6 Tips to Plan Your Wedding in DC for 2024

All couples planning a wedding have the same goal – a perfectly planned ceremony. However, the perspective of multi-month planning seems very tiring when you make a to-do list. That list includes the reservation of places, agencies, experts, etc. This list is also constantly checked and so you are constantly coming back to some things, correcting them and then planning again and so on in a circle. Don’t let this drive you crazy, because it’s still a wonderful occasion and place.

When you decide to get married in Washington DC you have many reasons to stay positive and focused on the most important thing. This is definitely your wedding plan. No matter what you decide, you need to make a wedding planning calendar so you know what and when you need to do certain things.

If this doesn’t work for you, you need help. In order for you to be able to plan your special day and finish all your obligations on time, we have made a list of tips that can mean something to you. Keep reading and find out all about it.

1. Get acquainted with the law

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So, before you start the big preparations, it would be best to get enough information about the place where you are planning the ceremony. That way you will know what you need to make this day go perfectly and the way you envisioned it. So it would be best to find out more about what you need to get married in this place.

First of all, it refers to the marriage license. When it comes to DC, the most important thing is to fill out this application with the help of a marriage bureau. You can do this in pairs or on your own, however you choose. As for the documents that you should have with you, you need to have personal documents such as a driver’s license, passport or similar.

You must also be informed of the permitted age for marriage. When it comes to DC, the minimum number of years is 18. It will cost you a few tens of dollars with some additional costs that will not cost you more than 20 dollars. If you have already been married, it is important that you have this documentation with you.

2. Prepare witnesses – or not?

If you are not sure if you need a witness, we can help you with that. So you don’t need a witness in DC to get married. For this ceremony, it is enough to have two of you, but only if you want to do it out of court. You should also ask for your marriage license before the wedding, because you will not be able to do everything together on the same day.

3. Decide on the type of wedding

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In addition to the fact that each ceremony is a unique scene, there are different types of weddings. If you are unfamiliar with this, you need to know what it refers to so you can continue planning. So, there is an outdoor or indoor, rural or urban, glamorous or simple… As you can see, there are a lot of factors that influence the choice of type.

However, it is necessary to decide on a certain model so that you can plan everything else more easily. When you decide on your type, you can relax. Then you will determine almost everything accordingly.

4. Choose a date

You don’t have to rush with this. Take enough time for you, as much as you need and plan your big day. You should not solve things like this in a hurry unless it is really necessary. You will also enjoy the overall planning more and you will not be under stress. Keep in mind the fact that good decisions are made only with cool heads. Either way, decide on the season first.

You may find this decision much easier if you have previously decided on the type of wedding. For example, if you have decided to have an outdoor wedding, you will surely choose a warmer month. The same thing is with indoor weddings, etc. In any case, think about the theme of the wedding. For example, you may be thrilled by the thought of winter magic or you may still be attracted by a few seasons. However, when you decide on a month, you will easily choose a fateful day.

5. Choose the perfect location

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The place you choose in DC will describe your wedding. Remember that this is one of the most important items when it comes to planning and that the whole look of the ceremony will depend on it. You also don’t have to decide on just one place, and the great thing is that Washington DC really has a great choice.

It can be a location in the National Mall where you can choose from several fantastic places. However, each place has a time limit of approximately one hour. You must also have a permit. On the other hand, if you are for a more classic ceremony, you can choose some popular restaurants or bars depending on the number of guests.

6. Plan how you will record your most important day in life

Of course, almost all couples have photos from their wedding. However, make sure they are magical! You will only achieve this with the help of a good photographer. So keep this item on your priority list when it comes to commitments. Explore all possibilities to the end and decide on the best one.

There are also some tips that will be of great use to you when getting perfect photos. In addition to having to hire a professional which you can find at www.partyslate.com, make a list of the shots you want to have. It would be good to think on time and if you are taking group photos be sure to tell everyone to come at least 20 minutes early.


We hope we have helped you make a fantastic plan that will work in the end. If you start the whole process on time, put the stress aside and embark on planning adventures, it will not be hard for you. However, if you are traveling to get married in DC, use it to the end. You can’t leave without visiting at least 3 museums that will surely delight you.

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