#4 Undeniable Reasons Why I Believe Final Fantasy 16 will be a Blunder

Today we have RPG games, like PUBG, Apex Legends & Fortnite. Although these games were released in recent years, all of them were inspired by a game that’s ruling this gaming genre from the last 32 years.

Can you guys make a guess?

It’s Final Fantasy I’m talking here.

The 1st ever edition of this game was released way back in 1987, whereas the 15th edition (previous) was published on July 2, 2019.

That’s just the necessary info. & BTW, I’ve not written this post just to share some facts already available on the internet.

I’m here discuss the future of Final Fantasy gaming series.

What’s next? Will there be Final Fantasy 16 & if yes, how will it be?

Hold on…. I’ve all your queries & I’ll clear them out one after the other.

Okay. Now, let’s break out the upcoming release

When Final Fantasy 16 is finally Releasing

Without creating any kinda confusion, I’ll come straight to the point.


Final Fantasy 16 isn’t coming anytime soon. If you’re interested in playing this game, you’ve to wait for the official release of Sony’s PlayStation 5 & Microsoft’s new Xbox.

Besides, as of the now, Square Enix (Makers) have shifted their focus on the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Which BTW will release on April 10. 2024. The slated release is planned to be released in instalments.

Recently on twitter, the official page of Final Fantasy 7 remake released the very 1st artwork. You can check it from below:

Now, here’s a task for you.

Compare this concept artwork with the one (Final Fantasy 7) released way back in 1997. Let me know your views.

What do you think? Which one’s better? You can let me know your views in the comments section.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 & Microsoft’s Xbox Release Date

Now that I’ve revealed the reason why Final Fantasy will not be released in 2024. Don’t you want to know when Sony & Microsoft will release their next-gen gaming console?

If you do, then you’ll be glad to know that both these consoles are expected to release during the 2024 holiday shopping season.

And this might be the right time for Square Enix to release a much-awaited game Final Fantasy 16 video game.

Note – The release is not confirmed yet. So, don’t get disappointed if these gaming consoles do not release on the anticipated date.

If by any chance, the game did not release along with PS5 or Xbox console, Square Enix will lose Golden Chance of getting an organic promotion.

Final Fantasy 16 Trailer

Did you like this 4+ minute trailer?

Well, if you did, then the joke is on you?. Square Enix never released an official trailer of Final Fantasy 16.

It was just a prank.

Check out the release date of the trailer. It’s April 1, 2019.

Today, this prank video has garnered close to 3.4 Million video views. When this video clip was released, even I got trapped in their prank.

But then I realized the video showcased designs of several characters.

Genuinely speaking, I liked this video package & hoping to see a similar trailer of Final Fantasy 16 (whenever Square Enix releases it).

Expert Opinion: What if Final Fantasy 16 is not Released?

This year I’m turning 40. This doesn’t concern you.

All I mean to say is I’ve played the games of Final Fantasy gaming series from the last two decades & during this time, I’ve noticed some typical behaviour.

The first thing is, Square Enix has never announced a Final Fantasy game or released the teaser until or unless they’ve developed 50% of the game.

Let me give you an example:

It was the release of Final Fantasy X. Square Enix announced the game in 2000 & by next year, July, it was released in Japan.

However, they began development in 1999.

Secondly, Square Enix takes too much time to release a Final Fantasy title. Let me give you another example.

In 2006, makers announced Final Fantasy versus 15. 7 years later, they renamed it to Final Fantasy XV with the only intention to modernize the existing production.

After three years in 2016, the game was officially released by the makers. So, Square Enix took ten years to release the 16th edition of the Final Fantasy gaming series.

That’s a bad reputation of a leading gaming company.

If they continued the same behaviour with Final Fantasy 16, nothing in the world could save this game from failing.

BTW, that’s not a prediction; it’s a spoiler.

4 Reasons Why I Believe Final Fantasy 16 is Destined to fail!

It’s heartbreaking to see the way makers are handling Final Fantasy 16, & that’s sad, especially for all the fans who have followed this gaming series after Final Fantasy X.

In the previous section of this post, I gave you all a spoiler. Now, I’ll explain them with proper reasoning.

So, let’s begin:

Reason 1

The generation gap.

At the beginning of this post, I reminded you, Final Fantasy franchise is 32 years old franchise.

And that’s my friend is the 1st reason why I believe the upcoming final fantasy game will fail. This generation gap can lead to both the older & newer fans scratch their heads.

So, be it for some older fans or newcomers, the Final Fantasy franchise is gearing up toward its end.

Reason 2

The 2nd reason why I believe Final Fantasy 16 will fail is that its turn-based (which in some way is discriminatory).

It’s one of the main reasons behind the divided fan base. Some users like it & some don’t. So, whatever the makers decide for Final Fantasy 16, turn-based or not turn-based, some section of the fans is not going to like it.

Reason 3

Ok. Let’s assume Square Enix releases Final Fantasy XVI as a turn base to make a specific section of fans happy.

But what if this turn base isn’t innovative the way the fans anticipated it. That was the same problem with the earlier versions of Final Fantasy 12 & Final Fantasy 13.

BTW, I do agree turn base system can be useful. I’ve seen this myself in FF2-FF10.

But with Final Fantasy 16, the chances of having an innovative turn is very thin.

(It’s like getting blood from a stone?).

Reason 4

Final Fantasy XVI will not be a newcomer-friendly edition. To date, there is an intense battle going on in deciding which Final Fantasy gaming edition was the best.

The primary competition is between FF1-FF10.  In some way, the opinion of old comers might influence the newcomers in not joining the latest version of Final Fantasy 16.

In short, I think the fans will kill the final fantasy franchise with the release of the 16th edition of the game.

That’s all about my opinion, :'(. What do you think about this? Do let me know in the comments section given below.

Frequently Asked Questions | Final Fantasy 16

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Final Words

As of now, the release date of Final Fantasy 16 is UNDEFINED. But yeah, one thing is sure & that is we’re getting Final Fantasy 7 remake. And even if Final Fantasy 16 released down the line, the chances of it getting a success look quite bleak.

Wha do you think about this? Would you play Final Fantasy XVI, if it’s released in the future? Do let me know your views in the comments section given below.

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