Top Horse Racing Video Games

Anyone who follows the actual horse races would be well aware of the excitement and thrill involved in the entire activity! The modern-day technology has advanced so much that the same kind of excitement can also be experienced vicariously through videogames today.

And for people who also actively bet on the outcomes of popular horse races like the Cheltenham Festival, Grand National, etc., there are simulation versions available of each one of them which can help you pick the right horses at the time of placing wagers.

In addition, you can also make use of promotional offers run by reputed bookmakers, such as the AmWager promo code, to make the most of your punts. Here in this short article, we will acquaint you with some of the popular horse racing videogames that are actively played by a great multitude of horse racing fans.

Gallop Racer

Although it might take you back in time a bit, Gallop Racer continues to be counted amongst the best horse racing themed videogames to have ever been created. It was originally targeted at arcades and is a type of game that requires players to spend a little bit of time with it initially. Once you know your way around the game, it can deliver hours of non-stop fun.

The game is set inside a place called Gallop Racing Square, a theme park where you are allowed to create your own horses and make them race. It’s a surprisingly good game to learn a lot about the sport and the industry.

You’ll learn plenty of different aspects of horse racing and also how to read racing stats. Hence, it is excellent for anyone new to horse racing, as it will help him/her get well acquainted with the sport. There are different editions available based on the players’ skill levels.

If you would like to play virtual horse racing games for real money, check, one of the most famous horse racing betting sites for GamStop customers in the United Kingdom. There you can play vitual horse racing games and switch to real ones with live streaming.


An online horse racing themed game, RaceClubs puts you into the shoes of racehorse owners, including the richest kinds! You’ll be training, feeding, and racing horses during the actual race times. As you play this game, you will learn different skills involved in creating champion horses and will also improve your own racing skills, apart from many other things.

The game makes you assess the performance-level of every horse in your stable, and do all things needed to improve their fitness. You will also need to determine their ideal category as well as the track surface. On offer are cash prizes, trophies, and championships.

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G1 Jockey

A popular video game that has been praised time and again for giving fans the ability to get the jockey’s perspective on horse racing, G1 Jockey was created for multiple platforms including Nintendo Wii. There are career modes and quick training modes provided in the game.

However, the actual differentiator is how it helps players develop a keen eye when it comes to learning the horses’ characteristics and devising strategies for races. G1 Jockey puts you into the shoes of the jockey and tells you how the actual world of horse racing works.

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