is the first thing everyone will see when they play any video on your channel. This is the first impression you will leave on others and it is very important. Think of it as when you leave a first impression among new colleagues or any group of people. As short and superficial as that first impression may be, it often leaves a long-term impression, which one may never change about us. In this case, it is important that someone immediately knows that they are watching your content, and not someone else’s, and that you stand out that way. The intro should last only a few seconds, and a maximum of ten seconds. What you will present in those few seconds will have a very significant impact on your gaming channel and on the brand you are trying to build.

Easy steps for creating it

1. Determine the duration

First you need to decide what the duration of the intro will be, in order to decide what it will look like. As we have already said, it should never be longer than 10 seconds, because due to lack of patience, many people can already then give up watching and turn off your video. On the other hand, it should not be too short. When we say too short we mean one or two seconds, because then you will not be able to present your channel the way you want. So it is ideal to be about 5 seconds long.

2. Design what it will look like


You need to design the look so that it reflects the niches of your channel, which is gaming, and so that your brand is displayed as best as possible. If you need ideas, look at other channels with the same content, but of course don’t copy anyone. You have to be unique to attract attention, so just look to get an idea. By now, you should already have a logo, in order to better incorporate it into the intro. You have to keep in mind that the logo is one of the most important things for creating brand awareness.

3. Use template

Video editing is a very complex thing and you probably don’t know it well enough to create an intro in the right way. Don’t worry, there is a solution to that. There are many sites on the Internet, such as, where you can find a template just tailored for what you need. You don’t need to have any knowledge about video editing, it’s just up to you to implement your logo and other ideas you have in that template. In just a few minutes and with a few clicks, you can get any design you want.

4. Add sound


The short sound that will accompany intro can be very useful and as soon as someone hears that sound, they know that it is a video from your channel. Remember the famous intro from a company that makes sports video games, EA Sports. In just a few seconds you hear the famous pronunciation of the company name and you see the logo. It is very simple and short, but so effective. You can imagine the ES Sports logo as soon as you hear the intro. Think of a short music sequence or words by which you will become recognizable.

5. Add effects, photos and text

If you are completely satisfied with what you got from the template you used, you can skip this step. But if you want to add something more to your intro, then now is the time to do so. These can be different effects, which you can also find ready for use, on the Internet. It is important that they have something to do with gaming and not to be something random. Then you can add another photo as a background or additional text, with your logo. It is also important that the intro is not overcrowded with various effects, photos and text, because then it is counterproductive. It must be simple and effective at the same time.

6. Check everything one more time

Before you insert this intro at the beginning of each of your videos, it is necessary to check what it will look like. It may look great as you create it, but once you put it in a video, you may not like it. This is a common case and people usually change a few intros, before opting for one to use permanently. He lets someone else look at what you did and says he likes it. It is best to be someone who is familiar with the world of gaming and who regularly watches famous gaming channels on YouTube.


Now that you have made the intro with the help of these few simple steps, don’t forget one more important thing. Make a closing part where in the last 10 seconds or so, you will have something similar to what you have at the beginning with the help of intro. Here you can leave a link to your social media profiles, write when you will post the next time and make fade out using your logo.

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