One Punch Man Manga: Top 5 Reasons to Start Reading the Manga

Anime and manga fans are on the hunt for quality content all the time. However, rarely does it happen that both find content with remarkable manga and anime adaptation. One Punch Man manga is one of those many mangas that have successfully achieved appreciation of critiques and affection of fans.

The One Punch Man manga is considered as a high-quality manga that came out the last decade, and the author is none other than ONE. Initially, One Punch Man started as a webcomic, and quickly it attained immense popularity that made it into a successful anime and manga.

The show so far has completed two seasons. However, fans gave mixed reactions to the recent second season due to the ending. That said, it’s still a must-watch show. But is it the same about manga, well yes and let’s see five reasons you should read One Punch Man manga.

Top Ten Reasons to Read One Punch Man Manga

It’s Hilarious!

If any superhero manga becomes too dark, it loses its charm, and this is where this manga separates itself from the lot. The series has taken a unique path of embracing the oddity of the genre, events, and characters – bringing the fun factor to events.

The protagonist Saitama himself is very calm though, even during the battles with supervillains, and that infuriates his opponents. But what can he do either? His opponents can’t also stand up to his mega punches, thus he’s always calm.

The reaction of Saitama to any situation itself is enough for laughter. He’s unique character and manga has managed to capture the humorous element quite well. If you are looking for a superhero and humor combo, this manga is for you.

It’s Action-packed!

Now those who are a sucker for some adrenaline-pumping action should not be worried about it. This manga provides you with all the ‘punches’, and it’s all destruction, punches, and bones shattering during the action.

The author has taken care of the scale of action in the story. And it is enough to satisfy the desire of the reader.

The single punch of Saitama can spread across a couple of pages, while it’s in motion, it tells us a story from the arc. The details of violence can quench the thirst of action-purists.

While the comic has struck a balance of violence and humor, it should be noticed that when a fight starts, it’s a pure bloodbath.

The Character Design

One-Punch Man Manga
One-Punch Man Manga


The characters are what breathe life into any manga or anime, and if they aren’t designed in the way to make you feel anything, it’s a failed affair. The design of characters is why One Punch Man manga is such that it makes the reader feel them.
Let’s take Saitama; for instance, he has the plainest expression of all, but that shifts our focus towards details of events occurring around him. The mechanical workings of Genos are shown in brilliant ways.

The cherry on the cake is the portrayal of villains in the comic, and it has villains that are impressively designed. The villains come with muscular, super-massive bodies, and some come with tentacles and even pincers.

The design work of these monsters is a hefty task, and the way artwork depicts these monsters, the details of destruction it captures is an impressive feat for this manga.

Perfect Artwork

One-Punch Man Manga
One-Punch Man Manga

The One Punch Man has perfect artwork, this is not the case with other mangas though, if you compare them with their anime counterparts. Anime counterparts can also do brilliant artwork; season one of anime itself is proof of that.

Though the feat achieved by Murata is that he managed to bring out artwork that’s more expressive and aesthetic if compared to the anime version, you can notice that in the climax scenes of the manga.

The simple way to see it would be a punch thrown at someone in the manga and compare the same in the anime scene.

The best thing about manga is the artwork. If you have a great story, but characters are dull, and artwork is trashy, it will ruin the fun of printed manga. The artwork is like the soul of the manga.

The manga has its humble origin in the webcomics. Still, if we compare the trio – webcomic, manga, and anime, the webcomic was the one with the not-so-appealing artwork.

But if you start reading the printed manga, you will see the real perfect artwork by maestro Murata. The artwork detailing will make you bow down in respect for the artist.

The real challenge for a manga artwork is to depict the action scenes in the most detailed manner, which this manga managed to do.

No Waiting

The last thing about reading manga is that you won’t run out of reading material. If you are new to One Punch Man world, we recommend you to start with manga, as binge-watching two seasons will be finished in a blink of an eye.

Then you will be waiting for the studio to drop a new season. Meanwhile, manga can be read with your pace, not to forget the immaculate artwork you get to see.

Final Words

Well, we have just told you five big reasons to drop every other plan and start reading the One Punch Man manga, besides who knows when this COVID – 19 pandemics will stop. It’s better to stay at home and understand the manga.

Before you start reading, share this article with your friends and family. Once you finish a few chapters, tell us how the experience was in the comments.

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