Galloping Glory: Unravelling the Thrills of India’s Horse Racing Scene

India’s horse racing scene is not new. History talks about the kings and royalty of ancient Bharat racing animals. Even today, horse racing and camel racing in Rajasthan are common entertainment for millions of fans.

But the age of technology and the internet have given Indians the opportunity to indulge in a whole new avatar of betting on horse racing. You can now sign up for this activity on any of the top betting websites like Khelraja, Betway, Bet365, and more.

Wait, There’s More!!

When we talk about modern-day India’s horse racing, it isn’t like conventional derbys. Although these prestigious events continue to be organized at specific times during the year, horse racing can be enjoyed during all the months. Also, you don’t need to travel to the locations to visit racing avenues. Instead, enjoy betting with just a few clicks of the button on your mobile phone. At any given time, hundreds of races are in progress.

You can log into your favourite gaming app, select the horse that has the best chance of winning, and bet on it. The mobile app gives you instant access to bookies or bookmakers, and you can enjoy the fast-paced thrill and excitement that is very similar to the real thing.

The application itself is engaging and interactive, with superb graphics, attractive color schemes, and hi-def images. All of these effects are enhanced by exciting music that adds to your enjoyment.

Horse Racing Has Gone Virtual

Horse Racing Has Gone Virtual

Contemporary horse racing isn’t restricted to real horses, derbies, upper-class viewers, and betting amounts in millions. Instead, the entire virtual game is run similar to most other video games and is supported by advanced computer algorithms. You can watch the games on your mobile screen, iPad, or laptop.

Users who didn’t know better can be easily convinced that the race and the horses in it are real. Several race meetings are organized round the clock with well-known names familiar to most gamers–very much like live India’s horse racing.

On logging into the app, you can open the page where the races and competing horses are listed. You’ll also see a screen where the actual race is taking place, complete with the commentator talking about the progress and the horse that is performing the best.

They also count down the seconds to the end of the race, adding to the thrill and excitement. The race is over within minutes, and you’ll know if the horse you backed won or lost. If you picked a winning horse, the amount you bet is quickly calculated and credited to your online account.

There is a time lag of two minutes between each race, so you can quickly move on to the next race and place a new bet. However, do remember that since these are not real horses, you don’t need to look for value from specific runners. But, just to add an element of suspense, horses may stumble and fall, much like in real life.

There are no form cards, nor are the results recorded. It’s just pure fun and games. So, don’t be surprised if the next race lists the same horses. Only the odds will change.

How Virtual India’s Horse Racing Works

How Virtual India’s Horse Racing Works

Virtual horse racing works much like your slot games or online poker and roulette. The online app is driven by a Random Number Generator (RNG), which is a blend of complex algorithms. These apps are designed to spit out a combination of random results each time they are run. Accordingly, they will have the ball land on a random number in roulette. Or, reveal a random combination of dealer’s cards during poker.

Similarly, the algorithm picks a winning horse from the number of runners on the field. Typically, the number of racers may range from 6 to 12 or higher, depending on the specific race. The RNG assigns odds to each horse, and that’s its chances of winning the race.

The favourites have higher chances of winning, while the odds may drift for the racers with a lower chance. However, since the race is run on software, there’s no real way to predict which racer will win. Results are delivered in a split second.

In real life, you can read up on the horse’s breed, performances in past races, lineage, and any other factors that can help you predict the winner. Not so with India’s horse racing virtual games. Although the streaming software gives the race a realistic look and appeal, it is all about special effects. The odds are completely random and only designed to enhance the viewer’s enthusiasm.

India’s Horse Racing Apps Are Software-Driven

India’s Horse Racing Apps Are Software-Driven

When you start to search online, you’ll see a whole selection of websites offering you virtual games and sportsbooks. This sportsbook section will list a selection of games like football, cricket, rugby, baseball, and basketball. Unless you see the term “virtual,” expect that the games are real and played by live players.

However, virtual games are software-driven and created by game developers. The platforms rent the games from the developers, which is why you may note familiar graphics and horse names.

The most important factor to remember is that these applications are only designed for enjoyment, to be played on the go, just as you would any other game. The only difference is that you’ll bet real cash, which is why you should be careful about the amount you bet. Never chase your wins or losses since it’s easy to get carried away. Also, remember that the game is designed to make profits for the site owners who benefit from the money players lose.

Playing India’s horse racing games is a fun activity. But, you should view them for what they are–an entertainment option. Bet on horses, enjoy the thrill of the race and move on to the next. Just keep a close watch on the money you’re betting and practice responsible betting. Enjoy!!

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