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Blogging is a great way to make money online. It gives you a chance to earn a passive income while developing your creative skills. Moreover, it is relatively easy to start a blog.

There are a lot of web hosting service providers to help you start, host, and manage your blog. You can check out Hostinger who offers a user-friendly control panel and 24/7 professional support to help you build your blog efficiently.

Generating income from blogging is possible with the right strategy. If you already have a blog, consider your blog’s current state and where you want to be in the future to help you decide which monetization strategy to choose.

This article will discuss five ways to monetize your blog, such as displaying ads and becoming a freelance blogger. Let’s get started!

5 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

If your blog has steady traffic and a solid community, below are the options you can consider to monetize your blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission for marketing other people or a company’s products. There are several steps to start an affiliate marketing scheme, from choosing a product to promote, to complying with the legal requirements and best practices.

Furthermore, you can also consider joining an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are additional sales channels for big companies. Generally, all you need to do is sign up for a program, get a link, incorporate the link on your blog, and convince your readers to click it.

Consider the companies’ acceptance and business criteria and your niche when choosing the right affiliate program. For example, if you’re a travel blogger, affiliate programs from and Agoda might be a good fit for you.

Below is an example of the Agoda Affiliate Partner dashboard page. After you sign up, the website will ask you to add your personal details, manage your site, and fill in your bank information.

2. Display Ads


Joining advertising networks such as Google AdSense and Monumetric generally means you sell them advertising space on your blog. These networks have advertising partners who need to show their advertisements to specific audiences, such as your blog’s readers.

Consider the different pricing models and your blog’s audience size and engagement before choosing an advertising network. Types of pricing models include Cost Per Mille (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per View (CPV), Fixed-Rate, and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Other things to think about are the quality of the advertising network’s advertisements and technology infrastructure, including its special features and user interface. These are crucial to help you get the best experience from joining their network.

For instance, Google AdSense is popular because it is relatively easy to set up and has a customized advertisements feature. Below is the Google AdSense “Sign Up” page. The next thing you have to do is activate your account and wait for approval.

3. Be A Freelance Blogger


Generally, a freelance blogger generates money by writing blog posts for clients. You can also consider providing other services, such as keyword research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content writing.

You can start freelance blogging by publishing quality content and implementing SEO on your blog. This way, your blog showcases your expertise in blogging to your future client.

Furthermore, you can also consider looking for freelance writing and freelance blogging gigs on Upwork and Fiverr. You may also need to create a portfolio and send your pitch to a job advertisement’s email address.

A portfolio may attract more clients as it shows your capability and professionalism. Having a steady number of clients on freelance websites like Fiverr is essential because it may help you get featured on the first page of your specialized gig.

4. Sell Products And Services To Your Readers


Having a loyal audience allows you to sell your products and services. You can start developing your products according to your audience’s preferences. For example, if you focus on education, you can consider selling video tutorials or online courses.

Using Google Analytics can help you see your audience preferences by showing which content is getting the most traffic and engagement. After you have your products and services, try to center your content exclusively on your blog, and create helpful content for your readers.

Consider creating an option for people to sign up for your email list. This way, your readers can expect more helpful and exclusive content by signing up for your email list. Note that it is crucial to connect your product offerings with your blog content.

Adding a “Shop” page on your blog can also be helpful. Using a “Shop” page to display products makes it easier for your customers to check them out. You can make a “Shop” page manually or by using WordPress plugins such as Shop Page WP.

5. Flip Websites


If you’re good at building a website and driving traffic to it quickly, websites are the perfect way to make money online. In a nutshell, website flipping is simply reselling a website. The key here is, that the better the website, the higher the price. For more ways to make money online, you can find it at

Here are some markers of a good website that can be sold for a considerable profit:

  • It has a great design – the website follows the best web design principles and offers a great user experience out of the box.
  • The website has a high domain authority – you won’t be selling just the website’s files, but the domain that comes with it too. If you manage to up the domain’s authority, you’ll be increasing the price of the site.
  • Established traffic – if the website already has a steady flow of monthly traffic that you earned from careful SEO operations, link building, and on-site optimization, that will definitely allow you to add a higher price tag for it.

If you can start up a website and establish these three quality factors quickly, you’ll definitely be making a solid profit for your effort.

Wrap Up

We have covered the significant ways to monetize your blog. However, note that establishing steady traffic by continually providing quality content is the first thing to do before experimenting.

We hope this article helps you monetize your blog. Good luck!

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