5 Advantages for Kids Who Grow Up With Dogs

Anyone who has a dog as a pet can confirm that their pets adore people who are their friends. To such persons they show pure love and attention. However, sometimes not all people are well-meaning, but that is a different story. The point is that all children are well-meaning, wonderful and deserve all the love and attention from their pet because they only know how to provide that.

Given that these are such spiritually pure beings as children, today’s fast-paced world has imposed the need for early prevention. The most important prevention refers to the younger generation, when the kid is still small and when it is necessary to work with him. Then the question often arises, for example, whether it is wise to raise children with a dog at home. Yes, this is a great thing to socialize them properly from the earliest days.

Apart from socialization, the relationship between a dog and a kid has numerous advantages, and you will be able to read some of them in the rest of the text. Generally speaking, the relationship between a kid and a dog is full of good things that positively affect the child’s psychophysical development. With the help of pets, they acquire important skills and become better people.

1. Responsibility

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It is very important to teach them responsibility even during their youngest days. However, then they are too small to understand exactly how life works. Sometimes we have to work hard to bring this concept closer to them, and we have to work even harder to get them to adopt it. This life lesson is learned slowly and gradually, and the dog is a great model when it comes to responsibility.

Caring for a dog does not only mean petting, taking to wlak, etc. This is a very serious job considering that the quality of his life is exclusively in the hands of the owner. When you explain to children what their role is as an owner and show them how to take care of a dog, they learn something very important. In this way, they participate in education and develop the ability of empathy and compassion.

Also, they learn something equally important, but also the most important lesson in life – how to take care of themselves. Through responsibility, they gain self-confidence. It will be real happiness for a kid when he manages to feed the dog on his own for the first time, without doing it properly and not spilling anything, for example. In addition, there is a dedication as well as discipline. The kid will also learn what the reward means, because he will learn when to treat the dog for something he has done well. Visit ultrapetshop.com to see all available dog treats.

2. Better immunity

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Numerous studies prove that pets strengthen immunity. The reason is very simple, and known to many. So, too clean an environment in which a kid spends a lot of time during his youngest days is not good. It is not good precisely because in that period they form the immune system, and it must first of all be resistant. Since it is an almost sterile environment, immunity does not have the ability to build resistance and so the kid ends up as a very sick person with weak immunity.

On the other hand, a dirty environment is one big no. However, many doctors recommend a slightly messier living space. What it means? This means that it is recommended that they stay in the environment of animals with their bacteria, etc. So, if you have healthy pets, it would be wonderful to introduce them to your kid and not prevent their interaction for hygienic reasons.

3. Better developed intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is, like any other, necessary for a person. On the other hand, underdeveloped emotional intelligence in early childhood can lead to major problems in a child’s growth. They can become emotionally unstable, very labile and the possibility of various mental problems opens up.

Of course, all this can be prevented if they have the predispositions of a healthy person and if we work carefully with him. However, one more thing that can contribute to better work with a child, and that is a dog.

Aware that he is unconditionally loved, he finds it easier to face challenges and unpleasant situations. After all, is there anything more valuable than the security and serenity offered by a faithful and devoted friend? In this way, the child will overcome the stressful situation easier every time.

4. More games and activities

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Children need to be provided with as many diverse activities as possible in accordance with their interests, needs and abilities. In all of this, the game is a big deal for them. Through play, children learn, have fun and acquire many useful knowledge. Among other things, in this way they acquire experiential learning as the most practical style of acquiring knowledge.

Due to various activities, children connect with many people who participate together with them, these are mostly parents or their peers. However, experts also recommend contact with animals, and it is mostly a dog. You can probably hear everywhere how important it is to spend time in the fresh air.

Well, dogs require walking, running and playing. They are always in the mood for various activities in the sun and fresh air. Following them, the child is always on the move. You can be 100% sure that they will not take him to the candy store, but to the park. For those living in the Louisville area, keeping these outdoor areas clean and hygienic for both pets and children is essential. This is where services like poopsquadlouisville.com come in handy, offering professional cleanup to ensure the parks and your backyard remain pleasant for everyone’s enjoyment.

5. Therapeutic effect

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Dogs are great friends in any case, especially those children with various forms of mental retardation, for example with autism. Then their friendship has a therapeutic effect. With the help of various programs, you can find therapy dogs. These are specially trained dogs that are trained to encourage developmental processes in children or in young people who have developmental difficulties.

So the question arises whether a dog needs a person more or vice versa. However, such dogs have a good effect on various aspects of children’s development such as sensory-motor, socio-cognitive, etc.


Dogs are increasingly present in our lives. We cannot get rid of the fact that animal protection societies are becoming more active, volunteers in abandoned dog care centers are more engaged than ever.

In this way, a pet can bring only positive things to the home with children when it comes to their growing up. Certainly, the child will behave in his attitude towards the dog, just like in everything else. That is why he should be offered an adequate example to follow.


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