5 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Pets for Apartments Than Cats

You have probably been asked at some point in your life whether you are a dog or a cat person. Even though many people love animals, there is always affection towards one of these species. However, if you need to live with one and you are not sure which option to choose, you need to consider some factors. In order to help you, we prepared a list of things why dogs are better pets for apartments than cats.

1. Dogs Adapt Better to Change

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Cats are very sensitive when it comes to their environments. Also, they do not like any changes. Instead, they like routine, safeness, and peace. On the other hand, all dogs tend to accept the changes easily, especially if their owner feels good about them. Dogs really can sense their owner’s feelings and they can accept anything if the owner acts normally towards it. Therefore, they are calmer in the face of significant changes to their lifestyle.

When someone comes to visit you in the apartment, you should be aware of the fact that you need to pay attention to how your pet will react to your new guests. When it comes to introducing new people, cats will need more time to adapt. In fact, they are probably starting to run and hide in other rooms. Meanwhile, dogs will welcome your new guests with tail wagging and sniffing in order to meet them. This also counts for any new thing that comes into your home, whether it is new furniture or something else. Also, if you are planning to move to a new house, a dog will automatically adjust to it. This is because dogs tend to have more trust in their owners. Therefore, they will accept anything that their owner accepts.

2. There are not going to be Litter Boxes

One of the biggest advantages of owning a dog than a cat in the apartment is the fact that you will not have the litter box inside your home. In general, even cat lovers and owners do not love litter boxes. The reason for this is very simple – no matter how well and often you clean it, it will always have some unpleasant odor. Logically, the odor will probably be going to spread all over your apartment. It is impossible to find the right place to put the litter box in a home and prevent the odor from spreading. However, dogs do not need those litter boxes because they all do outside. Best of all is that dogs can wait for you and stick to a schedule when it comes to this. They can use a yard or finish everything during the walks.

3. More Control Means Less Destruction

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If you already had the cat in the past, you probably know one thing about them – you can never control them. All of the cats are going when and where they want to. Also, they jump most of the time where they want to jump and scratch what they want. This means that they can damage your furniture, knock down your lamp, or do something else destructive in your house. Unfortunately, they will not listen to you and they will not come when you call their name. On the other hand, dogs can behave very well and you can be absolutely sure that nothing bad will happen if you leave them alone in the house. Moreover, you can be sure that your home will be safe and secure. It is much easier to train a dog and they will listen to you always. In fact, a stern voice when they do something bad will have a lot of power over your dog. They will learn what things they should not do. Also, dogs will listen to your directions and come every time you call their name happily.

4. Training Dogs is Easier

It is impossible to train a cat, however, you can easily train a dog. Even cats that are stimulated with food will eventually get tired of training and walk away. On the other hand, dogs enjoy training because it seems to them that they have some purpose. Most dogs love to work and to serve their owners, therefore they are considering training as a job. Additionally, dogs are very motivated by food and attention. If you spend a lot of time with them and give them love, they will appreciate it and they will listen to you. Also, they will be more than happy to sit down, give you their paw, lie down, or roll over in exchange for a delicious treat. Dogs feel very proud when they do some good job and when the owner praises them. Dogs enjoy exercise and mental stimulation and training help them in that. That is why dogs are more suitable for apartments.

5. Dogs Can Protect You

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One of the biggest advantages of having a dog in the home is definitely their natural sense of defending you. Cats do not have that. They will probably run and hide when they feel trouble or something bad. On the other hand, all dogs will instinctively try to protect you and the territory. If they are faced with danger, they will bark to alert you and to scare the intruders. Dogs also have the ability to sense fear and they will react even if they sense that their owner is scared and threatened. Therefore, if you are looking for a pet that will enable you to sleep peacefully and feel safe and secure in your own home, the dog is right for you. Dogs will not think about themselves when it comes to facing a dangerous situation. They will always protect you and your home.


Dogs will bring so much joy in your life and many happy moments that you will remember. Even though having a dong in an apartment is a better option, there are many tasks you will need to take care of. That requires additional education in order to complete your tasks as well as possible. if that seems like a logical thing to do, we strongly recommend you visit this site and get all the necessary information about dog fences and other relevant stuff.

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