Why do Players Love to Play Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI can be described as a revolutionary game that has managed to attract a plethora of players from all over the world. For more than two decades, the developers succeeded in producing interesting content, therefore, players didn’t give up on it for a long time now. Even in 2024, we can say that this game is doing alright for itself.

Plus, we’ve witnessed a couple of expansion packs that provided players with a lot of new, interesting content. It’s needless to say that it doesn’t have the number of the player as it had a couple of years ago. But that doesn’t mean it’s not popular. However, there’s a solid number of them who are loyal to this title for a high number of years, and this is what matters.

For those who are not aware of this game at all, it should be said that we are talking about MMORPG, which means that it provides the players with an opportunity to compete against others from all over the world. One of the most important reasons why this game is still so popular is that there is a lot of new content from time to time, as we’ve said. Plus, there are small features you can buy.

Even though this game that’s not as popular in the Western hemisphere, as it is in the East, we can see that its name is pretty well-known all over the world. Despite some bad choices developers made during the game’s long run, we can see that many players still enjoy it very much. Now that we know that, let’s take a look at the reasons why it is still popular despite numerous other games that followed.

1. A Plethora of Playstyles and Classes

Source: wccftech.com

Different from many other RPG or MMORPG games that like to keep it simple with classes, we can see that Final Fantasy XI has a lot of them. Sure, it has all the classes that are characteristic for all RPGs, like Paladin, Warrior, Dark Knight, Ranger, etc. Furthermore, we can see that it has other ones, like Black Mage, Summoner, Monk, Bard, Ninja, Scholar, and many more. Besides these classes, there are four different roles you can update for these, Ranger Magical DPS, Melee Physical DPS, Healer, and Tank.

These four can be updated on a character. Also, we can see that we can shift between different classes by making a selection of your weapon. This type of flexibility is what makes it so much fun. Not only that you will be entertained by playing with only of character, but you will also always try to play with some new ones. Plus, there are a plethora of different strategies and tricks you can try out. So, the game itself offers much more than you can see at the first sight.

2. Exceptional Design and Graphics

Source: cgmagonline.com

The developers behind Final Fantasy XI are true geniuses. With every update, they managed to reach new heights. Especially when it comes to the design of characters and overall graphics. When talking about audio, we can see that they’ve managed to achieve something truly exceptional. There aren’t many games that can say that you can be sure of that. Having excellent voice acting is something that many titles didn’t manage to achieve. Plus, the soundtrack is an exceptional one.

When you get familiar with the world of Final Fantasy XI, you will have an insight into all the things that this game has to offer. Since we are talking about a plethora of different things, you can be sure that it would take quite some time before you can notice all the important things. One of the best things about the design of this game is how the characters look. Without any doubt, we can say that Final Fantasy XI pushes the boundaries of a gaming experience. Final Fantasy XI will provide you with a lot of these moments, you can be sure of that.

3. Players Can Earn

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We bet that most of our readers are not aware of the fact that you can earn money by playing Final Fantasy XI. We are talking about real money. This is done by selling items in a shop called Eldorado. In case you are interested in checking it out, check here and inform yourself about it a little bit better. Even though it can be said that this is not exclusive to this game, it should be said that Final Fantast XI is one of the games that introduced this concept a long time ago.

Eldorado is a website where you will be to trade or sell your items with the utmost security. Plus, you can be sure that it has proper delivery-time tracking. Furthermore, it has 24/7 customers support just in case there is something that you are not sure about. So, you can see that there are a plethora of additional things that you can do while you play this game. We truly believe that this is one of the highlights of this game.

4. Huge World

Source: pocketgamer.com

Last but not least, we would like to point out that Final Fantasy XI has one of the most impressive worlds of all the open-world games you’ve witnessed. There are countless quests you can take participate in. Furthermore, there are a lot of bosses you can fight to claim some updated items. Also, it represents an easier and quicker way to update your characters. Plus, you can cooperate with other players by creating a group or just by accompanying them on a quest they are interested in completing.

Not only that you will be able to participate in numerous different quests, but you will also be able to witness some of the greatest moments in the modern world of video games. So, you can be sure that you can see a plethora of impressive things that you’ve maybe didn’t witnessed if you are not the kind of person who doesn’t take pleasure in playing open-world games, both MMORPG and those who are not MMORPG.

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