How Do You Investigate a Cheating Spouse? – 2024 Guide

Suspecting that your spouse is cheating on you is a painful thought. Your partner is supposed to be loyal to you as you both promised to share the rest of your lives. But sometimes, it doesn’t work like that. Life happens, and it stings when you find out your spouse is betraying you.

So, if you’re also suspicious of your partner and want to be sure of their faithfulness, it is time to collect solid evidence. It is emotional torture to put up with their lies and stay awake for countless nights, unable to get rid of the repulsive thoughts.

But before doing something about it, we suggest asking yourself the following questions. It is so because you have collected no evidence yet. If you are wrong, it will have serious consequences which will affect the rest of your life. Here are the vital questions to ask yourself:

  • What led you to think that something is going on in your spouse’s life?
  • How long have you suspected your companion of cheating on you?
  • What have you done so far to handle or amend the issue?
  • How much has it impacted you so far, psychologically and physically?
  • If you don’t take any step right now, how will it influence you in the future?

When you are ready with the answers, it is a chance to move on to the next step, taking legal advice to verify your suspicions. However, before doing any such thing, it is plausible to do a little peeping on your own. Here are a few tricks to find out if your companion is being unfaithful:

1. Inspect their Smartphone


Mobile phones are our most personal possessions that we carry wherever we go. Today, their usage has hiked tremendously as the world is witnessing a major digital transformation. These circumstances have given people a plausible excuse to use their phones all the time, allowing the cheating spouses to have an affair with no one doubting them.

We understand you must be a little hesitant about checking your partner’s phone, but being on the phone is one of the most obvious signs of a swindler. Many cheaters even use a different number or mobile phone to carry out their infidelity smoothly.

If your companion is also on the call all the time, here are a few critical red signs to look out for:

  • Their smartphone lock or PIN has been changed now.
  • They doze with their smartphone underneath their cushion.
  • They visit other places while attending specific calls.
  • They speak in a low voice and look at you while speaking.

If their smartphone displays notifications on the lock screen, note specific email addresses or call numbers you don’t identify and run an investigation later. You can take the help of SQPI, a private investigation agency to keep an eye on your adulterous partner.

2. See their Browsing History


If you don’t have a permit to your cheating spouse’s cell phone, no worries because the computer will do the same work for you. You can review their browsing record to find out what websites they see often. If they are frequently using dating websites and social media more than before, it is a matter of concern.

Another red sign to look out for in a computer is deleted browsing record. If you notice your partner clearing the record every time after use, they are hiding something. To stay away from suspicions, instead of deleting the whole browsing history people only clear certain pages.

So, if you notice your partner running searches while on the computer, but there is no record to support it, it is time to do something about it. You can either confront them straight away or wait.

3. Start Maintaining a Journal


Taking mental notes of your partner’s activities can be hectic as you might miss out on critical facts. So, we suggest you maintain a journal to write all the crucial details such as suspicious phone calls, their frequency and timings, unexplained ATM or card activity, and trips.

If your spouse takes more time than usual to carry out even a minor activity, like withdrawing money, going to the nearby store, or taking a phone call, something is fishy.

Another essential point to note is that wrongdoings are usually financed with coins. So, if you notice more stack of cash than usual in your partner’s pocket, take a note of it in your journal. You can use these recorded details later on to run a thorough investigation.

4. Never Go Against the Law


No matter how furious or sad you are about your partner being unfaithful to you, never break the law. It is so because, in a majority of the countries, the law protects individual privacy. So, if they caught you investigating them, you might end up behind the bars. But don’t worry, there is another option.

Before doing any activity that may disrupt their privacy, you can pursue lawful assistance. Professionals will guide you and tell you when you are going against the law. In their company, you are unlikely to do something that allows your spouse to take legal action against you.

So instead of relying on the net to scrutinize your mate, do things lawfully. You don’t want to disclose yourself to a lawsuit, right?

Final Words

You might have every reason to believe that something is going on in your partner’s life. But it is also equally possible that they are not comfortable sharing the problem or want to keep you out of it. Or, they are taking some time and consulting other people before opening up to you. So, maintain your calm and avoid coming to conclusions with no proof.

However, if you are tired of them lying to you every day and notice changes in their phone patterns, appearance, internet usage, work routine, intimacy, and bathing habits, take a note of them. These are green signals pointing you towards their infidelity.

We hope we have helped you investigate a cheating spouse!

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