Cesc Fabregas Reveals the Secret Behind Lionel Messi Success in Game

Lionel Messi came across a long way to deliver his best and became one of the top football players of the world. According to Cesc Fabregas, Lionel Messi is “more complete player than ever.” Facts told us that both the players grew up playing with each other in Barcelona’s youth academy La Masia. They know each other from the age of 12.

What Cesc Fabregas Observations?

Before their reunite at the club in 2011, Messi has won various titles like Three Champions League tags, two Baloon d’Or trophies, and five La Liga tags. Despite winning Messi widely concerned with his game according to Cesc Fabregas. And he feels like nobody other than him can know his game better.

I believe in the physiological fact of Cesc Fabregas because when you know someone game as his co-player, you can easily catch the plans and movements done by the specified person. Fabregas said that “That’s the thing the Leo, he reinvents himself season after season.” What do you think regarding this statement?

As per my judgment, he wants to say that Lionel Messi learns something new from every game and try to avoid making the same mistake in the next game. The total number of 52 goals in the previous season by Lionel Messi impressed Fabregas very much. In 2014 as a caption of his country flag, Lionel Messi has to face problems when they lose from Germany. And the reason for this loss was just a goal-to-nil after extra.

Sepp Blatter statements

After this FIFA President Sepp Blatter revealed a shocking thing that “Messi was his own harshest critic, even in the immediate aftermath of the match.” According to him, Messi keeps talking to himself while saying “The best but not the champion” after this match.

It’s hard for his fans to believe this fact, but this is one of the truths of Messi’s Life. This means he blames himself whenever his team loses a match or championship under his captaincy or leadership. It is not a good thing, but Lionel Messi uses this for his game-changing process. He practices harder every time and comes with a new version of Lionel Messi.

A Fan’s Perspective

Lionel Messi shows a new game every time in every match. This makes him unique in all the players, and also he is one of the football players who are loved by people. I believe that Messi is one of the football player of the world who has numerous fan pages on social media. Also, there is a cut to cut comparison between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both the players are compared by fans on the terms of their game. But most of the time its Messi Magic which work on his fans.


I am also one of the huge fans of Lionel Messi and if Messi magic also works on you then tell us what you think about him and his game. And even your thoughts on his game improvement or improvement process.

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