6 Examples Of Contemporary Wedding Fashion Ideas – 2024 Guide

FMost couples want to make their wedding meaningful and memorable, and modern-day wedding magazines and bridal shows are usually a good source of inspiration for that. They help countless grooms and brides turn this traditional ceremony into something that’s distinctly their own.

If you’re looking for a contemporary theme that’s chic, modern, and elegant, here are some ideas to try so you can take an interesting and unique direction for your special day:

1. Exotic Flowers For Bridal Bouquet And Decorations

The traditional wedding bouquet is typically made from roses or carnations. However, contemporary wedding styles don’t follow the norm and use other exotic flowers as part of the bridal bouquet and decorations.

The range of exotic flowers available has increased dramatically in recent years, meaning that it is easier than ever for you to find the perfect flower combination to create your dream garden ceremony or garden wedding. There are many different types of exotic flowers available, including lilies, tulips, and many others.

Exotic and tropical flowers are gaining in popularity for many modern weddings. Orchids are one of the prettiest and most creative flowers available for every bride’s big day. Calla lilies also make a fabulous choice and can be added as the focal point of a bridal bouquet.

If you choose to use a florist to make your bouquet, be sure to check their experience in handling weddings and their range or products. The Bouqs wedding services offer some of the brightest and freshest flowers you can use for your upcoming nuptials.

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2. Minimalist Wedding Dress

Gone are the days that all brides want to wear a ball gown at their wedding. Although an intricate gown with a long train will attract the guests’ eyes and make the bride the center of attention, a ball gown can be inconvenient and uncomfortable, especially when the wedding is during the hot summer months. Because of this, more modern brides are choosing to go minimalist when it comes to designing their wedding gowns.

A minimalist wedding dress can be both classic and elegant. It can look gorgeous with an off-the-wall neckline or with a fitted bodice. There are also no rules about how long your sleeves can be or what type of neckline is most appropriate. For a more modern look, you can choose a sleeveless dress with a v-neckline. The lack of sleeves will draw attention to your shoulders.

Many brides choose to wear a sleeveless A-line dress with a full, long train. This not only draws attention to the gown itself but also to the bride’s svelte figure. The train does not need to be long; it can be short. In fact, most modern brides don’t even wear trains and choose to go with more attention-grabbing accessories like headdresses and flower crowns.

Most brides also choose to wear a different dress when they go to the reception. Many designers offer two wedding dress designs that are complementary. Some also offer a more modern alternative: a two-for-one dress. This type of wedding dress is also called a convertible dress. It’s much more economical option for brides who want to wear two different looks for the ceremony and the reception.

3. Non-White Wedding Dress

There was a time not too long ago when a wedding dress was either white or ivory. However, more modern brides today are choosing a different color for their wedding gowns. Wedding dresses don’t have to be white to make the bride beautiful. More designers are changing their perspective in creating contemporary bridal gowns, and the color is one of the things they’re experimenting with.

Some brides chose to wear elegant black wedding gowns, and some chose red. For the summer season, brides can choose a whimsical color like pink or yellow. It all depends on the style and the preference of the bride. If you’re unsure about the design of a non-white wedding gown you would like, you can visit bridal websites or participate in bridal expos.

4. Mismatched Bridal and Bridesmaids Dresses

Source: blueprintregistry.com

You might be used to seeing bridesmaids wearing dresses that match the chosen wedding theme. If you want to have a more contemporary wedding, you can choose to have mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses.

You can find a lot of inspiration online. For example, you can let your bridesmaids wear floral gowns, but in different colors. You can also let them wear dresses in different prints. The possibilities with this trend are endless, and it looks good in pictures as well.

5. Monochrome Palette

A minimalist and simple approach defines contemporary weddings. Most wedding planners would tell you that the easiest way to embrace the current and contemporary is to use a monochrome palette. Monochromatic color schemes use a single base hue and extending it by using different shades of the same hue.

One of the most popular monochrome palettes used in weddings is black. Many weddings are using different shades and tints of black like grey and pair it with white to complement the color.

6. Minimal Decorations

Source: weddingbells.ca

To cap off the minimalist style of contemporary weddings, many couples also choose to go with minimal décor. Although decorations are one aspect that makes the wedding stand out, more modern brides tend to choose locations or receptions where decorations are no longer necessary.

For example, outdoor weddings would not need many decorations since the surroundings already make a statement. Some couples choose a simple beach wedding where the blue waters act as the backdrop of the celebration.


Contemporary weddings are currently trending with its minimalist and non-traditional styles. More brides don’t choose to have roses in their bouquet and find orchids or calla lilies more beautiful. Aside from that, minimalist wedding gowns or non-white dresses are also a top choice for the modern bride.

Minimal colors and decorations are also on-trend. Today’s brides typically choose one color palette like black or grey and accentuate it with white. As many contemporary weddings are being held outdoors, there’s a reduced emphasis on wedding décor. Instead, couples take advantage of the beauty of nature to create the perfect backdrop when they tie the knot.

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