Making Money from Scrap Phones in 2024

You might not realize, but the unused handset lying with you can be worth hundreds of pounds. The recycling of mobiles is big business as there are several websites out there ready to give you some of the best amounts for your old handset. The age of your smartphone, of course, matters as older ones will not fetch a higher price as compared to the newer ones.

Scrap phones


Scrap mobile phones are old and often without batteries or other accessories. When newer models get introduced in the market, the older ones naturally lose their importance and worth. Humans tend to adopt newer technologies as soon as they hit the market. This is why there are hundreds and thousands of cellular phones thrown away to bite the dust.

Most of the phones contain precious metals and plastics, which are good to recycle and reuse. When disposed of randomly in landfills or otherwise, they lead to soil contamination and air pollution. The lead coating on the body also causes health hazards if not disposed of well. The other elements like copper, gold, lead and zinc also cause environmental problems.

How to recycle the phone and which company to choose?


Your handset needs to be in good nick if you want to get a good price for it. You can still sell broken mobile phones at Rapid Phone Buyer, but do not expect a decent amount in return. A Samsung model may get you a few hundred if it is in working condition, but a broken handset will fetch you a lesser amount.

If your phone has a cracked screen, you might get only about one-fifth of the value of a handset in good condition. There are several recycling websites out there, so it can be tough to identify the one that offers the best price for selling broken phones. You can pick a few websites to get a quote for your old handset. Once you are done receiving the quotes, you can make a comparison to identify the best amount you are getting.

There might be some errors in pricing as the tools are auto-generated. So it is advisable to do manual checks to make sure you are getting the best price. Selling phones for cash is easy once you finalize the site where you want to sell your phone. Once you accept their offer, you will be sent the necessary details. It would include a prepaid postage label for the phone and bag.

The free postage service ensures devices up to £50. However, if you have a handset with lesser value, you can send it by recorded post. It will ensure the item that is worth up to £50. This will be an extra cost. The firm will then analyze the model and check its condition. If your phone is in bad condition than described, they will contact you to offer a lesser amount.

What are some popular phones that can fetch a higher value?


A new phone loses its worth as soon as it gets unboxed. Apple, which is a market leader in the smartphone business, is the best performing brand. A model of Apple brand loses only about 57% of its brand value, according to a report of Decluttr. This is quite less when we consider the handsets of other major brands like LG and Samsung, which lose as much as 75% and 72% of their worth respectively.

This shows how iOS and Android phones differ when it comes to their resale value. Most manufacturers of Android models usually do not release software upgrades frequently. Apple, on the other hand, comes out with regular updates that keep the operating system recent and relevant in the present context. Another popular brand HTC witnesses a depreciation of about 85% in its phone models. Since these phones are on the expensive side, it is a loss for users who are looking to selling phones for cash.

Things to keep in mind before sending the phone

The first and most important thing is to reset the factory settings before you sell your mobile phone. It will help you wipe all of your data and personal information from the handset. The settings option on your mobile will have this option. Next, it is important to remove any password locks on your handset so that the other person can access it. You also need to charge it completely and turn it off before sending it.

Are there any risks?


In a worst-case scenario, your phone could go bust before you get paid for it. In such a case, there is very little protection, and it is unlikely you will get any money. You will have to contact the company and file for a refund.

As you do the research, it is important to check the reviews and feedback from existing customers. Some websites do have a reputation for reducing the quote after receiving the handset from the seller. You would not want to engage with dealers who indulge in such malpractices.

Reduced quotes are legitimate in some cases if the phone is not in the same condition as advertised. However, the company needs to return the device for free if they reduce the quote. You can check review websites to be sure before sending your mobile away.

What are some other ways to get paid for your old mobile?

You can visit eBay as an alternative option to check how much money they offer. However, it is important to note that you will have to pay a 10 percent transaction fees if the buyer accepts your phone. You can search for similar phones on the website to identify the amount you would be getting for yours.

Charitable Use

If you do not need cash, you can send it for some charitable purpose. Agencies like WaterAid, Oxfam, and Computer Aid International take phones from donors and put them to good use. It will be one of the better options and will make you feel good.

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