Luxury Natural Stone Mistakes That Will Cost You (And How to Avoid Them)

Natural stone is a trend that everyone wants to have in their space as it brings great utility, a value worth your investment, and beauty. Dedicated suppliers like Saturnia Travertini have invested heavily in equipment and craft to improve stone mining and avail the products to a surging market. You can now get a variety of natural stone products from the comfort of your home or office, thanks to e-commerce.

Unfortunately, many people invest in beautiful building materials without familiarizing themselves with all they need to know about the various types, proper care of the material, and maintenance requirements.

Consider walking with stone experts to understand the best choice for your various spaces, installation, as well as care and maintenance. Thanks to technology, there is a lot of helpful information on natural stone online from credible sources.

Luxury Natural Stone Mistakes the Will Cost You

Lack of a Routine Cleaning Program

Normal airflow, human traffic, and pets bring dust and dirt into your spaces, which call for regular cleaning and dusting. If the particles get wet, they become a breeding ground for bacterial colonies, molds, mildews, an anchor for viruses and tiny insects.

A regular cleaning program will help keep you on track and maintain and manage your home’s natural beauty. A clean environment will also increase the durability of the natural stone. Dry and wet cleaning is the most common and regular practice necessary for the treatment of our spaces.


Dry Cleaning: You can dry clean stone tiles using different tools, though dry mop is the most popular. With technology, there are now microfiber filaments cleaning stones and sophisticated surfaces.

The microfiber fringe yarn cleans by trapping large debris and particles from corners and areas beneath the furniture easily. This cleaning method penetrates natural groves and grouts in the surfaces like walls or floors.

It also can pull up finer dust particles of dirt and dust to allow long application at a time.

You can seamlessly fix a handle in the pad attached to the upper part of the mop.


High traffic areas like sitting rooms, kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, front porches, paths, office spaces, and factories require daily dry mopping. For low use areas, alternate cleaning days, but pay dust when there is high traffic in that area.

Wet cleaning: Ignoring to wet clean is a major mistake property owners make that cost them eventually. Remove the oily substances, mineral deposits, and chemicals. This demands application of plain water and other solutions. Wet mopping best frequency is alternate days for busy areas, and low traffic areas is once a week.

Lack of Prompt Actions

Delay in removing hazardous substances from the stone surfaces can cause slight to severe damages.

Calcareous stones are more prone to stains than siliceous stones. Any delay in wiping off spills may damage the protective cover or layer of the natural stone when they occur. It is crucial to act fast in wiping spills as soon as they occur.

Protecting traffic prone areas using rugs is another way of protecting the surfaces as sand-like particles that stick to the shoes may quickly damage the floor. Mats, rugs, or carpets come in different styles, sizes, and types. Invest in these pieces to absorb the dust and dirt.

Abrasive Manual Cleaning Tools


Picking the correct cleaning tools and solution for the stone surfaces is another sure way good care of the natural stone. Abrasive tools like hard metallic wool or metal wire sponge can damage delicate stone surfaces.

Natural stone daily cleaning requires carefully selected dusters, sponges, and soft cloths to clean the delicate surfaces gently.

Old and Damaged Automated Cleaning Tools

Thanks to technology, there are numerous cleaning aids and equipment like vacuums that make cleaning easier and speed up the washing process. Using worn-out gadgets when cleaning the surfaces exposes the natural stone to mild or severe damages. Before you start cleaning, check the status of any cleaning equipment you may want to use to avoid ruining floor surfaces.

Using Inappropriate Cleaning Solutions


Most people use common soap solutions, vinegar, detergents, and oil-based cleansers to clean the surfaces. Unfortunately, different stone surfaces react distinctly to cleaning solutions. For example, a siliceous stone bears slight variations in pH cleaning solutions while calcareous, which sharply reacts to it.

To avoid this mistake, ask natural stone consultants the best cleaning solution for every product and the best application method before investing in the product.

Lack of a Regular Program for Sealing

Stones are naturally prone to staining and corrosion by human instigated and natural factors. Porous surfaces of stones act as sponges, and stones can absorb significant vapor, liquids, and water. Eventually, the stone’s strength and capacity weaken.

Sealing natural stones prevents the seeping of liquids through the stone. You can use any of these three types of sealers:

  • Topical sealers for the surface
  • Penetrating sealers absorbed within the mass
  • Impregnating sealers that modify molecules
  • Seek expert advice on the best stone sealer for your surfaces. The sealing programs also vary in the duration of application. Some require an annual application, while others need quarterly.


Like any other trend, people have joined in the natural stone frenzy blindly. There are numerous benefits that natural stone offer. However, some mistakes are costly. The above tips ensure that you get it right before investing in natural stone material. Another expensive mistake potential homeowners and developers make is sourcing natural stone products from unknown sources. With thousands of scammers online, it is crucial to order your products from trusted dealers. This not only ensures that you have the best products, but enjoy unmatched after sale services.

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