Different Forms of Fantasy Sports

Anyone who loves fantasy sports already knows all about what’s so great about this particular pastime – as well as the one or two aspects to it that are less great. Sports lovers love projecting themselves into their favorite games in ways that merely watching them on TV or even live just doesn’t quite cut it.

Fantasy sports allows for fans to take a more active part in games and can be a particularly wonderful way to connect with similarly minded fans.

What those who don’t regularly engage in fantasy sports may not know, though, is that there are actually various modes of gameplay. Here are a few of these

You would have already heard about Monkey Knife Fight –

Rapid Fire

A popular form of sports fantasy gaming is called Rapid Fire and it provides a light-hearted and easy alternative to those hardcore fantasy games available out there. What really works in its favor is the fact that it keeps the average consumer at the center of the entire experience. In essence, it’s a novel platform that has proven to be an excellent alternative to the other daily fantasy sports and gives people a chance to actually win something.

The best thing about Rapid Fire fantasy sports is that it has leveled the playing field for everyone, enabling them to compete, regardless of their sports knowledge. It has done so by making it possible for players to play against the house rather than other players. One of the latest platforms for Rapid Fire is known as Monkey Knife Fight and new players can avail a Monkey Knife Fight bonus code at the time of signing up!

This is a game type that has been there in the fantasy world for quite some time. You get a certain amount of player combinations against each other. To give you an example, Jared Goff would be up against Tom Brady and you’d need to predict who finishes the maximum number of passing yards.

Then you will need to predict the highest number of receptions, receiving yards and rushing yards between other player combinations too. Get them right and you will win well-deserved prizes, varying based on the chosen rapid fire. There might be some wherein you are allowed to miss one from two sets, then others where you’re not allowed to get even one wrong from five.


This is quite similar to the popular over/under the form of fantasy sports. This game type involves over or under figures for a certain player. For instance, Julian Edelman would have 89.5 as the set receiving yard marker; and you’ll be asked to pick over or under that figure. Please note, this game type might have different versions for different sports.

Fantasy Sports
Fantasy Sports

Star Shootout

This is a games category that might have a different name across different sports, depending upon what’s on offer. For instance, in the case of NFL games, there is Reception Connection involving picking 3 players reaching the target goal set for receptions.

The three different target goals become harder in their difficulty level, but also offer bigger returns. It’s up to you to choose the tier you’d like to beat, implying that even if you go with the first one, but end up beating the third, the prize money will be based on the first tier only.

Fantasy Challenge

Fantasy Challenge is the game type for you if you are strictly after fantasy points. It gives you a chance to select three players which will accumulate a certain number of fantasy points. The aim is to try and beat a pre-set number. You can win from three prize tiers, with difficulty levels going up. It’s mandatory to choose the tier before submitting it.

Really, though, these are just a few of the best forms of fantasy sports. They are a particularly great place to get started, though, if you’re dipping your toes into it for the first time.

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