12 Common Myths About Oral Hygiene Most People Think are True

Taking care of your teeth properly and investing love, time & care into your oral health is vital for both men and women. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation, and some people aren’t sure when they should book or visit their dentist. The best way to fight these misconceptions is to educate yourself, which is why we are going to bring & debunk some myths about oral hygiene that may interest you.

12 Common Myths About Oral hygiene Most People Think Are true

1. There is no need to visit your dentist if your teeth are feeling alright

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This is not the truth since regular check-ups can prevent and slow down any new or big future complications. By going to the dentist regularly you will avoid cavities or toothache. You should visit your dentist every six months to maintain or check up on your dental health. Every person is different, so consult with your dentist regularly to get the best results & a time frame window that works well for you.

While many people believe it is ideal to see a dentist twice a year for cleanings, those who are at risk for periodontal disease may require additional visits. Oral health nonprofit organizations like CareQuest Institute work to make checkups more accessible, so everyone has the dental benefits necessary to maintain a healthy mouth and life.

2. No need to floss

Flossing is often seen as an extra step that can be skipped. However, if you plan on flossing you can prevent gum disease. You could end up with gingivitis or periodontitis – a state where patients lose their teeth. Flossing is a good habit which you should incorporate early on.

Not flossing regularly can result in the accumulation of food particles in the crevices of your mouth. When this happens, these particles can rot, and bacteria may form, potentially leading to health problems like heart disease.

3. Dental health & other body-related health concerns are not connected

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Everything in our bodies is connected one way or the other. Poor oral health can affect the rest of your body. If you don’t treat your gums & take optimal care, you could end up with a stroke, heart attack, or diabetes (according to some doctors & research). Remind yourself that it is always best to be safe than sorry & book ahead.

4. If you never had cavities before you won’t have them in the future

We change as we grow old, and so does our body/immune system & overall health. Simple medications that you take and a drastic change in your diet can also play a role in your overall wellbeing. This means that loads of different things could lead up to you having cavities or gum disease years later.

The same goes if your life takes a sudden turn. From a no-nonsense single gal, you became a busy mom of kids, and taking care of yourself became only the second priority. Sometimes, you may forget or won’t have the energy to attend to brushing your teeth, resulting in cavities forming.

5. Scrubbing your teeth really hard will get them cleaner

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When people clean, they often scrub their teeth. However, scrubbing can do more harm & damage than it can do good to your oral health. It can irritate your gums and erode your enamel, which will furthermore lead to super sensitivity & possibly irritation.

It would be best to use gentle strokes using soft-bristled toothbrush and doing it in back-and-forth, short movements. Hard bristles can scrape the enamel off your teeth and hurt your gums, as mentioned above. They only work for removing stains and cleaning dentures.

6. Teeth that have crowns are safe from decay

Crowns are made in such a way that they sit like a cap over your natural tooth. However, one part of your tooth is still visible and vulnerable. Your crown will have to be removed to fill the cavity if you don’t pay close attention to it. Although it may look bulletproof, it isn’t.

7. Brushing hard makes the cavity go away

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Although plenty of people may want this to be true, the thing is that it isn’t and that there are no benefits to it. The truth is if your enamel goes & wears off you can’t go back or do anything about it. A cavity won’t heal itself no matter how well you try to clean and brush it.

8. We experience cavity mainly because of sugar

While sugar is the most common factor, there are also other things that you should keep an eye out for. Acidic foods and drinks can damage our teeth. Carb-based food is also bad for your teeth since it can easily stick and break down into sugars. Cutting sugar out and drinking loads of water is a good move to make.

9. No need for a mouthwash

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You can purchase two different kinds on the market: cosmetic and therapeutic. Cosmetic mouthwashes can’t help with your oral hygiene and they don’t clean as well or as thorough. A therapeutic mouthwash can help with cavities and it can also prevent gingivitis. This means that you can enjoy some perks & benefits of it, but only if you purchase the right kind.

10. Chewing gum helps with brushing & cleaning of your teeth

Chewing gum is not a replacement for brushing your teeth, and it never will be. Chewing gums need to be sugar-free in order to make any improvement to your dental health. Regular chewing gums have no actual perks for your teeth or your dental improvement.

11. White teeth are healthy teeth

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Whiter teeth are not always healthier teeth, believe it or not. Their color is often linked to your everyday habits, such as sugary drinks/food, coffee intake, as well as if you are a smoker or not. If your teeth are losing their luster, speak to your dentist about it, and don’t think that whitening them will solve anything since the problem probably lies deep within.

12. Charcoal toothpaste is the best

Charcoal toothpaste is marketed for the whitening of teeth in most of our day-to-day commercials that we get to see on our big & small screens. However, they don’t do a lot or any type of magic to protect our teeth. It is more so an illusion where you will end up with a darker base which will make you think that your teeth are whiter than ever.

Time to book your dentist!

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