Which Type of Men’s Underwear Should You Wear – 2024 Guide

The choice of underwear for men, until recently (and for some it still is), was exclusively based on two criteria – comfort and wearability. The first implies that everything fits perfectly and that there is no squeezing, tingling, and other unpleasant side effects on the nerve. “Load-bearing” includes everything that is hygienically correct (up to three days of wearing) and serves a purpose – to cover, hide, and warm. Times have changed, and the choice is much various, so the group of men who bravely dared to reject the classic white model of men’s underpants, can afford themselves some more extravagant models that are these days. If you are a fan of intriguing underwear, you should check BunchofAnimals.com and find a perfect pair for you. But if you are still not sure what to wear, here are some tips to help you choose:

1. Material

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Cotton is the only material you should consider. A little elastin is not out of the question, but be aware that fabrics that contain more than 20 percent of synthetics in itself are one big NO. They can cause sterility, skin inflammation, rashes, bites, and numerous infections. Cotton is very cozy for wearing, and also the safest, and it should be your first choice. You can find many models since this material is one of the most popular if we are speaking about underwear.

2. Model

Boxers, slip or thong, always keep in mind that you should choose your laundry according to its purpose and whether it suits you. Starting from the second category, take into account the structure of the body, whether you have trimmed the crotch zone (if you choose the slip model) because the times of “stripes” have passed. When it comes to purpose, if you like how tight your boxers fit, or if your partner likes it, buy a few pieces that you will wear exclusively for undressing. As tight pants are bad for fertility (they slow down the circulation, and therefore the motility of sperm), it is best to buy a few pieces for “showing” and to have comfortable wide and cotton underwear for everyday use.

Wide boxers are not only recommended for men who have narrow shoulders and torso and are extremely thin. All larger men, who have broad shoulders or toned muscles are free to wear wide boxers.

Tight boxers are perfect for any men’s figure, so you are free to wear them, whatever shape your body is. So, when you are in a dilemma – know that there are no mistakes with tight boxers!

As fashion aesthetics say, slip briefs are the best for a thin male figure, or athletically built men and masculine, such as the typical water polo male figure.

Thong is most popular among stripers since it shows the most, but you don’t need to be a striper to wear it. It may look quite uncomfortable, but you should consider having one pair for special occasions. Maybe your partner will like it.

3. Color

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Most of us love colored underwear, and indeed, there is something sexy in that variegation on our skin. You should know, however, that the most hygienic effect has washing clothes at 90 degrees, and at that temperature, you can only wash white laundry. So, the logic is clear – colorful is beautiful, but white is healthy. Semi-washed and synthetic laundry is a paradise for all urinary and skin infections. Take care. If you are a big fan of colors, this doesn’t mean that you should buy only white underwear, but try not to wear a colorful one every day.

4. Openings

It is hard to imagine men’s underwear without the opening, so you should consider which type is best for you. Luckily you have a big choice today, and there are some of the most popular:

  • Free hole
    The most common shape of the opening is free vertical, in the middle or on the side of the pocket. Most boxers have this opening, which is very practical when going to the toilet, but the accidental loss of the penis can also happen. Try one with another inner lining for extra protection.
  • Without hole
    With the opening completely closed, there is no risk of falling out, and everything is as it should be. This style of briefs is not the most comfortable, nor does it allow much mobility, but it is safe.
  • Horizontal hole
    The opening is, as his word tells it, horizontally, in the middle of the pocket. These shorts are recommended for active men because they provide support where it is needed, even when you do sports.
  • Contoured hole
    Underwear with a contoured pocket has a seam that goes in the middle of the groin. Although it looks quite classic, you will be surprised how much difference that makes. These contours not only allow more space for the penis but also help to define and lift the male package.

5. Size

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Another important rule, which many consider the golden rule when it comes to choosing laundry, is picking the right size. If you buy the size of underwear that suits you best, you will not have to worry about the uncomfortable feeling.

If, on the other hand, you miss an adequate size, you can say goodbye to comfort and a pleasant feeling. Very often, underwear that is tight and cuts into the skin can cause various side effects, such as skin irritations, redness, allergies, rashes, pimples, etc.
We may say that buying the right underwear looks like a science since the choice is numerous, and on the other hand, it is the most significant part of your outfit. You wear your underwear the whole day, and it is crucial to find the pair that suits you most. Always choose comfort and quality first because that is something you need. The quality laundry is more pleasant to wear, and it will last longer, so you don’t need to go shopping every few weeks.

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