Is there any Difference Between Mac And PC Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin has been steadily increasing in value and popularity despite the global pandemic and is proving itself to be one of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there. At the start, it had a value of only a few dollars. Fast forward to today and the Bitcoin market is one of the most valuable markets in the economy right now with its total market value being over a trillion dollars.

Those who predicted this market trend and invested early in the cryptocurrency are crypto billionaires now. Their immense success has inspired legions of other investors to invest in the cryptocurrency and if you want to be part of them then you can click on this go url to do so. Along with investing, however, the market has also seen a huge rise in the number of crypto miners.

These miners are individuals that use minings rigs to mine Bitcoin for themselves and sell it later for a profit. There are various ways to mine the cryptocurrency but since most people only have either a Mac or a PC, these investors can’t help but wonder if they are viable ways of mining cryptocurrency. If you too are one such individual who is wondering if bitcoin mining from a PC or Mac is possible and what are the differences between them, then don’t worry because we have you covered.

In this article, we will be going through each aspect of bitcoin mining from Mac and PC, understand the major differences between them and figure out which is the best option for mining the cryptocurrency. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

How is Bitcoin mining like on Mac?


A Mac, not to be confused with Macbook which is the laptop version of the same brand and model, is a desktop series released by Apple for consumers that want the best experience for programming and daily use while maintaining class. The Mac comes loaded with a dedicated GPU of its own and also has a compatible CPU that can handle it, which can make a Mac may seem like a good choice for mining bitcoin at the start.

This couldn’t be more wrong because mining the cryptocurrency with Mac is one of the worst ideas that you can have and execute. Despite having a dedicated GPU, a powerful system rig and decent specs, there is an extremely small chance that a Mac can ever successfully mine a Bitcoin in a lifetime.

Even if a Mac user joins a mining pool, there is a very little chance that they would generate enough hashrate to earn a decent income for themselves after considering the energy costs and time that goes into the endeavour. You might earn just a few cents after a day’s worth of mining and even that profit is easily offset by the power consumption the process will take along with the risk you will be putting your expensive components at.

All in all, a Mac may be a powerful desktop setup, but it is not at all ideal for mining the cryptocurrency. We strongly recommend that you avoid mining bitcoin on Mac desktops as it would only put your expensive components at risk of getting damaged.

How is Bitcoin mining like on PC?


While significantly better than Mac, bitcoin mining on PC is not as effective as people think. Gone are the days where you could mine hundreds of bitcoin easily with a normal home PC. Mining the cryptocurrency in today’s date is simply not feasible even for the most high-end gaming PCs because their computing requirement has far surpassed the level of computers.

That’s why if you are thinking of buying a gaming PC with the highest end hardware solely for the purpose of bitcoin mining, don’t bother. It will only lead you to disappointment. Besides, mining on PCs is only going to get harder from now on considering that many leading countries have started banning mining operations and major graphical corporations such as Nvidia have started introducing GPUs which have a hash rate limit to them.

The only way to effectively mine the cryptocurrency and still generate a profit for yourself is by mining it with a specially dedicated ASIC board. This board is specially designed for the purpose of mining Bitcoin and even though they come at a very expensive price tag, they easily return the price in a matter of months with their sheer computing power.

What are the major differences between a Mac and PC Bitcoin mining?


The most major difference between Mac and PC bitcoin mining is that mining on Mac gives you an almost zero chance of ever generating a decent income. On the other hand, mining on a PC is possible and possibly even feasible, but the reward is still not enough to put your expensive components at risk.

The other major difference is that Mac components are much, much more expensive than normal PC components and thus if they end up getting damaged from excessive mining, it can directly mean paying up hundreds of dollars to Apple’s repair service to fix your Mac.

Another major difference is that a PC has more access to mining software than a Mac because of their operating systems, making PCs an extremely viable choice for mining crypto.

Which is better for mining Bitcoin – PC or Mac?


The truth is…neither. Mining the cryptocurrency on both PC or Mac is almost impossible simply because mining Bitcoin requires the miner to own an ASIC board which needs to be bought separately and costs thousands of dollars. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t mine crypto at all.

There are tons of different cryptocurrencies that still work on the PoW protocol and can be easily mined by any system in the world such as Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. You can mine these altcoins with your PC and Mac without any problem. When these coins hike up in value, you will get tons of rewards for your efforts for mining the cryptocurrency.


There are several major differences between Mac and PC bitcoin mining and we hope this article was insightful enough for you to realize that. If this article was helpful for you, consider following us for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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