Leaked : ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel

What Game of Thrones Prequel Titled ‘Bloodmoon’ is all about?

The first spinoff series of Game of Thrones seems to have its official title: Bloodmoon. Through the Internet, fans are now theorizing about what that name might imply about the series.

HBO has ordered a pilot of Bloodmoon, one of three series derived from Game of Thrones still in development. It is reported that the show is a remote prequel, which takes place at least 5,000 years before the main series.

Previously, author George R. R. Martin said that his favorite title for the series would be The Long Night, since it would be established during the end of Age of Heroes, and will talk about the first attack of the White Walkers against Westeros. However, he later clarified that this was his own pet name and HBO had not accepted it.

The series went by the code name

Once the production started, the series went by the code name Bloodmoon. At first, the fans assumed that this was only a temporary shorthand, but in recent weeks has begun to look like a more serious competitor for the title. The Watchers on The Wall fan site even got a production sheet that shows a logo for Bloodmoon, implying that it could be here to stay.

While it may seem out of place for casual viewers, the Bloodmoon title is actually congruent with many themes and images of Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. If it is the permanent title, you could tell us a lot about where the program is going.

The Games of Thrones prequel title is Bloodmoon or, at least, that’s what we’re being led to believe. Game of Thrones has previous for protecting spoilers and secrets with CIA-levels of security and sleights-of-hand, so don’t be disappointed if that proves to be the case once again.

 It’s already conjuring up pictures of sprawling Gothic castles and nasty beasts lurking beyond the pale light in the distance. Plus, with George RR Martin already in cahoots with From Software for the development of Elden Rune, it acts as a nice callback of sorts.

The Main implication of the Bloodmoon title for a series of Game of Thrones prequels.


Stamped at the top of a production sheet, it features the words staggered on top of each other, separated by a long spear. The second O in “Blood” lines up with the first O in “Moon,” and they contain a kind of mirrored image of gradient horizontal lines, the only difference being that the lower O has no outline.

Final Words

For many, this is an impressionistic representation of balance and fractal symmetry. It speaks of Martin’s dualistic themes in the Song of Ice and Fire, which literally concerns the war between the existential forces of life and death. The two round shapes also imply the importance of a literal moon, and perhaps celestial bodies in general. This is an aspect of Martin’s work that the original show never explored too deeply, yet it could open up whole new realms of Westerosi magic if showrunners choose to explore it.



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