Final Fantasy Characters: Ranked From Worst to Best

The Final Fantasy is a popular game series from the RPG genre. It’s so popular that it has several spin-offs, side games, and main series. The game is made up of several distinct RPGs, which makes it possible to break down the Final Fantasy characters and their abilities into stats.

You may encounter action, strategy, or any other RPG, but eventually, it’s all about numbers of Final Fantasy characters. The Final Fantasy characters are unique, but the protagonist in the game is the strongest one who leads the party, the central story of the game is based on him.

There are various editions in the series. However, each game conducts its combat style, which makes a strong protagonist character from one game utterly weak for another game. The skills and abilities of a protagonist may not be suitable for different battlefields.

There are many Final Fantasy characters, and some are set characters, whereas you can also create custom protagonists. However, while making this ranking list, we decided not to include custom characters and those who are only playable for their edition.

So we decided to rank the Final Fantasy characters by combat skills. The ranking includes worst to best protagonists. If you’re a fan of the game, let’s see the Final Fantasy characters and the ranking list.

The List: Final Fantasy Characters and Ranking

The Final Fantasy characters in the list are ranked from worst four to best four. Keep that in mind, let’s start the list with four weakest protagonists first, then we will see which are the best characters.

4 Weakest Final Fantasy characters:

Benjamin from Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest is one of the most hated games from the series, and Benjamin is the protagonist of the game. He doesn’t get much respect even from the loyal fans of the series.

Despite being the protagonist of the game, he gets ignored whenever crossover happens in the game. Even Ariana Grande got a place in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, but poor Ben didn’t.

The fact that he can get to only level 41 is the reason he’s an utter disappointment as a character, his health points can’t go beyond 2,000, and let’s not even discuss the weak stats he has. That’s why we place him at the bottom.

Ceodore Harvey from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Ceodore Harvey is another weak protagonist from the list, and he is from FFIV: The After Years. This character is similar to his father, Cecil. Others can easily defeat him. While his father can at least stand in the combat for a while, Ceodore can’t even do that.

However, Ceodore has one single skill called Awaken, which heals him and doubles the stats, but not for long. When our weak leader runs out of the power of Awaken, he gets reduced to the single-digit hit points quickly.

Awaken is only useful if he had equally good stats from the start. Ceodore is below average compared to other party members, except his Speed.

All in all, the Awaken ability of Ceodore is suitable for a few rounds. After that, he becomes a harmless puppy.

Marche Radiuju from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The tragedy with Marche Radiuju from Tactics Advance is that he’s used only because the game forces the players to use him. If we discuss his contribution to the combat, he doesn’t offer anything at all. He doesn’t even get access to top jobs from the game.

Marche is also infamous for forcing his friends to return to the real-world. He pushes his friends to go back, who were living their dreams in Ivalice.

Luso Clemens from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire Of The Rift

If you are surprised by Marche’s uselessness, hold my beer! Marche is a polarizing game character but at least he at least brings some moral debates around his actions, but Luso? No. He’s the epitome of disappointment.

He’s nowhere in terms of likeability, and he is so dull that people even forget his existence during the discussions. He is so slow that his character doesn’t also motivate the player to win.

Now, let’s talk about his skills. Well, his abilities are limited to combats, not spellcasting. He can perform only home jobs, but you can choose options like Parivar and Seer from the list

4 Powerful Final Fantasy characters:

Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2

Had Yuna been selected as the protagonist of FF X, she would have been the number one character of this list. She has the extraordinary powers of Aeons of Spira. Yuna has Gunner as her Dressphere, which allows her to perform over twenty attacks, making it easy to do damage of 9999 hit points with every single attack. She uses Trigger Happy and CatNip while attacking.

Yuna can harness an infinite amount of Elixirs and Mega Phoenix with the help of the Alchemist Dressphere. She gets increased stats with Mascot Dressphere, overall making her an unstoppable character.

Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII

The third most powerful character has to be Squall Leonhart from FFVIII, he has access to Lion Heart Limit Break, which appears similar to Omnislash of Cloud. The Limit Breaks are essential for victory in the game, making them a useful asset. Squall can easily pull off multiple Limit Breaks during the game. If your character is under the influence of Aura spell or low on health, it’s easier to access Limit Break.

The ability to pull off dangerous Limit Break in any round makes Squall a compelling character.

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII

The Omnislash is the weapon that Cloud Strife has access to, and he can easily pull off a powerful Limit Break in the game, which can cause severe damage. Cloud’s access to Materia gems gives him skills like Final Attack and Phoenix Combo.

Knights of the Round is the Materia that is regarded as one of the fantastic spells in the game. The unique combination of abilities makes it easier for Strife to survive attacks in the game.

Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy has undergone many updates since the release of the game. How the game is played has changed too. Noctis Caelum is the top-most character as per us, as the Ring of the Lucii’s power increased with the incoming updates.

The Ring of the Lucii is enough to destroy all the enemies with one attack, and then you can roam around the world without any struggle.

Final Words

The Final Fantasy characters have unique abilities and stories around them, making them special despite all the flaws. If you know any other powerful or weak character, drop their names in the comments. Don’t forget to share our article with your friends and family.

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