5 Most Common Myths About Integrative Psychiatry in 2024

Even though we live in a modern time, when everything is allowed if it helps us feel better, visiting a psychiatrist is still a taboo among the people. Many of them will never tell their friends or family that they visit a therapist because, in more conservative societies, it’s considered as something shameful, making the people feel bad about that. But, asking for professional help is a big step when we have problems. Dealing with them alone won’t lead to anything good. The emotions can be overwhelming, and sometimes the people don’t have the capacity to deal with them, so they make an appointment with a professional psychiatrist.

Since many of them think psychiatry is just asking questions and prescribe antidepressants, we need to ruin this common myth, because it comes in many different disciplines, and today we will talk about integrative psychiatry. This treatment has a holistic approach, and don’t use the conventional and traditional methods of diagnosing, and an integrative psychiatrist won’t prescribe drugs, but they will make a personalized treatment for every patient. We all know that sometimes the traditional medicine methods don’t work, and alternative medicine can make a difference. Also, we see how the holistic methods are giving great results in many cases if done properly, so when all of these things are combined, the patient will feel better after a few sessions.

Integrative psychiatry, according to BetterHelp.com, may include custom nutritional plans and diets, exercises for proper breathing, meditation, yoga, and relaxing. It may alsop include massages, guided imagery, and many other cognitive exercises and methods. As you might imagine, these treatments can be very expensive, because they last longer than the traditional sessions. However, many people have found peace and a greater sense of wellbeing through this psychiatry method.

But, as you imagine, this approach is followed by a lot of myths and things the people don’t understand and believe are both useful or harmful in some ways. So, here we are to see what are the most common myths about integrative psychiatry, and the truth behind them:

1. A few appointments will help

Source: psychiatryadvisor.com

You can’t recover from any illness just with a few pills, and you should know that holistic treatments require even more time, until they work out as needed. It’s a mistake to think that integrative psychiatry is something that magically will heal you, and all the problems that you have. So, take your time, look for professionals around you, and be ready to dedicate a lot more than one or two sessions, and you will see the results soon.

2. It takes a lot of time

We all live a busy life today, and we are in a hurry all the time. But, if you manage your time properly, you will surely get a few hours in the week to visit an integrative psychiatrist. Also, some sessions can be done through a video call today, and you won’t need to travel to their place if it’s not needed. People who need this type of help and support, also need to free up their mind from stress and anxiety. The online sessions can help with that, and you will need to go to their office less than you supposed. Some therapists can also help you through phone calls, so it’s not that time-consuming as it seems.

3. Psychiatrist will give you medications to calm down

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This is maybe the most common myth about every psychiatry discipline, no matter if it’s traditional, holistic, or alternative. If you have a professional therapist, they will help you find the root of your problem, define the triggers, and help you find a solution by yourself. Of course, medications are sometimes needed, in specific cases, but it doesn’t mean that every patient will have to take prescription drugs, so they can feel better. So, hopefully, in 2024 we will finally overcome this myth, and realize how important is this approach, so the people can heal and deal with their issues properly.

4. Treatments and sessions are for “crazy” people

Sometimes, even the most stable person in your life can have bad moments, and professional help to deal with them. No one should ever consider someone as crazy, because they ask for professional help. We can even say that they are more courageous and braver than anyone else, because they have the strength to face their problems, and use every possible approach to deal with them. Knowing that integrative treatments collect different types of therapy, you can be sure that these people are not “crazy” or “out of their minds” to ask for that.

5. Therapists are not doctors

Source: pexels.com

Another very common misconception about psychiatry in general. These people must have a medical education, and a lot of training, to become what they are. They are literally doctors, but they don’t perform surgeries or wear white coats at work. For example, there is a field named clinical psychiatry and the people who practice it are doctors in hospitals, and they have the same education level (but different pieces of training), so they can become specialists in their field. For example, integrative therapists can take in mind the hormonal status, blood analysis, gut health, mindset, and many other things, so they can make a clear picture of the problem their patient has, and then make a personalized healing program for them.

Integrative psychiatry offers to improve mental health and help patients with their sleeping patterns. People today may have different triggers for panic, anxiety, and stress, like fear of disconnection when the Internet is off, or also, the current COVID-19 situation, which lasts more than a year, is a very common stressor too. These sessions will help you breathe properly, stimulate your brain, and balance your hormones. Maybe it seems weird or unusual for a treatment like that to help with serious issues, but according to the satisfied patients, it’s worth it, and it works nicely.

Anyway, in order to work out, we all must overcome the myths and misconceptions, and we hope this article will help you realize how important is to ask for professional help – when you really need that.

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