How to Choose The Best Longboard for Commuting

Although incorporating fitness into our daily lives should be a priority, we are often reluctant to any change this action might bring. Finding what works for you can be discouraging, and developing new, healthy habits, requires self-control and ambition. That’s why we should completely devote ourselves to this process until we find an activity that fits our needs perfectly.

For example, many people find that commuting works the best for them: they do daily fitness by riding a bicycle, skateboard, or even rollerskate to work. With commuting, you don’t have a specific time devoted to exercising but do it along the way. Because of this, exercise won’t feel like an obligation but rather a part of your everyday routine.

In recent years, there has been a huge rise in the popularity of skateboards and longboards for commuting. They offer a lot of the same things as bicycles without fully committing to a more expensive vehicle. Their practical size and fun look are a big part of its appeal to newer generations. We recommend trying a longboard as your primary transportation device even if you’ve never commuted before; you won’t be disappointed! If you want to learn more about longboards, their health benefits, and recommendations, visit

Why choose a longboard for commuting?

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Bicycles are currently the most used vehicle for commuting: their speed and control are amazing for people looking to quickly get from point A to point B. It is also a more widespread skill: people know how to ride a bike, but most don’t know how to ride a longboard or a skateboard. However, if you’re ready to learn a new skill, longboarding is a perfect option for you: when it comes to transportation in the city, it beats a bicycle in every way possible.

Longboarding can be extremely exciting: it is a fun way to incorporate physical activity into our daily lives without breaking the bank and having inconvenient vehicles or equipment. The only thing you need is a longboard, a small but yet extremely versatile device you can easily hold in your hands when necessary.

This is one of the main reasons for using longboarding for commuting. Imagine this: you are on your way to work, and it starts raining. You can easily pick up your board and get on a bus or a train with it without disturbing people around you. This way, you’re taking care of your health by bringing fitness into your life, but at the same time, it is also practical enough for this change to be sustainable for you. And we all know how important that is for making new habits!

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We’ve already mentioned how choosing a longboard is a more affordable choice, but it is also more responsible than owning a car as your means of transportation. Longboards are extremely environmentally friendly, and you won’t only be helping yourself by staying active but also simultaneously the Earth by reducing your carbon footprint.

When it comes to the busy city streets, a smaller vehicle is always a better choice. Sometimes owning a bicycle, for example, can be useless due to the laws that prevent riding on sidewalks in the city. However, no one will be mad at a skateboard or a longboard on the sidewalk because it is small enough to avoid any obstacles on its way.

Another great thing about longboards is that they’re small enough to be carried into buildings. This means that you won’t ever have to worry that your longboard will be stolen, whereas, with bigger vehicles, it should be taken into account.

We recommend buying a longboard for anyone who lives in the city and doesn’t have to travel very long routes or ride on rough terrains like mud or rocks. However, if you live further away from work and think that it will be too time-consuming to use a longboard, a bicycle or a scooter could be a better choice for you.

Things to look out for when purchasing

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To ensure the safest and easiest transportation on your longboard, look for specific attributes when purchasing for the first time. For example, you should ensure that the board is easy to push and can reach the desired speed without any trouble. It is significantly easier to push your board if it has a low riding deck because your feet are closer to the ground, and you won’t need to squat as much for the same effect. We also have to mention that bigger wheels (more than 70 millimeters in diameter) help you achieve the speed you want without having to push over and over again.

Now that you’ve made sure that the board is effective as a transportation device, you will need to look into things that will make your ride more enjoyable. The most important thing for riding comfortably is finding soft wheels to smoothly cross rough surfaces without trembling or vibrating too much. With soft and smooth wheels, your balance won’t be disturbed, and you will feel much safer and at ease whilst commuting.

Also, make sure that you have high-quality bearings and a board with an adequate length to make your ride that much more pleasant. If you’re moving through crowded cities, you might find that a shorter board is a better choice due to its ability to turn and avoid obstacles with ease. However, we recommend cruiser boards that are a middle-ground when it comes to a length: these boards are more stable because they are longer than the extremely short longboards and aren’t as bulky as the full-length ones.

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One more thing to be careful about is the portability of your board. The size of a longboard can be a primary reason for choosing it in the first place and is something you should be aware of. Smaller boards are naturally lighter than the longer versions, but you could also choose a carbon board to get the length you want without worrying about the weight. It all depends on your priorities: a lightweight board is better for carrying around but isn’t as durable as the heftier longboards.

Again, it is up to your needs: we would recommend a heavier board for anyone that has planned to use their longboard on more demanding routes. Whatever your choice is, you won’t be disappointed by incorporating a longboard into your routine: just don’t forget to have fun on this journey. There are plenty of designs and versions to choose from, so choose wisely and stay safe!

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